Dangerous High School Girls In Demos

News reaches us that a new and improved demo of previously discussed RPS-indie fave Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble has been released. The mechanisms are slightly tweaked since the last edition, which improves the subgames somewhat, but it’s still fun – a faux boardgame with a satirical period wrapper – kind of a Cluedo meets (1920s) Clueless. It also remains one of the best current PC games to show out of context bits from. For example, the objectives screen at one point:

1920s was the birth of modern slutdom. TRUE FACT.

And a couple more beneath the cut.

Single Entendres are the best.

In my experience, a handjob, at the very least.

1920s was the birth of modern slutdom. TRUE FACT.

Deborah, at least, is paying attention to the objectives screen.

Demo here.


  1. Phil says:

    Strange game, the sole purpose of forming romantic attachments was seemingly to gain a minon to take a caning on your behalf.

    This clearly promotes an unhealthy attitute to relationships – surely there’s also the food preperation and bathroom cleaning duties to consider?

  2. Joonas says:

    I believe I need to try this game. Sounds excellent.

  3. Meat Circus says:

    Ooh, I’d forgotten about this.


  4. Sigmund_Fraud says:

    Played the previously released demo … and must say that it was great except for some of the minigames which were too tame.

  5. Jason Lutes says:

    Great theme, great flavor, but still sorely lacking. The dev said in some interview that he had an epiphany that games could be about anything, not just the same tired old subjects. I completely agree with him, but while HSGiT gets high marks for style and daring, in its current state it simply fails to deliver the gameplay goods. The minigames just aren’t compelling or challenging enough to keep me interested.

  6. Kieron Gillen says:

    Jason: I admit, when I’m playing the tiny vestigal designer part of my brain started thinking “No, how would I do a game like this, but far more hardcore in terms of mechanics”.


  7. Alex says:

    Ooh you didn’t write “mechanistically”! Look at that!! You’re doing better already! ;)

  8. terry says:

    I really enjoyed the first demo – probably because of the number of familiar minigames (the insult game from Monkey Island, the decrypting game from Covert Action, the speechcraft from Oblivion) but I’ve yet to be convinced that the full game will offer sufficient variety to make it a must purchase. Still, I applaud the creators for trying something different and doing it with a sense of style and humour and will no doubt enjoy this new demo.

  9. Kieron Gillen says:

    Alex: I’m going to get hardcore mechanics on your ass, man.

    Terry: I want to know what the game grown-ups play when they’re alone is.


  10. Kadayi says:

    Excellent, played the old demo on your recommendation and thought it was pretty good and worth a purchase down the line.

  11. matte_k says:

    This game is ace. Period setting not been exhausted by games, some neat mechanics and a good sense of humour tying it all up. More please!! When is the full thing released?

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