Civilization: The MMO?

Civilization, for kids. Or something.

From our ‘Putting Words In Sid Meier’s Mouth’ desk.

Newish community-written site Gamersglobal chucked up an exclusive interview with cuddly ol’ Sid Meier over the weekend. He was there primarily to talk about Civilization Revolution, the upcoming console reimagining of the strategy daddy, but dropped in this intruiging bombshell:

“I certainly would like to play around with a MMO concept in the future… I enjoy the idea of doing something I haven’t done before, so a MMO would fit perfectly, but I really can’t say if that would be the next game we do or if it’s still a couple of games down the road before we come to that. Because I have new single player games I want to do, as well.”

Start your speculat-o-engines now. A confirmation it isn’t, but it’s a generous amount of fuel to the gossip fire. Sid’s major franchises, Civ and Pirates, both seem brimming with potential for a massively multi rebirth (though Pirates of the Burning Sea has already had an unofficial crack at the latter). Of course, we’d all love to see Alpha Centauri revisited too. So which will it be? Or will it, in a shocking break with Firaxis tradition, be a new IP entirely?

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  1. drunkymonkey says:

    Considering how much fun I had with Cybernations and Travian, playing a Civilisation MMO would be gaming bliss.

  2. rob says:

    In the last interview I read with Sid Meier he praised consoles to the point of denegrating the PC as a platform. With the recent shift to focusing on console versions of the Civ franchise and his willingness to lend his name to even mediocre games (Railroads! was promising but had an infuriating lack of depth or challenge), can we expect this to be a good or even a PC game?

    The console versions of Civ seem like a fundamentally bad idea. The format is something which could work perfectly on the DS, but similar strategy offerings such as Settlers, Sim City and Age of Empires have left something of a bad taste. Civ isn’t a game well-suited to consoles without drastically changing its core mechanics and at that point what you are left with is not really Civ at all.

    Still, here’s hoping we see a return to form for the Sid Meier brand. A Civ MMO would provide some interesting problems such as how they deal with the progression of time and how that relates to technological advancement. I’m not sure it’s something I’d be interested in playing but seeing if they can take the Civ format and convert it into a decent MMO would be fascinating.

  3. O.G.N says:

    F19 Stealth Fighter II
    Now with dynamic player driven campaign.

  4. Lu-Tze says:

    Damn, a fighter pilot MMO? That would be… interesting. F19 Stealth Fighter was an awesome game. The anti-piracy system for it consisted of testing how much of a massive plane geek you were by identifying silhouettes… I swear I could still porbably identify 90% of them :D

  5. James says:

    I must admit, I’m not sure what a Civ MMO would even be like. Would it be a persistent world built around a tactical city building and warring (Turn based or otherwise)? If so I’m interested, but it seems to me that a new IP would be far more likely. More mainstream MMO friendly, I suspect, which I’m not sure is ever a good thing these days.

    EDIT: But then, it’s Sid Meier. Perhaps I’ll be surprised.

  6. Steve Cooper says:

    Having finished both TimeShift and Crysis over the weekend, I rounded Sunday off nicely with yet another visit to Chiron in Alpha Centauri.

    The game has been installed on every one of my PCs since it came out (1999?) and I would really like to see an update as it looks a bit ropey on my 30″ Dell monitor. Mind you, the Intel Quad core chip makes the game seem like one continous turn.

  7. Okami says:

    I bought and installed Civ4 + both addons on saturday. Which was probably really stupid of me. Good bye social life….

  8. Matt says:

    I have absolutely no idea how it would work, but it can be certain that a Civ MMO would be the most addictive game ever created.

  9. GibletHead2000 says:

    I can’t see it being much fun. You’d have to wait for *ever* for the turns to end! ;-)

  10. Nick says:

    MMO just means multiplying the amount of dickheads you have to ignore online by a couple of thousand. Over exposure =(

  11. Pelkor says:


    or at least it will be something completely different.

    The whole fun part about Civilization is that it was turn-based, making it a real-time game would change it into .. something completely different.

  12. terry says:

    Finally! After all these years, we get a Covert Action online! There is a God! And his name is Sid!

  13. Dan Bruno says:

    A Pirates MMO seems much more likely than a Civilization one. I wonder…