Perry Predicts 70mil User MMO

2Moons is a free fantasy MMO
Talking to new blog on the block, David “Used-To-Run-Shiny” Perry said ““It’s extremely nerdy, World Of Warcraft”, by way of explaining why the fantasy MMO hasn’t already headed off into the realms of tens of millions of players.

“I believe there’s a 70 million player MMO idea and no one’s done it yet because we haven’t got anyone that’s thinking down the Will Wright path,” he said. “There’s people that get close. There’s people that do Club Penguin, or Maple Story, games that are more simple to play, and people like Disney buy them for $500-$600 million and no one bats an eyelid and everyone goes off and makes another Bioshock.

Perry went on to say that his free-to-play MMO, 2Moons, now has five million people signed up to play.


  1. cullnean says:

    hmmm 5million


    yup that be a sign of garunteed player base, cheers mental perry.

    you only have to go back a few months when all the disgruntled WoW players said they were off to play LOTRO
    same again with warhammer and conan, but it doesnt mean people are actually gonna play.

  2. Meat Circus says:

    I predict a 72 MILLION USER MMO.

    I win.

    The biggest MMO that will ever be released will be the Pokemon MMO that Nintendo eventually gets round to doing during the Wii’s senescence. It will laugh in the face of WoW with its PUNY 12 MILLION GRINDMONKEYS that it will have been stuck at for two years.

  3. axel says:

    That isn’t a bad idea. A big fanchise and the easy to learn game mechanics would attrack a lot of players. Add near infinite replayability ( = lots of grinding) and you get your 72 million players.

    -gotta get them all
    -gotta train them all
    -gotte get them all again
    -gotta train tem all again but different

  4. Alec Meer says:

    I would rather imagine we’ll see some MMO elements in The Sims 3.

  5. LSNDuck says:

    I think he has a point. As successful as the LOTR films were at the cinema, for people outside of the gaming community there is a big leap between watching Viggo Mortessen slashing Orcs up, and slashing up Orcs yourself.

    A brand that can reach out of our little community, be it a pre-existing one like The Sims or Pokemon, or something new with wider appeal could bury WoW for active subscribers.

    2Moons won’t be it though.

  6. Jim Rossignol says:

    I’m not convinced. I think the net is about finding smaller bits and pieces that you’re interested in. MMOs will break down into loads of niche boutiques catering for particular tastes.

  7. Alex says:

    Great game. I’m usually more of a FPS gamer, but I dig the RPG’s. I’ve done all the Final Fantasy, I’ve played DnD, LOTR, WoW (for a few minutes), needless to say I’m not a noob to the domain. Although still in open beta, this game has huge potential. I myself have a level 78 Segnale :D
    I strongly suggest those who like MMORPG’s (and free ones at that) to try it out. I do hope you are open minded though, most people go “But I can do this in WoW and I can’t do that in 2Moons”. Enough of that BS people, don’t expect everything to be like your favorite game. Id like all FPS games to be Unreal Tournament, but they aren’t, I live with it. Otherwise, if you are open-minded and you love games in general, and RPG’s specifically, give this game a try! I rate it a 8.5 on 10 (Open Beta 8.5 on 10.)

  8. Andrew says:

    When somebody makes an MMO Sims, I’m sure it will be highly successful.

  9. drunkymonkey says:

    Slightly picky, but WoW does indeed already have 10 million users…unless that’s not what you meant.

    link to

  10. Zeno, Internetographer says:

    Naw, the greatest MMO of all time will be Super Mario Online. Players will choose between being a Toad or a Koopa, and will have epic Mario-style battles across an enormous Super Mario World-esque map.

  11. Stromko says:

    I think the first 70 million MMO won’t be a blip in the U.S. or Europe, if you want numbers why try to please that crowd? I feel like I’m stating the obvious but someone has to. It won’t necessarily appeal to anybody here, and it’ll almost certainly be free to play.

    Who cares? It’ll be competition for television, something else to get butts in seats to look at commercials. Culturally relevant, perhaps, but probably complete crap as a game.

  12. Garth says:

    Woah, I was talking about a Pokemon MMO with my friends recently – we figured, pretty much as the article implies, it’d shatter any records.

  13. Sander says:

    I’d have liked to try out 2Moons for a bit, but it’s not obvious how someone from outside North America (like me) would be able to do that at the moment. Pity, takes away from the post a bit.

  14. Eric says:

    Jim Rossignol: I agree. I think we’ll see a 70 million user MMO platform (maybe something like what Raph Koster has talking about), but all those people will be playing small, sharply targeted games.

  15. Captain Bland says:

    “When somebody makes an MMO Sims, I’m sure it will be highly successful.”

    link to

    Or do you mean one that doesn’t suck really, really bad?

  16. Dave says:

    I’ve been avoiding 2Moons because the website basically has a “REGISTER NOW” button and that’s it. Um, I’d like some information. I don’t care if the game is free, I don’t want to be counted toward their 5 million until I’m at least serious enough to consider downloading the client. :P

  17. lsnduck says:

    I agree entirely Dave. I was bored at work and curiously followed the link. A swift run of the cursor around the page (point and click adventures, wahoo) and only that sole ‘register now’ link led to a swift exit. You want me to play your game? You tell me about it before I give you any information.

  18. Lightbulb says:

    Gameplay trailer (with annoying music but hey)

    link to

    If you click the Register now link it actually takes you to the proper game website and you can read abit about the world. I am scouting for a review/desciption of wtf the game is played like…