Flying enemies - so much more sophisticated than your earthbound foe
Hmm, you look like you’d rather be playing a base-defence type flash shoot ’em up than anything constructive. So why not try StormWinds, which allows you to equip a steampunk fortress with a number of different turrets that must be repaired and buffed in the face of wave after wave of airbourne enemies? Yes, I thought that might distract you. Don’t play too long, now!


  1. Nallen says:

    Gave that about 5 seconds, nothing like easy enough for this time in the morning!

  2. Meat Circus says:

    Quick, everyone point and laugh at Nallen for being RUBBISH AT GAMES.

  3. Optimaximal says:


  4. Butler` says:

    Brilliantly well made, but way too much interaction for a tower defense game for my liking.

  5. Yengwa says:

    That was interesting. I agree with Butler though, too much interaction. I don’t mind controlling the turrets, but I wish the others would fire automatically. It’s annoying that only one gun can fire at a time.

  6. Jon says:

    Yeah, that’s a little bit interesting, there’s too many enemies on screen at once and you can only control one tower at once…. I seem to constantly be finishing levels with only one tower left.

  7. davidAlpha says:

    I love steampunk, also this reminds me of netstorm somehow.

  8. JJ says:

    The fact that I can fire only one turret is what makes it frustrating to me. I would gladly bring some of the guys repairing turrets up to fire them instead. I got the lightning gun and it fires extremely slowly. I guess the point is to get four of them. shrug

  9. Portman says:

    I agree on the annoyance of having to control your turret individually without any help from the others. Otherwise it’s great fun; although I too found myself wanting to play Netstorm after looking at all the available turrets.

  10. sh33333p says:

    OMG, I used to draw stuff like this when I was bored in high school! Awesome game. I love the combination of twitch and planning, and the art direction.

    I second what Optimaximal said though. Dammit.

    I agree that it is a bit frustrating only controlling one turret at a time, however the game is probably balanced with that in mind. Personally though, I wouldn’t mind having the other turrets be AI-controlled in exchange for harder/greater numbers of enemies at a time.

    I’m totally loading this up tonight while I wait for my laundry.

    This reminds me somewhat of a game called vectoid, although in that game, all the shooting was automatic, and you just focused on turret placement and resource management between rounds. I think that game was sponsored by Wrigley’s or something.

  11. ninjasuperspy says:

    Something that made the game much easier for me (and I didn’t notice because I am a spaz). The turrets are hotkeyed 1-4. After a few rounds of efficient turret switching I got my head wrapped around the trajectory for the bog standard cannon. After that I’ve won the first and second campaigns with one cannon upgraded for power, a drone launcher with guns upgraded for quantity, the health tank and the power tank. My drones take care of the little gnat things (and sometimes the bigger threats) and my cannon is a one hit kill most of the time. Fun game once I got the hang of it.

  12. TychoCelchuuu says:

    I saw this a while ago on Brass Goggles and remember being frustrated about what I felt were accurately fired shots not hitting the target. I like the design though.

  13. Mattt Enss says:

    A few things I’ve picked up after beating the first two campaigns fairly easily:
    -The double machine gun is my default weapon.
    -I find the Heavy Cannon useless as a weapon. But it works great as something for the enemies to shoot at instead of my Machine Gun. So I put one in the front and put all of its upgrades into more health.
    -The sniper gun is a nice alternate weapon. Because of the long load times, you don’t need to interrupt your machine gunning too often to use it. It’s nice for hitting the larger enemies.

  14. roBurky says:

    I enjoyed that. I ended up donating the requested £2.50. It got very easy toward the end, though, when I’d figured out the winning combinations.

  15. Crispy says:

    RockPaperShotgun! How sweet the text
    That saved a wretch like me!
    I once was bored, but now am vexed; (in a good way)
    Was yawning, but now smiley!

  16. sinisteragent says:

    I was caning that, until the swarm of about eight bullet bill firing megabombers ate me alive. That was totally uncalled for – it took all my best shooting just to shoot their bullets down, let alone injure them. Swines!

  17. netstorm says:

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