Team Fortress 2: Welcome To The Badlands

TF2 is due to get its biggest update so far tomorrow. For free, naturally. Including brand new map, Badlands.

This is the news.

The most important news in amongst the very many tweaks and changes is the introduction of a whole new map, Badlands. The map, originally appearing in Team Fortress Classic, will bring the total to six. (Shacknews have an excellent preview of what’s available in Badlands here). It’s undergone some significant changes since it’s original Capture The Flag incarnation: it’s now a Control Point map, with a much greater focus on vertical movement than the other TF2 events. Read on for more details.

On top of this, there’s to be a collection of optimisations, which extend from graphics to player stats to, perhaps most importantly to regular players, some iteration changes for Dustbowl, Granary and CTF_Well. All these changes are listed below the jump.

SourceTV is also getting a couple of improvements, as well as some tweaks on the Source Engine. Those busy little bees.

Full list of TF2 changes:

* Badlands released

* Changes to Dustbowl
– Added a new access point to the stage2 attacker gates (drop-down left from spawn), allowing attackers a way to reach the left route without being subjected to the spam and sentry gun fire
– Fixed a gap in stage 3, cap 1 that allowed a player to wiggle above the “ceiling” clip
– Fixed a gap behind stage 1, cap 1 house
– Fixed a high perch on stage1 cap1 house roof
– Fixed a perch offering view of nodraw textures and the skybox (stage1 cap2 rock barrier)
– Fixed a few places where rockets/demoman pipes could pass through non-solid models
– Sealed up a gap over stage1 lower startgate
– Clipped off tall windows in stage 3 to prevent sentry guns from behind built behind them

* Changes to Capture the Flag Well
– Fixed trains not starting on map spawn
– Removed cap association from red spawns that were spamming console

* Changes to Granary
– Removed spawn timing advantage from the middle (from -3 to 0)
– Fixed several model perch exploits (red, blue cp1 gate and blue cp2 gate pipe)
– Fixed a few places where players could get stuck between containers and silos
– Adjusted playerclips on red container that made it appear like players were floating

* Added a small delay (200 ms) before a zoomed sniper shot can get a critical hit
* Added server side convar mp_fadetoblack. Same functionality as Counter-Strike, used mainly during in-person tournaments and LAN events
* Added flamethrower “sizzle” sound when the Pyro is hitting a target
* Updated explosion debris to be a bit darker
* Fixed idle players not being kicked from the server if mp_allowspectators was set to 0
* Added ctf_well to the default mapcycle.txt file
* Added ctf_well to the default motd.txt file
* Fixed floor tile material type
* Fixed some weapon damage info missing from TF2 game stats
* Made some small changes to the Demoman viewmodel that were causing performance problems
* Added exec’ing a .cfg file on the client when you select a class to play.
* Added a new timer to the HUD to show the value of mp_timelimit. This is useful if you’re playing a timed match on 2Fort, where you only set a timelimit on the server and no other win conditions.
* Added server log entry for buildings destroyed by their owner
* Fixed sentry gun shadows being clipped
* Updated glass material


  1. The_B says:

    But still no sign of Goldrush yet?

    (Yeah, I apologise for moaning, but still!)

  2. SenatorPalpatine says:

    I’m very much looking forward to playing a new (official) map, because ctf_well doesn’t really count.

  3. Rook says:

    Well, it’s not like I’ve anything better to do tomorrow…

  4. Chris Evans says:

    Great work again by Valve..just a shame that Badlands isn’t CTF :(

    I’ve never gotten along with Well in any form, so a new CTF map would have been great for me :D

    I’m guessing Goldrush is coming along with the big Medic overhaul?

  5. Nakkila says:

    I only wish Valve would release way more official maps. The better custom ones, for example. Many months out, one “new” map. I’m happy for these upcoming two, but it still needs more.

    Also I’d suck Gabe’s mmpöö for giving the “pro”gaming community some native support in the form of custom spawn timers, crits on/off and such.

    Nevertheless, one of the best casual shooters just got a notch better.

