Spore: September 7th 2008

Lordy lawks, what could be more exciting than the thought of Simon Amstell as Doctor Who? How about a release date for Spore?!

Tell 'em, thingie guy.

This press release on Spore’s site reveals the news. Mr Wright, he say,

“The wait is almost over. We’re in our final stages of testing and polish with Spore, and the team at Maxis can’t wait to see the cosmos of content created by the community later this year.”

So, this September then. Woo!

[Twiddles thumbs]

[Evolves extra thumbs for increased twiddling] Okay, let’s watch the video…

Hmm. Okay, that was a serious bit of nothing. Come on EA, at least have a wobbly monster thing. Have they just not figured out how to sell this game yet?


  1. Scandalon says:

    Umm…yay? Was originally excited about this, but I thought I heard it was scaled back…

  2. jph wacheski says:

    anyone know if Spore will be availible online ? i.e. so I can just pay with my PayPal account and d/l the game ?? I have been reinvesting all the donations I receive for my freeware games ( iterationGAMES.com ) back into other peoples games ( mostly indie! ) and would like to do so with Spore. I hope I don’t have to make my way to a phisical store and pay for a bunch of shipping and packaging that is redundent and wastfull,. . Steam is my fav. system for its net-ness of distriibution.

  3. Greger says:

    Yay! Woo! Hurrah! Can’t wait.

  4. Namagem says:

    Scandelon: No, I don’t believe so. I do know that the DS and Cell Phone versions will only involve one stage, like creature for DS and cellular for the cell phone (no pun intended).
    However, I believe the PC version will be as huge as it’s been hyped as.
    Let’s just say:
    I WANT IT.

    I can’t wait until September 9. Thats only, like, 16 days before my birthday. I was hoping it would have time to slightly lower in price.

  5. cliffski says:

    the wait will be almost over in late august. The wait is still very much ongoing.
    And thats assuming its accurate

  6. Stromko says:

    That release date is a lot farther out than I was expecting, we’ve been hearing they were in polish/refinement since last December so.. 9 months of polish I guess. It better f**king GLEAM.

  7. Steve says:

    My Birthday! Woooo!

  8. Cigol says:

    JPH – if this is being published by EA, which I assume it is, then it’s quite possible they will use their own online distribution system (in which case I’d rather buy it retail) – but don’t hold me to that.

  9. Elyscape says:

    The desire I have for Spore is comparable to that of a crack fiend for cocaine, though the analogy does fall apart when you realize that the crack fiend has at least experienced cocaine, whereas I have no experienced Spore.

  10. Rich Powers says:

    I wonder what Will Wright will design post-Spore. Maybe helm a new SimCity, something he hasn’t really done since SC2k? And lord, after the embarrassment of SimCity Societies, that series could use some rejuvenating by The Man himself.

  11. Doug Farrell says:

    Okay, I was starting to believe that EA meant everything they were saying about being less diabolical, about scaling back the whole “evil empire” thing.

    But releasing Spore the first week of the school year? That’s just mean.

  12. born2expire says:

    am i the only person to have zero interest in this?

  13. Yhancik says:

    @ born2expire :
    You’re not alone. I’m sure we can find several aunties, monks, and a couple of New Guinea tribes who don’t give a rodent’s posterior about Spore. And those don’t even bother to comment about their uninterest on the internet.

  14. TreeFrog says:

    I was all “meh”, and then I read MANY WORDS by Will Wright and now I’m all “WOO!”.

  15. Talorc says:

    Does the Gamespot embedded video not work for anyone else? I dont have a problem with any of the other embedded videos here at RPS :-(

  16. Yhancik says:

    It seems to work, but it’s slow to load.. for a faster alternative, see youtube : link to youtube.com

    TreeFrog, that article is very exciting indeed. I had heard about the idea of massively single-player game, but social sporing sounds even better ;)

  17. TreeFrog says:

    Mr. Wright is pushing a great many of my gaming buttons. Procedural generation = massive replayability! Science toys! Brian Procedural Eno Music FFS! I don’t care much about social networking normally, but I should be able to use it to drag a few non-gaming friends into playing this with me.

    The bit about removing even the POSSIBILITY of competition by exploring the whole design space blew my mind. The man sounds like his head might actually explode if he doesn’t get all of these massive game design ideas out and onto paper. I mean

    “[Laughs.] Oh, there are so many ideas and things to do, and so little time.”

    Dude IS Willy Wonka. Only with less of the creepy moralising overtones.

  18. Zeno, Internetographer says:

    I really want this game to be good, but there’s just no way it can live up to all this hype. I really really wish that Spore had somehow snuck under the radar, instead of being at the top of everyone’s WANTlist for the past few years.

    Not to mention that the more people that play it, the more penis-shaped creatures you’ll find. Search your heart, you know it to be true.

  19. Lightbulb says:

    I am not interested in playing the game and much as i am in how the procedural element of it will work…

    The idea of a totally procedurally generated universe – even a fairly simple one as presented in SPORE is fantastic.

    Just think about it:

    A whole UNIVERSE generated automatically… Now if they can refine this and get it more detailed and less cartoony the possibilities are endless…

  20. KingMob says:

    Hm, the announcements for Mass Effect coming to PC and Spore finally coming out on the same day…
    PC gaming is far from dead, it has metasized into a new and frightening shape.

    Meanwhile… I agree with Zeno that the game will need some kind of screen for penis-and-other-naughty-bits shaped creatures…

  21. Adrian says:

    wooooohoooooo last post was FEBRUARY, NOW ITS 5 DAYS TO SEPTEMBER, 12 days till spore is out……!