Preview Video Bonanza

See, using the word “bonanza” implies something exciting, doesn’t it? But does it ever amount to more than there being more than one of something? No. No it doesn’t. Here’s more than one video preview of forthcoming PC games! Below are clips of Age Of Conan, Conflict: Denied Ops, Faith And A .45, MTB Target and Marble Blast Online.

Cos you gotta have a co-ah-ol-ah-olt .45.

Age of Conan: Border Ranges Trailer

Funcom are once more showing off the graphics for their “oh please don’t be shit” Conan MMO. So try to ignore the texture glitch at 32 seconds on that background rock. Silly Funcom.

Conflict: Denied Ops But Allowed Missile Launch Trailer

Once again, Eidos are determined to remind us how unrealistic graphics still are by showing live action footage before cutting to the anticlimactic cartoon version.

So there’s a new Conflict game then.

Faith And A .45

Winner of the best title of any game ever award, Deadline Games presents the debut trailer for FAAFF (as I will ruin things by calling it). Only a teaser, it’s a tad cliche (bullet time, you say?), but it still looks all kinds of explodey fun. Created by the Danish indie developers behind the very silly Total Overdose, it really does appear impressive. And there’s a pretty boy with a grrr scar, and a pretty girl with red hair! (Red for danger).

It’s splendid how the trailer begins with concept art stills, and you think to yourself, “Uh-oh, what are they hiding?” And then the in-game footage appears looking twice as crisp and clear as the renders.

MTB Target

If games could only be about one thing for the rest of time, that thing should obviously be flying penguins. Paving the way is this free (as in speech, and as in beer) um… oh, for a genre… penguin flying game! A small warning: this trailer frightens me.

Head here for your free copy, and don’t forget to leave a donation toward the project on your way out. You can be certain we’ll be writing about this one some more soon.

Marble Blast Online

This video is so fast cutting it could probably be about anything. At first glance I assumed this was somewhere between Marble Madness and Super Monkey Ball. But after the confusion of the trailer, it might as well be about the political intrigue of 13th century Bulgaria, or playing a pixie inside Britney Spears’ brain, trying to save all the neurons before her entire head explodes (in a British accent).

It’s all part of a new concept called Instant Action – browser-based multiplayer games, played using something called ActionTokens. Head to Instant Action (which by some miracle of the internet isn’t a porn site) to register for their forthcoming beta.

Gametrailers: if we were to total up all the thanks we’re feeling right now, we’d probably set the internet on fire.


  1. Kieron Gillen says:

    If Faith and a 45 is not the greatest game of all time, I will be very upset.


  2. cliffski says:

    that looks sooooooooo like a movie poster.

  3. Nallen says:

    It’s one of the coolest names I’ve heard in a while…

  4. Matt says:

    And it has men wearing gas masks with cowboy hats, with all these things going for it how bad can it be?

  5. WibbleWobble42 says:

    But after the confusion of the trailer, it might as well be about the political intrigue of 13th century Bulgaria, or playing a pixie inside Britney Spears’ brain, trying to save all the neurons before her entire head explodes (in a British accent).

    The explosion would have an English accent?

  6. John Walker says:

    I genuinely meant that the explosion would have a British accent, yes.

    link to

  7. Ben Hazell says:

    Where did Faith and A .45 come from then? Any other info around? Looks like a Bonnie & Wolfenstein vibe…

    Previous developer form – ‘chilli con carnage’
    Not sparkling work then…

  8. Radiant says:

    That title is mad confusing.

    No one appears to be called Faith and it looks like you play as the dude.

    In any case if this was Weird Science I totally would.

  9. Okami says:

    Faith and A .45 looks like a bucket full of greatness. The name alone is made of pure win, though it reminds me of something else…

  10. Kast says:

    When I see the title, Faith and a .45, I suddenly get all interested thinking that someone is talking about the player character from Mirror’s Edge (ie. Faith)… but then realisation sets in and I couldn’t much care less.

  11. J. Prevost says:

    If you play as the dude, and the girl’s name is not Faith, then I am very disappointed. :(

    Still, Faith and a .45 is still a good name.

  12. Jives says:

    faith and a 45…. must have now

  13. Phoenix says:

    Wow. Faith and a .45 has the coolest name in years. The game looks great, too. Consider my interest piqued!

  14. Chris R says:

    INSTANT ACTION!! Lol, that made me laugh.

  15. dAn says:

    I was secretly hoping Faith and a .45 was in some way related to bonkers movie Love and a .45.

