Magic: The Gathering: The Colons: The Future

Early news reaches us about not one, not three, but two new PC/360 games based on the Magic: The Gathering license. Wizards of the Coast, who own all of fantasy ever, are moving the collectable card game franchise over to videogames for the first time since 2003.

See what we did here?

In a very vague press release, Wizards explain that they’ve got two separate developers working on a title each, both apparently to be released for PC and Xbox Live Arcade. The first of these is being developed by Stainless Games, the UK devs you’ll remember from Carmageddon, who more recently have been focusing on the miniature market of Live Arcade downloads. The second is from Mind Control Software, who have previously made an exotic range of $19.99 games, including the excellently named, “ARRRRRR!”

Absolutely nothing is known about either just yet, beyond their being based on the card games. But we can safely assume from the Live Arcade mentions that they’ll be online games, which is fitting to the franchise.

For fun and frolics, here’s a quick list of all the previous Magic: The Gathering PC outings of the past:

Magic: The Gathering: Battlemage – 1996

Magic: The Gathering – 1997

Magic: The Gathering: Spells of the Ancients – 1997

Magic: The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers – 1998

Magic: The Gathering: Interactive Encyclopedia – 1999

Magic: The Gathering: Online – 2002

Magic: The Gathering: Battlegrounds – 2003


  1. Binni says:

    Also the Magic the Gathering Interactive Encyclopedia. An official Wizards product where you could play online multiplayer games. Probably the best Magic product. (Magic Online would be, except for the fact that it is silly expensive).

    The original Microprose game was awesome but the AI was horrible. It Dark ritualed itself into mana burn and countered it’s own spells regularly. It would be awesome to get another game like that a la Puzzle Quest.

  2. matt says:

    Well, being a huge Magic player back in the days, i never could really get into Magic on any of its computer-based releases.. i’d be curious to see what these will be like, nonetheless.

  3. Alex says:

    People who like Magic might also like the upcoming game
    Spectromancer – basically a Magic rip off, made by ex-Magic designers.

    There’s a free demo at the moment.

    link to

  4. Garth says:

    Which one of those games was the single player game, where you gathered cards from each battle, and you’d start matches with events like “The enemy already has a zombie card in play,” and other such hilarity?

  5. Seniath says:

    MtG is a habit I don’t think I’ll ever break. Every few years I’ll get back into it, spend lots and lots on new cards, and then it’ll fade into obscurity again. Depending on the quality of these games, they may only make things worse.

  6. WanderingTaoist says:

    Although the AI was severely flawed, I still played the hell out of Microprose game. And I want the game fixed and remade for the DS.

  7. heartless_ says:

    MtG has been dead to me for a while, simply because it is impossible to keep up casually any longer.

  8. tehdiplomat says:

    I still play the Microprose version/Shandalar on my laptop when I’m drinking late at night and nothing is good on tv. Good thing they had those unofficial patches come out that made it compatible for XP.

  9. Mr.Moon says:

    Yeah only problem is they are probably going to charge for the extra content…which be the extra cards..tons of extra cards…so it’s almost like buying packs again…and it gets too expensive.

    I would rather them make cards difficult to obtain in the game itself…and release expansion packs here and there..

    But I am getting too ahead, so lets see what they do.

  10. Zeno, Internetographer says:

    I hope they just make a decent, functional computer version of the card game, with a good computer AI, and online play.

    None of this “paying for virtual cards” stuff. Unless it was in virtual money, which I would be totally okay with.

  11. unclebulgaria says:

    Thank God I got out of CCGs.

    Couple my income today with the enthusiasm I had then and I’d be lighting cigars with Moxen.

    I cannot touch this game.

  12. undead dolphin hacker says:

    Obligatory Culdcept SAGA for the XBox 360 plug: you just read it.

  13. malkav11 says:

    That was why I liked the Microprose game. not only did it have a frankly rather silly adventure/RPG mode, but it allowed you to play duels (even online, once Duels of the Planeswalkers came out), and delivered tons of cards per expansion without ever making you do the stupid collectible boosters bit.

    Magic Online fails hard, by contrast.

  14. Mr Pink says:

    It’s funny that this should appear now. After playing Spectromancer last week I was inspired to get the old Microprose game up and running (had to use a windows 98 virtual machine to do so- a great thing to have for retro gaming). And despite the AI being far from perfect, it’s still really enjoyable. I’ve had a couple of multiplayer bouts with my brother, which were great fun.

    I totally agree with Zeno and malkav11, what I’m looking for in one of these is basically a remake of the old Microprose game. Maybe some more cards, definitely some good online options and most of all an RPG mode like Shandalar. That was the real genius of the original game- it’s the only CCG game I’ve ever known to simulate the collecting part of that acronym so perfectly. You had to always make do with the cards you had, and spent a lot of time trying to aquire the right ones to take your deck in the direction you wanted. For me, coming up with clever decks using what you have available to you is most of the fun of a CCG.

    However, due to the existence of Magic Online, I can’t help but feel that the chances of seeing this are minimal.

  15. Phil H says:

    Hmm, piques my interest quite a bit, but at the moment I’m just waiting for them to get the goddamned MTGO III client out the door already.

  16. Kenny says:

    If you get the MANALINK UNOFFICIAL UPDATE V 1.3.2 then you can play the Microprose game on your XP-PC and It will allow direct TCP/IP connections over the internet, enable
    all the expansion cards regardless of your version and add some small modifications to the game.
    Makes it worth playing all over again.