1. Chemix says:

    Oh that’s just awesome, I love it, muahaahahhahaahhah

  2. Nuyan says:

    Funny yeah, this isn’t faked. :-)

  3. Nuyan says:

    Same thing with nice pictures:

  4. Fazer says:

    Haha, it was hilarious :-)
    “We’re working on portal technology” – that made my day XDD

  5. Niall Sheffield says:

    Am I the only one, trembling with Nerd Rage at thinking, Gordon Freeman doesn’t say anything.

  6. rb. says:

    I thought he was going to ring in,
    and the DJ would say:
    “And the next caller is a Gordon Freeman, a research scientist”

    And then silence.

    Sadly it was not to be.

  7. bashley says:

    Very Nice!

  8. DragonSix says:

    You’re not alone: GORDON FREEMAN CANT SPEAK!!!111!!!!!11

    It was funny though :p

  9. Stick says:

    Sure he can. But it’s on a frequency only companion cubes can hear.

    … you’re saying this was an actual radio call-in? Awesome.

  10. Satsuz says:

    @ Niall Sheffield:
    No, but I definitely thought that the voice didn’t match up with my idea of how Mr. Freeman is supposed to sound. I guess that old game design thing about voices ruining the suspension of disbelief is true.

    Anyways, that was still awfully funny. I recommend an edit to include Nuyan’s version of the vid as well, just fer kicks.

  11. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Heh, I initially thought this had been posted a year ago (I was reading the guy’s join date) and wondered how they managed to get such knowing nods to Aperture Science into the mix.

  12. Andrew Wills says:

    That’s lovely! “Portal technology… travelling to other worlds… amazing stuff.” Brilliant :D Man, whoever did that musta got such a kick!

  13. Sum0 says:

    @Satsuz: Actually, that voice is pretty much how I assumed Freeman would sound. North American. Slightly nerdy. A little bit like Gabe.

    But awesome stuff. I’d love to see this done with Deus Ex, say…

  14. Andrew B says:

    He’s got a really strange accent. Can anyone identify it?

  15. mrkstphnsn says:

    @Andrew B


  16. Nicolas Elmøe says:

    “Aboooot” !!!

  17. Satsuz says:

    @ Sum0:

    Well everybody’s got their own idea, right? My imaginary VO for Gordon shares a lot of the characteristics that you noted (all but the Gabe part, since I can’t remember what he sounds like), but some other details were pretty different. I imagined a very deliberate way of speaking (which this had, actually) coupled with a very neutral accent (not unlike what you’d find all over the West Coast of the USA). Something with a bit more depth, and a tone just a hair off from being sardonic. Also this guy had a tinge of fear in his voice that I felt was out of character, but I guess it made sense in the context of the story he was telling.

  18. Zeno, Internetographer says:

    My Gordon Freeman is voiced by Morgan Freeman.

  19. PoweredByBacon says:

    “I thought he was going to ring in,
    and the DJ would say:
    “And the next caller is a Gordon Freeman, a research scientist”

    And then silence.

    Sadly it was not to be.”

    yes that would be cool but this is more entertaining

  20. Chemix says:

    The only reason that there is a suspension of the suspension of dis-belief is because prior to now, Gordon has had no voice, which is meant to make any player feel like they “are” the Free Man, which is ironic as he is shown on the cover of the game as a middle aged man with a thick buisness goatee, small rectangular glasses, caucasian skin tones, brown hair and green eyes. In other words, I feel that the lack of a voice isn’t really a great thing about HL, but changing it seems weird.

    However, he should get a proper model for water reflections and online play.

  21. Mr. Softpants says:

    haha this was very well done. I love how the host just let him go on and on.

    I’ve always had Gordon’s voice in my head sound similar since he is a scientist and carries that stigma with him. Gabe ones mentioned him as a nerd in between a dire situation.


  22. Anthony Damiani says:

    Let me know when the Weighted Companion Cube calls in.

  23. Okami says:

    This was a triumph…

  24. Alexander says:

    Yeah, I’m slightly expecting lots of people to call in about strange experiments and cakes now, the host is going to have a horrible future trying to figure out it’s all a lie..

  25. matte_k says:

    Priceless. Just goes to show how dumb some parts of the media are when hunting for an “exclusive”.

    And also how ignorant most people outside the gaming sphere of influence are. Isn’t Half Life one of the most award winning games in the last ten years?

  26. Jives says:

    You cant call him dumb just because he didnt know the plot of a computer game, and he was hardly hunting for an exclusive it was a radio call in.

  27. Mr.Brand says:

    Great stuff.

    This is why I listen to C2C – for the entertaining pranksters :)

  28. Satsuz says:

    @ Chemix:

    That’s true. I’m all for voices for new games with new heroes. You just can’t do it once they’ve been established as silent. Any voice will be the “wrong voice” for a character if it doesn’t match someone’s preconceptions about the character.

    There’s always going to be the danger of getting the “wrong voice”, but in the future it will only happen because of a poor choice of actors.

    All in all, I still wonder if there are times that; even when VO is possible; a silent hero is the best option. Sometimes talking doesn’t seem appropriate. It’s always going to be an argument, though, and I won’t pretend to have any answers.