Penumbra: Black Plague Demo

The concluding chapter in the Penumbra duology, Black Plague, is out next week, and we hear word that it matches up to the tension and entertainment of the original, and thankfully loses the shoddy combat. Now you can check for yourself, with the first four levels available as a demo. It’s 9.33 Standard Peggles.

Black Plague

As we reported last year, the Penumbra games were meant to be a trilogy, but the last two parts have been built into one. The project has shown remarkable promise by the developing duo at Frictional Games. Hopefully we’ll see them apply all the learning, and original thinking, into something new in the near future.

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  1. Rogue says:

    Oooh, do want. :)

  2. Mr.Brand says:

    It’s out real soon now, and it’s also priced far below most, if not all, new games on the shelf. I think you can expect around £15-20 most offer I’ve seen was around £13 from CDON. I expect to do similar. If it wasn’t for the metric fuckton of games being released now, I’d be all over it day one, but I have TOO MANY GAMES!

    Maybe I’ll buy it just to support the devs, and play it sometime in 2009, if I have time..

  3. Zaph says:

    I loved the original tech demo, and the demo of the first episode was pretty great, though I’ve haven’t bought the full version yet for some reason. This demo was continues the quality of the previous version, with a creepy atmosphere and awesome physical interaction. The puzzles are fun, they’re logical and make you feel clever.

  4. Tomo says:

    First one was brilliant. Really looking forward to this.

  5. Tom says:

    Overture was brilliant. loved every second. Gonna be buying Black Plague without a doubt.