Hello Kitty Online Beta

I know! You can barely contain yourself: the closed beta signups are now online for Sanrio’s Hello Kitty Online project. Oh boy! There’s a whole bunch of cuddly information about what will happen if you’re lucky enough to sign up…

Accept and complete missions to practice your skills and gain experience points and other worthwhile rewards, such as valuable items. Of course, Hello Kitty Online includes your favorite Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty, My Melody, Pochacco, Badtz-Maru, and many others. They will serve as non-player characters and country leaders, providing guidance and new missions.

I notice my Firefox tabs cut off the full page header so that “Welcome To Hello Kitty Online” simply reads “Welcome To Hell…” You’re probably right, Browser. I’m pretty sure we’re reaching The End Of Cute, where Cute will reach critical mass and implode to create some kind of super-dense Hello Kitty merchandising, sucking us all into the candy-coloured abyss. Ah well, at least the looping cute website music puts a positive spin on things!


  1. Flint says:

    “Aside from the monster-filled adventure areas, players can dig for ore in a mine”

    I just can’t associate slaying monsters and slaving in a mine with Hello Kitty.

    The idea of HK guilds amuses me to no end though, for some reason.

    I’m really thinking that I should sign up for laughs.

  2. Nny says:

    Signed up few hrs ago, this could be fun (in a very twisted sense of that word) ;)

  3. Meat Circus says:

    How do you know what my favourite Sanrio characters are?


  4. Chowhound says:

    I’m currently trying to convert the website music to be my new cellphone ringtone.

  5. Seniath says:

    Time till somebody posts the Hello Kitty/W40k mashup: 10 minutes. But it wont be me.

    On the topic of page titles being humorously truncated on the taskbar, in A-Level Electronics we were told to visit the site http://www.electronicsexplained.co.uk, which appeared as electronicsex. Not something you really want the head of IT seeing over your shoulder ;D. The url has since been changed to include a -, tho.

  6. Sal says:

    I showed my neice this…but than thought…some fury loving, pedo bear, oh hell i call rule #34. Im not letting my neice near this game.

  7. Cyren says:

    So will the number of actual paying players for this game be greater than the number of griefers playing because of the SouthPark WoW episode? I feel sorry for the GM’s :D.

  8. Synnah says:

    My friend and I tried to sign up for this, but all it did was send us an email saying we’d tried to unsubscribe, but couldn’t. We were bitterly disappointed.

  9. DigitalSignalX says:


    Can’t we all just play Sins of a Solar Empire till Conan comes out?

  10. Nallen says:

    Graphics are awesome.

  11. Arnulf says:

    That webpage music is kind of subversive.. I think I’ve heard some Iron Maiden riffs beneath that bubbly surface!

    That’s how they convert our beloved children.

  12. R. says:

    Amazing scenes. This could be the answer to all humanity’s problems.

  13. Stick says:

    Yes, okay, but doesn’t anybody see this spells doom for the industrial infrastructure of EVE?

    Just think of the number of potential targets non-PvPers who – now – actually can sod off to Hello Kitty Online.

    This message brought to you by obscure.net

  14. vince says:

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