ShadowGrounds, Unlimited Demo

Another bug hunt.
A demo of top-down alien-shooter Shadowgrounds Survivor with the nasty time limit removed has turned up on the Meridian 4 site. It’s the first two levels of the campaign/co-op game, and a single level of survivor mode. It’s still 1gb big, and still really good fun.


  1. sigma83 says:

    Is it anything like AlienSwarm?

  2. Kelduum says:

    I wonder if thats much to do with the way the time-limited one wasnt actually very effective?

    I actually ended up playing the 30 minute demo for 2 hours. The time check doesnt seem to actually stop the game if its running, just prevent you from starting it again.

    Anyway, I liked it – its reminicient of Alien Breed and the old style overhead shooter things, with more than a little Aliens thrown in.

    Oh, and I encoutered a problem where it seems to stop loading initially at 55% – give it a bit, and it will be ok.

  3. Lou says:

    Only quickly tried it for a few minutes this morning – its fun. Now the same game with extensive skill trees and lots of loot, please!

  4. Lacero says:

    I got around to playing the old demo last night, and I completed the game. About halfway through I thought it was a bit long for a demo and the full game must be massive…