SpaceForce Captains

The Croatian space strategy is out this week, based on the Elite-styled open-ended space game, SpaceForce: Rogue Universe. I remember SpaceForce being visually pleasing but rather broken on its release in 2007, so I hope the same is only half true of its strategic spin-off. SpaceForce Captains allows you to construct a funky looking space station and employ up to 120 different space captains in your quest for a power. It’s like playing the original game from the perspective of one of the mission-vendors, or something.

We always have time for strategic base-building, especially when it has laser fences.

Still, if you buy a space game this week, turn-based or otherwise, I’m betting it’ll be this one.


  1. fluffy bunny says:

    It’s apparently a bit buggy. But seems interesting nevertheless – it’s not a typical 4X-game, more like Heroes (oMM) in Space.

  2. Okami says:

    Looks flat…

  3. cliffski says:

    And yet another game that looks not bad, but no demo. Whats wrong with game devs?

  4. martin says:

    bad precursor
    Space Game on a 2D plane
    publisher JoWood
    = formula for disaster?

  5. Nallen says:

    This or Sins of a Solar Empire?

  6. Joinn says:

    Well, I tried it (European release was , it’s so buggy that it feels like it’s in alpha stage instead of the usual beta that most games are upon release these days…

    I like the concept, and the 10minutes that I could actually play the game before it crashed were interesting, but there’s no way I can recommend it until the developers fix the game

  7. Chis says:

    They haven’t completely fixed Rogue Universe, yet…

  8. terry says:

    Buggy games, Jo Wood,
    Russian developer, yes,
    outlook is not good.

    (Sorry, but martin started it ;) )