There Can Only Be One Headline Anyone Will Use

Eidos have announced their cross-platform Highlander game.

We’re told that the game “lets players experience immortality as they take control of Owen MacLeod in a third person action adventure spanning 2000 years of history.” Which sounds fun. New video here:

For screenshots, clicky clicky.






  1. Mouj says:

    “lets players experience immortality as they take control of Owen MacLeod in a third person action adventure spanning 2000 years of history.”
    Sounds fun as long as they can make a fun game, i mean, imagine experiencing a dull immortality… :)
    But the game does sound fun nonetheless.

  2. Zeno, Internetographer says:


  3. Balthazar says:

    Was Scotland even invented 2000 years ago??

  4. SteveTheBlack says:

    Please be good, Please be good, Please be good, Please be good, Please be good, Please be good, Please be good, Please be good!

    As most of the RPS chatters could tell you, I’ve just been on a marathon through all the Highlander films. Imagine my surprise when I load up Highlander: The Source to find that trailer tucked away in the special features section.

    It really shouldn’t be hard to make a Highlander game with decent gameplay. The story doesn’t even need to be good for the game to be enjoyable (I direct you all to films 2,4 and 5). Taking heads and earning electrifying Quickenings should be the most important aspect. Although I am interested in how they are going to place Owen into the MacLeod clan, seeing as he’s actually older than it.

    I smell them taking the easy way out and have him found the clan, or something equally daft.

    But still, I WANT!

  5. Leelad says:

    I don’t give a crap what it looks like or plays like as long as it has at least 1 Queen track in it I’ll buy it.

    Preferably “Gimmie the Prize”

  6. Okami says:

    Well, he said something about his “adopted homeland”, so I guess he just choose to become scottish and join clan McLeod..

    Anyway, anybody ever tried out “Highlander: The Quickening”? It was a fan made Highlander P&P rpg using White Wolf’s story teller system as their rules. The only thing that stuck with me was, that one of the most basic powers an Immortal could learn was how to magically hide his weapon (for example: a katana beneath a trenchcoat..). Gave me a quick chuckle…

    Anyways: Want have.

  7. Sharkwald says:

    Not that I’d accuse those of being bullshots, but the third image there has the yellow border and axes thumbnail of the 3D Studio Max preview window.

    Still, the concept is sound.

  8. Schadenfreude says:

    I’m not at all happy with a MacLeod that actually has a Scottish accent.

  9. Lu-Tze says:

    @Sharkwald : Nice spot.

  10. Zeno, Internetographer says:

    Damn you, pingback…

    I’ll get run out of town for saying this, but I really would like a Highlander online game. Only, it’d have to be hardcore. Only a few people per server-world, and with permadeath. Huge world, so you’d have to actually track down the others.

    Maybe, there would be different levels of world, depending on how well you did in the previous one. Being the last Highlander would advance you a lot, and maybe being the first to go would get you demoted. I dunno, just ruminating.

  11. Coop says:

    I guess once you learn a Scottish accent you can’t talk any other way lol.

  12. tacticus says:

    “lets players experience immortality as they take control of Owen MacLeod in a third person action adventure spanning 2000 years of history.”

    why do i picture immortality much like Mister Adams?

    “Arthur Dent?”
    “You’re a jerk, Dent; a complete arsehole”

  13. Sombrero says:

    2000 years ago scotland was about 5ish distinct feudal clans that banded together when greater enemies came like the romans & had distinctly scottish traditions but there was no group called the scots for 300 years and no “scottish nation” for 800 years

  14. Pace says:

    There can be only one!

    Sorry, had to be said again. Hope this game has some good sword fighting. Assuming that’s possible in a game..

  15. DigitalSignalX says:

    Good idea zeno, though making it more of a single player huge-map GTA style wittle-down and then an instanced multiplayer version on the same big-huge map might sell better then a persistent MMO type scenario – developer wise.

  16. SenatorPalpatine says:

    I’m a little confused about how this would work, as I haven’t seen the movie(s?). If I got the game I would. But he can’t die? Can he just sit there in the midst of a ton of enemies while I get a sandwich?

  17. Frag.Stag says:

    There can be only one…one for Xbox, one for PC, and one for PS3!

  18. niacin says:

    I suppose that scottish accent is better than the greens keeper wullie sterotype, shame there ain’t anybody in scotland who actualy talks like that.

  19. Daniel says:

    This will be an interesting release, there’s so much potential for it to be good, but so much likelihood that it’ll be bad.

    What a nice rucksack that man in the first shot has, looks like he shops at fat face.

  20. EMPty=IRL= says:

    At the end of the trailer his sword magically changes to a completely different sword! Weird….

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    […] published) (required) Website. Natural Remedy Blog Theme by Free Blog Themes and Blog Templates …There Can Only Be One Headline Anyone Will Use | Rock, Paper …Eidos have announced their cross-platform Highlander game. We're told that the game lets players […]

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