Eurogamer IGF Round-up

Following on from the hands-on first-impressions of the IGF Grand Finalists Walker, Rossignol and myself penned, the mighty Eurogamer WordTsar Bramwell commissioned me to have a look over the rest. And they’ve published it. In it I start like this…

Having played most of the Seumas McNally Grand Finalists for the Independent Games Festival next month, I really don’t envy the judges. Entirely smitten by what I played of World of Goo, I presumed it was a shoe-in. Then Walker let me have a crack of the code of Crayon Physics Deluxe which is plain magical, and technically an enormous leap on from what I’d played in the freely available early prototypes. Finally, with Jim acting as a facilitator, I found myself introducing Audiosurf to my MP3 library. They may be getting married. It’s technically and conceptually a tour de force. Any one would be a worthy winner.

And continue cheerfully onwards, having a blitzkrieg run through all the finalists for the main prizes. Read!


  1. Meat Circus says:

    I like the positive effect that the Bramwell incumbency is having on the breadth of Eurogamer’s coverage.

    Or maybe it’s just RPS’s benign influence on the ludosphere wot did it.

    Either way, the attention all the retro and Indie stuff suddenly seems to be getting bodes well for a new, more broad-based era in games journalism.

  2. Sigmund_Fraud says:

    ah yes, I second that

  3. Matt says:

    I liked Crayon Physics, despite its basic nature so I am looking forward to Crayon Physics Deluxe a lot. The music, the textures on screen and the relaxed feel, were all really well done. It really did feel like a game going back to the basics of play and fun.

    Hopefully it will do well then there will be a follow-up, where you engage upon a quest culminating in a battle with the evil Duchess Penny Crayon, who embittered by the cancellation of her show became a ruthless tyrant enslaving the world with her magical crayons.