RPS Omnibus: Feb 3rd-8th

The wheels on the bus go round and round, and are unconvincingly Photoshopped

Goodness, yet another new regular feature. Next we’ll be doing horoscopes and crosswords. (Note – we’re not going to do horoscopes or crosswords).

Anyway, the purpose of this inaugural RPSnibus is to round up every story posted over the last week, for the benefit of our less regular readers. We do, after all, write ALL THE WORDS IN THE WORLD on a daily basis, so hopefully this is easier than bewildered ferreting through our archives. It’s also a handy opportunity to highlight any interesting/entertaining stuff you lot have brought up in the comments threads, and hopefully lure fire’n’forget readers back into the discussions. An RPS post is for life, not just the front page. Is this good idea/bad idea? Let us know’n’all.

Features, Opinions & Interviews

  • A Word Is Worth A Thousand Pictures – Is narrative more important than graphics? In comments, discussion of what ‘narrative’ really means in a gaming sense – is a player’s own mental attribution of personal purpose and accomplishment to his in-game deeds more affective than even the best-written dialogue and cut-scenes?
  • Interview: Sins of a Solar Empire – A chat with one of the minds behind what will doubtless be one of our games of the year.
  • Interview: Al Lowe – the avuncular fellow behind Leisure Suit Larry talks adventure gaming, and his uncensored feelings about the hateful 21st century Larries.
  • Interview: Insurgency – Andrew Spearin, founder of Moddb’s 2007 Mod of the Year winner talks the past, present and future of the militaristic Half-Life 2 total conversion.
  • The Club: The RPS Opinion


Free games


Christ, that took a long time. What was I thinking?

Omnibus image derived from a Creative Commons-licensed photo by xddorox.


  1. Mike says:

    You guys sure do a lot of writing, thanks!

  2. Jim Rossignol says:

    Alec = word hero.

  3. Feet says:

    This feature should be called the Omnomnomnibus. Do you see what I’ve done there?

    More helpfully, I do find it difficult to be bothered to find the post that contains the comment I made earlier in the day\week. This is probably made worse but the sheer amount of words to read and stories posted. Scrolling is bad.

  4. Inflatable Moron says:

    That’s a damn fine bus you have there.

  5. Chris Evans says:

    Wow…you guys really do write a whole lot of words in just one week!

  6. Dyrwen says:

    I like this bus; it pleases me. Reminds me a little bit of an Escapist setup by showing all the articles at once. Luckily I already read rps daily, so I’m not in dire need of this kind of week-in-review.

    Definitely keep doing it though, handy little tool.

  7. Mr Pink says:

    I agree with Feet about finding your own comments again. It does somewhat hamper discussion that each person has to manually go back to the story to find their post. I’m not sure I can offer a constructive suggestion to improve things though… You’d need a somewhat more complex comments system to be able to do anything about it.

    Good idea for a weekly feature though!

  8. Jon says:

    I’d quite like a game related crossword….

  9. Big J says:


    Is it also a Desert Bus???

  10. malkav11 says:

    That’s a common problem with blog-style comment threads. The only way I’ve seen it resolved is cloning the threads to a forum so that forum features like listing threads in order of most recent comment take effect.

  11. DigitalSignalX says:

    With my latest gaming addiction (sins of solar empire) it’s been hard to keep up with RPS.. weekly round up? DO WANT.

  12. Zeno, Internetographer says:

    I’m suffering the same problem as DigitalSignalX… I luv me sum Soase.

  13. Pace says:

    Big J: I was thinking exactly the same thing. Any combination of videogames and buses shall forever bring to my mind the great Desert Bus.

  14. Grill says:

    If that’s the bus for our Big Vegas Trip, I’m definitely coming.

  15. fens says:

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