Zeno Clash Trailer

It’s a Source-powered FPS from Chilean development studio ACE, and, well, it’s a little bit freaky:

The game is apparently “punk-fantasy” and it focuses on first-person melee combat. So lots of punching people in the face unto death. Ah, sweet memories of Doom’s berserk pack…

Memories like these:

Baddies never get punched into meat anymore.


  1. Faust says:

    Reminds me of China Meiville’s ‘New Crobuzon’ novels. (Perdido Street Station, The Scar & Iron Council) Very steampunk fantasy, very strange, yet oddly alluring. One to watch maybe?

  2. Nallen says:

    Looks very interesting, any news about Steam distribution?

  3. Dinger says:

    So is it “Zeno (of Kition) Clash”, and is completely deprived of emotion, where you play Zeno, the fantasy ├╝berstoic who doesn’t even love his mother? Or is it “Zeno (of Elea) Clash”, where they keep making progress towards release, but never seem to get there?

  4. Jim Rossignol says:

    Oh, very clever.

  5. Kast says:

    Looks somewhere between Dark Messiah and Painkiller, and just as dumb to boot. :( BORING!

  6. Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Wit Truncated By Bloglines » Blog Archive » “Time For Madness” says:

    […] Kast: Looks somewhere between Dark Messiah and Painkiller, and just as dumb to boot. :( BORING! […]

  7. Jim Rossignol says:

    I’m not sure it looks “boring”.

  8. Stew says:

    No, it’s “Zeno (of Sidon) Clash”, where you can’t be happy when playing the game because you know that it’s going to crash soon because of a bug.

    But the final boss is Socrates, and you get to use the Attic Buffoon, so it’s not all terrible.

  9. Butler` says:

    This looks strangely good :\

  10. Wrestlevania says:

    For some reason, I’m reminded of original Half-Life TC Gunman Chronicles

  11. Chis says:

    The art direction alone makes this stand out. Even if the gameplay doesn’t quite match up, this could turn out to be another Alice…

    It warms the cockles of my shrivelled, cynical heart to see that there are some devs out there that like to make their games unique in some way.

  12. Bob Arctor says:

    Gibs > Ragdolls.

  13. drunkymonkey says:

    Good grief. After Dark Messiah disappointed me with its dull narrative and laggy framerates, this looks like something I’d enjoy.

    Thanks for pointing me its way, RPS!

  14. Zeno, Internetographer says:

    Ah, so they finally wizened up and made a game about me.

  15. Leeks! says:

    That monologue snippet was pretty fantastic. It doesn’t reveal much, but hopefully the rest of the writing lives up to it.

  16. chesh says:

    It kinda reminds me of Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath.

  17. Brent says:

    I think if I lived there, I would cry a lot.

  18. Tom says:

    If i lived there, i’d get stoned a lot.

    And oh god whatever happened to Oddworld?! The first was freak’n awesome. I’ve also heard talk of an LBA3, while on the subject of odd/awesome games.

  19. Cycle says:

    This game looks pretty interesting… I’m currently playing through BREAKDOWN on the Xbox which has a heavy focus on first-person punch ups, so Zeno reminds me of that. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one… hope it doesn’t suck.

  20. j says:

    these guys previously made a batman mod for doom and a lovecraftian single player mod called The Dark Conjunction for Quake 3. Both were totally awesome.

    Can’t wait for this.

  21. Cycle says:

    Oh shit, seriously? I used to talk to those guys all the time, back when they released their Batman wad… it was pimptastic.