  6. Mario Grange says:

    Valve has stated that they aren’t going to add options like that to the game for fear of the community segmentation that occurred in their other games, like the Counter Strike series.

  7. Zygoratot says:

    Prepare for massive “valve just ruined the game”-fest in the steamforums.

  8. TychoCelchuuu says:

    Nakkila: I wouldn’t hold out for a huge amount of new maps. Look at Counterstrike: Source of Day of Defeat: Source. They got a few maps after release, then it all dried up. I can’t imagine TF2 will be much different.

  9. Matthew Gallant says:

    “Added flamethrower “sizzle” sound when the Pyro is hitting a target”

    mmm mmm good

  10. Leelad says:

    Can we expect Hellfire and Eastern plaguelands to make an appearance soon too?

    Good stuff though.

  11. Ryan says:

    Now if only they’d add the ability to filter out servers that are going to fill my sounds\admin_plugin with a bunch of useless shit. I connected (and very quickly disconnected) to one last night that tried to force over two dozen custom sounds on me, including a “cornholio.wav.” Yes, you are Cornholio. Yes, I am, in fact, threatening you. How droll.

  12. Mario Granger says:

    Ryan: cl_downloadfilter nosounds allows you to not download any sounds.

  13. 616Nickel says:


    Find the ‘autoexec.cfg’ file in your TF2 folder. Add the following line:

    cl_downloadfilter nosounds

    That should do it. Good luck!

  14. Mark says:

    It’s “vertical.” Hate to nitpick but hate typos worse. This will be my undoing someday.

  15. John Walker says:

    Thanks Mark. Fixed.

  16. Matt says:

    There’s a drop-down in the actual Options menu to let you set the custom downloading variable. Just looks nicer than going into console to do it, and adding it to the cfg manually.

  17. sigma83 says:

    Methinkie it’s time to halt the Sins of a Solar Empire and get on with some TF2 loving.

  18. Seth Tipps says:

    Have you guys seen the Heavy/Medic love montage at the end of the new ZP? I didn’t know Yahtzee could be so fucking… cute.

  19. espy says:

    There goes the weekend.

  20. Edge says:

    Hehehe, yeah, I saw that – the ZP thing – wtf is that about?

  21. Binky says:

    Yahtzee’s little Valentine’s Day tribute to the ongoing, deeply passionate, relationship between the Heavy and the Medic.
    And a poigniant reminder of the fragility of it in the presence that most scurrilous individual, the Spy…

  22. Kieron Gillen says:

    I forwarded it immediately to Alec. He’ll always be my HW guy.

    We’ll always have 2Fort.


  23. Meat Circus says:

    Awww. That Heavy/Medic ZP short is beautiful and elegiac.

    Yahtzee has clearly found his calling as a creator of shooter-based romantic fanfic.

  24. Stick says:

    No! Heavy has broken my heart once too often. The relationship never goes anywhere. These days, I’m resigned to instant gratification blaze-of-glory flings. Romancing Pyro rarely ends well, but it’s always one hell of a trip.

    Oh yeah. Looks like SinsOASE goes back on the pile for a bit. :)

  25. Doug Farrell says:

    Ryan – other folks have mentioned the console setting to block custom sounds, but there’s also an option in the menu that you can check to do the same. Now if only they’d add that to Counterstrike.

  26. heartless_ says:

    I don’t know why anyone would argue for “pro mods” to be thrown into TF2. Outside of CounterStrike, such mods just kill the community of a game. It is annoying as hell to spend hours just trying to find a server that plays the way you are used to.

    TF2, for the most part, is played the same on almost every server and it works beautifully. There is no point in Valve changing any of it.

  27. C.D. says:

    Dustbowl is the best map out so far. 2Fort isn’t too far behind either :)

  28. Will Tomas says:

    So… what do we all think of Badlands?

  29. Freelancepolice says:

    I really like it, the spires really cause a new strategy both in attack and defending.

    The steam forums are awash with tards sadly

  30. Ed says:

    Nothing new there then.

  31. go says:

    dont like badlands too much, but the pyro sizzle is great, and somehow it seems to run smoother on my machine now.