Speedball 2: Tournament Demo

Brutal violence you say? Sport you say?

What's with this 3D nonsense?

I hope I heard that right, or I’m wasting my time and yours when pointing you toward the Speedball 2: Tournament demo. It’s 30.72 Peggles, and, well, not that great. But that’s the joy of demos. You can find out if it’s the right kind of not that great for you.

Alternatively, you could head here and play the proper Speedball 2. Probably in silence, unless you’ve got DOSbox working nicely. I can’t find which license this is “abandonware” under, so it may be dubious. Bitmap Brothers, are you ok with our playing it for free?

Happy days


  1. RiptoR says:

    So, anyone tried this yet? Is it a bit like the deathball mod for ut2003/2004?

  2. madhaha says:

    I am one of the unfortunates that bought this on Steam before the demo was released. The game is abysmal. Its incredibly buggy, jerky and the AI is stupid (you can score every time by walking past the goalkeeper). Gameplay is repetetive. The trailer for the game was much better.

    Check out the Steam Forums.

  3. nimble says:

    I wouldn’t imagine you could find a license on Abandonia. Abandonware just means “it’s old enough that I don’t think I’ll get sued if I stick this up for download,” or “since I can’t buy this in a store, I don’t feel bad about pirating it,” not that there’s permission or license from the publisher/developer to redistribute it.

    Still, even if Abandonia are wrong and it does catch the Bitmap Brothers’ attention, maybe you can get them to say they don’t mind if it is redistributed, especially since it’s at times like these (sequels being released) that games get liberated for marketing purposes.

  4. Jose Pagan says:

    On the steam forum there is one guy opening posts like crazy and ranting about every bit of code that is not perfect.

    The demo seemed fun to me TBH.

  5. The_B says:

    What….what have they done to my precious?



  6. Lightbulb says:

    You can never go back B, never try…

  7. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Given that it’s only recently been re-released on XBLA in exchange for cash money, labelling Speedball 2 as abandonware is substantially more iffy than is usually the case.

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