Overlord Not Over

You reap what you sow. That's a rubbish saying. You sow seeds and you reap plants. That's why you sow it in the first place. Proverbs are rubbish.

While it didn’t make an enormous immediate splash, Age of Wonders veterans Triumph Studio’s Overlord was a quirky and agreeable Pantomime-Dame of a Fable vs Pikmin Evil-em-up (Or So Sez I!). And it’s done well enough to get some extra content, with a downloadable pay-for expansion called Raising Hell. It adds a new level to each of its worlds which opens up upon defeating its ruler, which leads to – well – Hell.

It also include a Challenge pack of extra-tricky challenges for the £4.99 or (er) 10 Euros it charges. These are actually both the X360 downloadable content packs. But, agreeably cheaper. Hurrah! And the trailer for these demonic adventures can be found in the stygian underworld below…

Oh, it burns, my lord, it burns.

Thanks, Gametrailers. You go to hell and back for us, and we’re so, so grateful.

Any Overlord fans out there? No, not you Rhianna. You don’t count.


  1. Chemix says:

    I’m an overlord, and I’m just wondering if it’d be worth purchasing the original and this as well, though my funds are rather sparse

  2. drunkymonkey says:

    You know, I feel this was a game made for me. Specifically for me. They had slides of what I get up to on a daily basis on their drawing board, and the focus groups were just puppets of me nodding my heads at the lovely minions under the player’s command.

    But I didn’t buy it.

    Mainly because my computer lagged through the demo. Disappointing, disappointing, disappointing. But, rest assured, when I purchase a PC capable of running this lovely personal present from Triumph to me, I will be on it like Dr. Kleiner on a complex physics equation.

  3. malphigian says:

    I wonder if this is going to be available for the Steam version, or if it works with the Steam version. Anyone know?

  4. Schadenfreude says:

    I initially enjoyed it, but for a Dark Lord in an ominously pointy tower you end up playing as a real goody goody. It just ruined the mood. The moment that wagon moved in and started bossing me around I’d had enough.

    The little goblins are brilliant though.

  5. Chris says:

    I need to go back and finish this. Something came out while I was in the middle of the dwarf levels and I lost track of where I was. Great fun though, and I’ll definitely go back and buy the extra content once I’ve finished it. It’s not an all-time classic or anything, but it’s a decent enough laugh and well worth the cash.

  6. Seniath says:

    I really need to get back an finish this. I got distracted by…Burnout Paradise I think. And then a return to ET:QW. And then DMC4. And then Audiosurf. God, I need a holiday to clear out this list of half finished games.

  7. fluffy bunny says:

    “The moment that wagon moved in and started bossing me around I’d had enough.”

    Well, you can ditch her later on…

  8. elias says:

    I picked up the original for the 360 on Friday; I’ve wanted it since I played the demo, and it seems like stores aren’t really carrying it anymore (I got the last copy at the store I went to). Also, I had a coupon.

    Anyway, not sure yet if I’ll get the extra content packs.

  9. The_B says:

    I’m in a similar position to Seniath, in that I only got so far into it before I stopped, but that was mainly due to building a whole new computer with Vista, and I still haven’t got around to installing it and continuing. But what I played, I enjoyed…

    Of course, given Codies and CVG gave me a free copy of the game along with a shiny new Graphics Card it could be said I’m biased… but hey…(I won it in a competition by the way, I don’t take bribes, unless they come gift wrapped ¬_¬)

  10. KingMob says:

    You can play as ‘evil’ and – err, I can’t seem to make a spoiler tag work here? So I can’t tell you the exact evil things you can do…. There are only 3 or 4 actual ‘evil’ choices you can make in the game, but most of them are pretty darn evil. They also help the evil ending happen.
    Of course, in addition to the evil choices you have in the game’s plot, there are quasi-evil things you can do for fun, like kill off an entire town’s population ’cause you feel like it, pretty much any time you feel like it. These are not tracked too closely but these types of deeds add up in the aggregate, helping your tower look more evil and stuff like that.

    PS. I loved the game, and if this is available on Steam I’ll get it. Will give me some incentive to finish my ‘evil’ playthrough.

    pps. The world needs more games with underlings that automatically do their jobs without needing to be micromanaged. RTS developers take note: I want healers that heal folks around them automatically, squads that can be set to automatically reinforce, or withdraw to the closest strong point if overmatched. I want defenses that build themselves based on my general guidelines and defenders that set up patrol patterns without being asked.

    I want… see what I mean? I want to sweep my guys over part of the landscape and see it changed. Look at the game and whatever should obviously be done gets done.

  11. Chemix says:

    I think the point of the game, if it can be said that it has a point and this isn’t a tacked on moral of the story, is that good is closer to evil than we generally think and that no one is above doing or becoming evil. What annoyed me was the lack of a map or compass and the general getting lost alot while getting yelled at through a crystal ball. I really wanted to beat the crap out of the minion master from the start as I had the feeling he was always about to stab me in the back, and when he did I just couldn’t help but say that I saw it coming and it annoyed me to all hell.

    Velvet vs Rose came down to sexy bitch vs smart bitch and I didn’t really care for either more than the other, hell I tried to take both, but sadly, no, it doesn’t work that way.

    Otherwise it was highly entertaining and something I hadn’t experienced before. Makes me wish my team mates in TF2 were more like minions, at times, people have better pathing than AI ever will, but listening skills are something of another matter.

  12. Ocho says:

    Very enjoyable game, though I’m with the people who have said they’ve gotten lost or would’ve liked a map or compass.

    I appreciate the DLC, I presume the hell motif allows them to bring back characters that you previously killed off.

  13. Homunculus says:

    Heartily enjoyed LeatherRaven’s writing and the voice acting for this, it must have been a ball to make. You can imagine it and Fable comfortably co-habiting the same time and space, in much the same way Team Fortress 2 and No One Lives Forever seem to hail from the same era, aesthetic and sensibility.

    I’m guessing (spoilers incoming, natch) the guy from the archetypal adventuring party that you play who died battling the original Overlord was their bard, as that was the only hero type whose corrupted counterpart was conspicuous by its absence.

    That and it’s always the bard that bites it first.

  14. malkav11 says:

    The game’s fun, but the “evil” veneer is pretty thin. You’re not even as evil as the Dungeon Keeper in Bullfrog’s game of the same name, and they played that for laughs as well.

  15. Jeremy says:

    I ran into a rather tough part, put it off for a while, then got distracted by something else (the Crysis demo, I think – lord knows why) and never got back into it.

    I’m gonna dive back in once I finish stalker, and will get the extra content. How much is it in USD? Like 5 bajillion by now?

  16. Kast says:

    Tried the demo, on the off chance I’d been mislead, but to my dismay Overlord really is a goody-two-shoes, being led by his hand by a know-it-all I’d rather drop kick into a pool of lava. As for the jester… what on earth stopped me from skewering him on his own jester stick thing.

    I want to be evil, dammit! Sometimes you’ve really got to let loose.

  17. Chemix says:

    You get the opportunity to be rather violent, but evil in a Palpatine sort of way? Nope, you never are really steering the plot, you’re just a passenger. It’s a bit annoying, but you can “pacify” yourself by slaughtering a village- repeatedly, capturing slave girls- funny, taking prized idols as personal trophies- thuggish, and of course if you want to be ridiculously cruel; sacrifice your minions at every chance and simply make your character the Uber Overlord and use minions only as strictly required- not very fun, but very mean.