Barnett: ‘The Sort Of Money My Mum Approves Of’

I’m off to interview Paul Barnett, Creative Director at Mythic for Warhammer Online in That There London tomorrow. As part of my research, I’m watching his presentation from the LIFT conference site (Which has a mass of videos to watch. I’ll probably move on to the oft-brilliant Robin Hunicke next). Now, if you’ve been following Warhammer, you’ll probably have seen Paul speak before. But that’s Paul in selling-the-game mode. Here, we have his high-speed delivery applied to a much more serious topic. There’s lots of Barnettisms (“We’ll be playing games on cans of soup!”), but these are bigger issues than how Dark Elves are a bit like Lord Byron. But, yes, we get a massively extended metaphor about how videogames really shouldn’t be like Las Vegas…


  1. Dioptase says:

    Great conference. Now I like him. I like the way he’s explaining all thoses issues we already know in MMOs. It’s entertaining and accessible to a none gamer audience. The parallel to vegas is so true.

  2. derFeef says:

    Hehe, watch the video with the sound turned off – its really hillarous, could be a stand up comedy!

  3. essell says:

    Hehe, good bloke.

  4. Pete says:

    It’s so bloody hard not to like Paul. Top character to watch present, possibly slightly mad in a good way, and knows what he’s talking about too. Glad it’s him doing the job he does, it’s what Warhammer deserves. Tins of soup indeed.

  5. Heartless_ says:

    It is a bit funny to me that Paul Barnett was recruited by Mark Jacobs, who is as stubborn and old-fashioned as they come. I like Mark. I like Paul. It is just odd that Paul Barnett can talk about all of this forward thinking while Mythic stays heavily entrenched in producing games on old ideas that they are familiar with. I like Mythic and I think they’ve really innovated in some of the online areas outside of their games.

    Sanya Weathers really revolutionized what it meant to manage an online game community for Dark Ages of Camelot. The CamelotHerald website has been extremely important for almost every game that has followed since and sites like WoW’s Armory can directly trace their roots to the original thought put into CamelotHerald.

    Dark Ages of Camelot really proved that these online games can be produced on time, on budget, and launch without major problems. Sure, there are delays with WAR, but the bar was raised by WoW and Mythic is not one to ignore lessons learned in the market place.

  6. Butler` says:

    There’s a certain irony in what he’s saying because of the fact that WAR is looking like DAoC+.

    As much as I love the guy, I’m not impressed.

  7. Acosta says:

    Paul Barnett is my new personal hero. He can take my money to get money ships whenever he wants (well, actually he already did, I already paid 10 euros for Warahammer LE).