I Still Wish They’d Called it Far Cry 2: Cry Harder

We’ve only seen brief glimpses of Far Cry 2 so far, but at last the first proper in-engine trailer is upon us. It may not show anything of how the game actually plays (clue: it involves bullets and mens’ faces), but it does feature these things: Zebras! Antelopey things! Savannah! Forest fires! Huts! Goodness, it’s awfully pretty. Suspiciously pretty. Gen-yoo-eyne Crysis-beater or bullshot? You decide…

If it does indeed look like that, I’ll be a happy boy. I did have to giggle at the GIANT LETTERS stating the game uses the DUNIA ENGINE though -no doubt a result of Ubisoft getting a little fed up of people presuming they’re using the first Crytek engine. And why not? It certainly seems like a sexy bit of pixel-tech. More thoughts on Far Cry 2 in Jim’s preview.


  1. Chris R says:

    My computer started to sweat while I was watching that… it sure does look pretty, but what kind of system is it going to need?

    But yeah…. damn that’s pretty. Hope Ubi isn’t bullshoting.

  2. Dracko says:

    The alpha footage beforehand was already quite impressive, so I doubt this is sexed up.

    I wish they’d go more into the features, because from what they’re saying, it’s shaping up to be genuinely innovative not just gameplay wise but even in story-telling in the shape of organic moral quandaries.

  3. Nicholas L says:

    While the background is ‘bringyourpunycomputertoitsknees’ beautiful. The character rendering seems to be lagging, yeah the zebra and antelope have some nice fluff and motion, but they just don’t measure up to the prettiness that is their surroundings.

  4. Niall Sheffield says:

    Not GameTrailers? Has your affair ended?

  5. RiptoR says:

    Maybe the maximum resolution for the game will be the dimensions of the trailer?

  6. Mike says:

    It’s the cii-ircle of lii-iife. And it mo-oves us aaaalll.

  7. Chris R says:

    On that note Mike:

    Innn the Jungle, the mighty jungle, the Lion sleep tonight….

  8. Faust says:

    No lions in Far Cry 2 Chris! They couldn’t do the predator thing right…. Or there are lions, but they only eat you… I can’t remember.

  9. No Picnic says:

    I just want to know what kind of tweaks and modifications they made to the Crytek 2 engine to pull off those sweet visuals. [/sarcasm]

  10. dartt says:

    [HWG]Bwahahaha! Cry some more![/HWG]

  11. Zeno, Internetographer says:

    Sick of hearing about all these games with pretty graphics. Partly because I feel they should be the absolute last concern in a game, but mostly because I have an Intel mobile chipset, and can’t run jack.

  12. Wroth says:

    “Cry Further” surely?

  13. The_B says:

    Mike and Chris R: We are forgetting the vastly more apt:

    I’ve missed the raaaaaaaaaains down in Aaaaaafricaaaaaaa!!!

  14. Zeh says:

    Someone need to patent the brown color already.

  15. Garth says:

    I thought Quake already did.

  16. DigitalSignalX says:

    What? no “JESUS CHRIST IT’S A LION GET IN THE CAR” jokes? Bless you guys for managing to ignore all of 4chan / lolcats meme’s over the big pond.

    So with all these heavy African themes, we’ve yet to see the fighting bit. I can imagine with all the political ickyness going on in Africa and the Sudan we might be “liberating” some of these dramatically rendered villages. As far as the wild life goes, how about “Soldier, your secondary mission objective: kill 4 zebras , 8 gazelle and bring them to the village so they survive the Warlords cruel taxes this season.”

  17. dzy says:

    vewy pwetty,…
    but put Any Old cutscene footage through a “faux-film-filter” and sure it looks nice. ’cause you cant see the glaring jaggies and pixies with all that vasoline on the lens. ffs. not to mention how it would look on Your computer.

  18. born2expire says:

    being this is ubisoft doing the dev for this game, i lost every ounce of faith i had in it.

    it will be a bad console game and a even worse PC port of a bad console game.

  19. Simon says:

    Hihi, they show a lengthy scene of grass waving in the wind, and then fires start and burn into the opposite direction.

  20. Alistair says:

    Once you have a real-looking world, the old cliches of gaming look more and more stupid in contrast. If it really looks like Africa, I really don’t want to murder 400 soldiers over the course of the game. Can I protect lions from poachers? Track sick elephants from the air?

  21. Chris R says:

    Oh god, DigitalSignalX’s post just caused a bad vision:

    Please go out and collect 7 zebra hides, 4 lion hearts, 2 rhino tusks (flawless), and 1 giraffe horn.

    It’s the F’n WoW quests all over again! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  22. Jonathan says:

    Ahhh, so thats what the uncanny valley looks like. Like a robotic unblinking gazelle.

    But I thought Bioshock, Team Fortress 2, Ico and Okami would have taught developers to use style over realism and next gen cards. Same wow factor eye humping only now people can actually play it! Crysis would have sold much, much better at launch if it had lower minimums. As it was people thought the game wouldn’t run on their set-up so didn’t bother, I know I did.

    If this team focus on the engine I think it might suffer the same way. Which would be ironic, suffers the same fate as it’s spiritual… cousin?

  23. Walter says:

    Re Lions: They were left out because when they tried to implement them into the game they’d eat all the Zebras before starving to death themselves. Seeing as things are real time, the Zebras couldn’t reproduce in time.