  16. CJ says:

    Faith and a .45 is a great title, but it really reminds me of that movie, Love and a .45…

    link to

  17. Garth says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s somehow related to a quote (referring to religion) where all one can trust in is Faith.. and a .45?

  18. Andrew Farrell says:

    Just once I’d like the age check to be for “contains scenes that would drive property prices down – must be under 30 to view”

  19. Clicky says:

    Actually, at the start of the Faith and a .45 trailer, you can see the camera being behind the girl with the crosshair moving with her. That, to me at least, suggests that you will be able to switch between the characters at will.

  20. Per says:

    You can hardly call Deadline Games an indie company with 70+ employees and 12 published games. Lets just hope the action is a bit more serious than their last two games.

  21. Ferrous Buller says:

    Good to know that redheads with guns never go out of style.

  22. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    @Clicky: According to IGN it supports online co-op.

    @Per: That they haven’t got a Publisher lined up yet suggests to me that they are somewhat independent. Although I guess it depends on whether your definition of ‘indie’ stetches to larger independent studios, really.

    The trailer makes it look like a fairly fun shooter, or at least one with a nice aesthetic, although one I imagine I’d only pick up on budget.

  23. Dinger says:

    Denied Ops: Appalling. Genuinely Appalling. Did I see correctly, or was it just a few seconds after the “Realism” banner that the player shot his teammate in the back, several times on automatic, and nothing happened?

    Oh, and Faith and a .45: Great name. The girl’s name is Ruby. I fear, from the “ominous evil dude” at the end, that it’s going to be “Bonnie and Clyde meet Far Cry”. You had me at the name, the gangster appeal, and the redhead with freckles and a tommy gun.

  24. Seth Tipps says:

    Yep, Red Hair, Green Eyes, Freckles, Gun. All systems are go for this game being a geek’s Cryptonite.

  25. Mickiscoole says:

    Conflict: Denied ops is giving away Deus Ex if you pre-purchase over steam.

    But then again, you all have the game anyway… right?

  26. James says:

    That Conflict trailer is pretty damn horrible. Partial live action trailers for a game always make me cringe a little, especially with dialogue as corny as that. We’ll see though, I suppose.

    FAAFF looks like it has some nice potential, too. I wonder if I could get my junker of a PC to run it at a decent clip.

    And then… so MTB is a cross between lawn bowls and mini golf, played with living, flying penguins? Count me in.

  27. James T says:

    I’m afraid I don’t see what’s so hot about the ‘Faith & a .45’ trailer; cute title, and the graphics are pleasant (aside from some customarily shonky fire FX, but you get that), but it doesn’t appear to be anything but another ho-hum third-person shooter. They talk a good game in their press release, with the focus on developing character and atmosphere, but the same was promised of Kane & Lynch, and that turned out pretty rubbish.

    Oh, and they only speak of it as being a 360/PS3 title; is it actually coming out on PC?

  28. Nallen says:

    Does anyone else think the girl in Faith looks more than a little like Famke Janssen?

  29. Nobby says:

    Judging from the demo, Denied Ops is NOT a good game by any standard. Fairly average, with baffling controls and very poor performance.

    For example, my x2 4600 is listed in the config as not meeting the recommended requirements. Clearly coded by monkeys.

    And the depth perception effect is silly, nothing distorts that much in 15m, jesus.

    Buy Deus Ex separately. Please.

  30. nimble says:

    In what is probably a good indication of Eidos’ lack of faith in Conflict: Denied Ops, it’s going to be receiving a simultaneous release on launch day on GameTap, which generally only gets games once every ounce of profit has been wrung from them (though I guess they sort of match Steam’s offer, since Deus Ex is already on the service — but that’s a game that really deserves buying, not renting from GameTap or leasing from Steam). It’s also kind of worrying, since GameTap don’t exactly do the whole “keeping our games up-to-date with the latest patches” thing very well, and Conflict gives off the air of a game that will be needing patches. Still, it’s free if you’re already paying the monthly subscription, so I suppose I’ll give it a try when it comes out.

    Faith and a .45 is a great name, but the gameplay does look a little generic. Of course, I haven’t tried out Total Overdose yet, so maybe there’s something in there that makes this exciting news.

    MTP Target is a horrible name, but the game looks entertaining. However, I’m not really clear on the free and free thing, since it’s an online-only game, and you need to make an account on their server by agreeing to Terms which take away all of the “rights” that are generally considered to be part of open source (you can only use the Game to talk to the Game Server, you cannot redistribute the Game, you cannot decompile or reverse engineer the Game, fees for playing the game can be changed at any time). Plus it crashed while I was trying to make an account.

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