Codemasters Sign JumpGate: Evolution

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Auto Assault and Lego Online devs NetDevil haven’t given up on their original MMO project, JumpGate, and the whole thing is getting a reboot with JumpGate: Evolution. A developer chatlog over on Stratics confirms that the game is set to be published by the online wing of British publishing house, Codemasters.

The game should offer a rather different flavour of space MMO than Eve Online, as it’s an Elite-style free-flight system, rather than point and click menu-based controls. It’s also sharded, and rather less heavy on the PvP; mixing both PvE combat and player-on-player action between safe and open-combat zones across the game.


  1. davidAlpha says:

    Ive had a lot of debate with friends that didnt like EVE’s point and click system. Most of them preferred Freelancer’s WASD system. Seems like theyre getting what they wanted

  2. Meat Circus says:

    Slightly more ‘interactive’ control system, at the expense of a nerfed absolutely everything else? I’m not sure that’s a price worth playing.

  3. Pete says:

    I can see why they’d make a less PvP game – Eve is very much not for everyone – but it’s a pity they have to shard it too.

  4. malkav11 says:

    I’d rather EVE’s control with less PvP, myself. Oh well. And yeah, sharding is always a pain – there was a time where everyone I knew was playing WoW, and not one of them was playing on the server that my guild was on. Nor were any of them playing on the same server as any other, making it impossible to pick a concentration of my friends and hang out with them that way.

  5. Fat Zombie says:

    Well, it’s certainly pretty. I thought EVE was alright, from what I tried of it; but I simply don’t have enough time, money, or concentration to expend all my energy on levelling spacecraft (especially since there’s a chance that some random bastard or organised mega-bastard comglomerate clan would blow up my ship for money).

  6. yxxxx says:

    I wish them the best of luck.

    I loved auto assault it was diffrent and fun. I just hope that this time round they dont release it to early like they did with AA

  7. Ben Abraham says:

    Freelancer-esqu MMO? Where do I sign up?! :D

    Question: Is it just me, or is the dev. chatlog down on Stratics? It loads a blank page with their header, for me.