In Soviet Russia, Tiberium Harvests You

In my experience, Revolutionary girls tend to have more dreadlocks and dogs-on-strings than this one.

Comrades, rejoice! Yes, the next in the Command & Conquer series will indeed be Red Alert 3. Which we pretty much knew. (In fact, did kinda know. Just couldn’t say so before without raining down death and destruction upon ourselves, infuriatingly. One day, RPS will have its Woodward and Bernstein moment, but “inevitable RTS sequel inevitably announced” was not it).

And we know nothing else, at least not until a copy of PC Gamer US, with its Soviet-tastic theme cover, arrives in our hands. “PC Gamer’s April 2008 cover story (hitting newsstands on March 4th) will dish tons of exclusive dirt on the next chapter in the Red Alert series”, says the mag’s Senior Executive Editor Chuck Osborn, who I was shooting in the face only yesterday. AND IN THE GAME.

Official details from the EA bunker are revealed tomorrow. We’ll doubtless pick out pertinent details for you then. The only other artwork so far is this also knowingly silly cover for Hungarian mag PC Guru.


  1. Nimic says:

    Holy crap!

  2. Dood says:

    They should try to use this Soviet-era poster style for their ingame visuals. I’d love to see something different than the all to well known “realistic” visuals in RTS games as well.

    (and who wouldnt like to see the Heavy in RA ? =) )

  3. The_B says:

    Yuri, Yuri, Yuri, YURI!

    (Ahhh-ahh ahh-ahh-aa-ahhhhhh!)

    (To the tune Of Ruby by the Kaiser Chiefs)

  4. Sucram says:

    My first thought when I saw the cover was those damn RPS people KNEW! They knew about this, they knew about Mass Effect and all that humble speculation was just a narcissistic façade.

    Then I thought about hot pants.

  5. Taxman says:

    Awesome news, I wonder if RA3 will finally tie the Red Alert & GDI-NOD universe together like it was hinted at in RA1 but they went off in a crazy (if very enjoyable) tangent with RA2 so who knows.

    Anyway looking forward to more news!

  6. Lucky says:

    I just shrieked out loud because I’m so happy.

  7. radomaj says:

    Make it even crazier than RA2!

  8. matte_k says:

    @Jim: nice avatar, be seeing you…

    Also, Hurray! More Tesla-inspired weaponry, always a good thing.

  9. rupert says:

    keriov reporting!!

  10. Mark-P says:

    EA had better roll the money truck round to Frank Klepacki and do what it takes to get him on the soundtrack. C&C 3 was entertaining, but musically utterly forgettable.

    I can’t help but get excited about more RA. It was *the* multiplayer game of my childhood alongside Duke, and much time was spent fiddling with serial cables and network settings at weekends. In my mind it was also the only C&C game to strike the perfect balance between seriousness and camp both in-game and in the fmvs. ( this could be the nostalgia talking )

    It all got a bit too silly in RA2 and I fear that the trend will continue for 3. But hey, as long as they have attack dogs and tesla coils, I’m probably not going to be able to resist it. :)

  11. Chris Evans says:

    …I feel like a right fool for not actually seeing this…it seemed to appear between two other stories when I wasn’t looking!


    Anyway….great news :D

    I knew this was it the other week, unfortunately nobody could confirm anything for me :(

    Hope Frank comes back :D

  12. SwiftRanger says:

    Hopefully they get rid of the Generals-engine once and for all now. It has tainted too many EALA RTS’s.

  13. Andy Johnson says:

    Brilliant! The best news this year so far.

  14. Chris R says:

    Woooooo!!!!! Rubber boots in motion!

  15. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Hopefully they get rid of the Generals-engine once and for all now. It has tainted too many EALA RTS’s.

    I don’t think you’re going to be impressed with the first screenshots then. Thus far it’s looking like Red Alert 2 filtered through Generals.

  16. Garth says:

    Those screenshots don’t look so bad to me – as long as it plays well who cares, eh?