How many drops? 38. Simulated.

No game has ever been influenced by Aliens, ever. You'd have thought someone would have borrowed some element from it, but no, it's untouched ground completely.

And here’s another one. We’ve known that Gearbox were working on an Aliens FPS – whose name has now been confirmed as Aliens: Colonial Marines – but Sega have released some more information. It’s going to have a script from Battlestar Galactica (The Good one, obv) scribes Bradley Thompson and David Weddle, and while based on the mood and tone of the film, will take the Sulaco to new specially crafted destinations where hopefully our marines won’t all get killed again and have to be saved by the civilian. New weapons are promised, perhaps finally revealing the much-hailed Colonial Marine favourite the pointy stick. Probably the most exciting feature is the 4-player co-op, where – let’s quote the press-release rather than the film – we “will assume the persona of a Colonial Marine and have a distinct role to play in the completion of every mission”. RPS have already had their characters assigned. Jim will be Hicks. I’m Hudson. Alec is Vasquez. Walker is Newt. Stone will be Bishop. Quinns is Wierzbowski . We haven’t a visual yet but Eurogamer have found some cheery magazine scans you can see over here.

How do you get into this chicken-shit outfit? You’ll have to cryo-sleep until the end of the year. Until then, you can amuse yourself with this splendid Java version of the old Aliens board-game.


  1. Alec Meer says:

    No-one’s ever mistaken me for a man.

  2. CrashT says:

    “Game over, man. Game over!”

    Sorry it’s just kinda required..

  3. Nick says:

    “They mostly come out at night. Mostly.”

    I can’t wait for this.. it’s like a longterm dream come true. Here’s hoping they don’t fuck it up/cancel it.

  4. Seniath says:

    What, no one fit the bill for Gorman? You’re all far too nice to each other :P

  5. Homunculus says:

    My hankering to emulate Ferro, and pilot a fairly intimidating dropship was more than fulfilled by Planetside.

    “We’re in the pipe, five by five.”

    Looks like your unit gets to recover the Sulaco in this. Huzzah!

  6. Nny says:

    It’s Wierzbowski not Wierbowski.

    And yeah, about time someone made a game like that.

  7. Fumarole says:

    “Looks like love at first sight to me.” This is great news indeed.

  8. Dondism says:

    The Rebellion alien vs predator games were pretty sweet. Playing as the alien you were so fragile that it was really intense, you never knew when you’d cross a corner and get killed by sentries.

    The predator was really boring.

    Marines were fun just cause you could never see and they built tension really well.

  9. Cian says:

    Happy memories of AvP co-op gives me a good feeling about this.

    Though few things can ever compare to the adrenaline rush of playing as an alien in multiplayer. AvP, where the bugs were quick and the men were dead.

  10. Muzman says:

    It’s still guaranteed to cause a geekfight just about anywhere, but I do think games and movies need to get over Aliens, like forever, and geekdom needs to follow it. Or whichever comes first.
    Maybe it’s a case of keep rehashing it until we get it right/until every generation of graphics and AI has had a go, and it could be a fun game. Without wanting to start a fight I’d just like to point out what I thought was a basically brilliant idea that came up over at ttlg;
    link to
    The execution of such is a little trickier, but man that is what games should be trying to do these days if you ask me.

  11. CrashT says:

    Muzman; that reminds me of how I’ve always wished that somebody would make a game out of Enemy At The Gate, with just you verse one other sniper in a ruined city.

    Anyway, an Aliens game, let’s face it the film has infulenced every first person shooter ever made so it’s hardly a surprise that people keep trying to make the definitive version of it in game form.

  12. Ging says:

    Frost should’ve been a cool guy, but he had to be the ammo carrying arse kisser…

  13. Kieron Gillen says:

    Ging: I admit, that you can easily imagine a film where the surviving Marines were Frost, Apone and Drake says a lot about how much characterisation they got into such a small space.

    Aliens is one of those films which, as a writer and a human being, I’m obsessed with.


  14. The_B says:

    Someone has to say it:


  15. Nick says:

    It’s been one of my favourite films since I first saw it (the directors cut anyway) aged 12. I never forgave Alien 3 for killing Hicks straight away with just a few words (or for being rubbish, but more for the Hicks thing). I could have done without Newt though, her scream really drills into the brain.

  16. Alex says:

    You should watch the re-edited version of Alien 3, with all the bits that were cut or not even filmed put back in. Suddenly the film makes a lot more sense and is a better film allround.

    I’ve always been a fan of Alien, much more than of Aliens. Alien is so much more frightening to me. Although I do love Aliens, I do think it kind of lessened the creepiness of the original creature – the whole “You thought one was scary!? What about a SHITLOAD OF THEM!!” thing.

    Also Alien had John Hurt And His Amazing Exploding Body and Ian Holm as Ash.. oh, Ash..

    Anyway, I’ll be Carter Burke, although I do object to wearing that stupid bodywarmer thing. And the curly hair. The evil corporate backstabbing I’ll take, though.

  17. Andrew says:

    Aliens is one of my favourite films too. Like Nick, I despise Alien 3 for its butchering of the ending of Aliens (let them have ONE small triumph, please!).

    The details of this game which someone posted here at Rllmuk just make me want it even more. Door welders! Sonic electronic ball-breakers!

    Please be good, please be good…

  18. Ben Abraham says:

    “Stay frosty people”

  19. Andrew says:

    Also – that Aliens board game java game or whatever is amazing. AMAZING.

  20. Aimless says:

    Alex, I think you kind of missed the point of Aliens: it wasn’t meant to be more of the same.

    Alien is one of the greatest horror films ever, but its sequel is one of the best action movies. Each is exceptional, but they excel in different ways.

    As for the game, no matter how good it is I don’t think it could ever live up to over a decade of over-active imaginations. Here’s hoping it will be a cracker, though.

  21. Winterborn says:

    My love for Aliens knows no bounds. Looking forward to this but perhaps looking forward to the Obsidian Aliens RPG more.

  22. No Picnic says:

    PERFECT title for this article, by the way.

    We are all sick to death of the Aliens vs. Predator gimmick, are we not? Here’s my idea. Mash-up James Cameron’s most successful movies and cross-license it like you’re hihgly intoxicated:

    Aliens vs. Terminator vs. Titanic anyone? :D

  23. Muzman says:

    “C’mon Rose, Come On! This way! We’ve got to Geht To Da Chopaaah, you Bitch!”
    (amusing if you imagine the soundbyte mash up in your head)

  24. DigitalSignalX says:

    The old board games come out mostly at night. Mostly.

  25. Caiman says:

    The reason people keep trying to re-hash Aliens is because it’s a near perfect scenario for gaming, and why not? Nobody has ever done it justice, despite its massive influence. Doom probably came closest, being directly inspired by the film despite their switch to demons instead of aliens.

    Incidentally, I’ve watched Aliens about 70 times since it was first released. I stopped counting around 55 times! These days I only tend to watch it once a year, but there was a time I’d see it every few weeks.

  26. espy says:

    I’ll be Frost. The black guy who gets to say one sentence before plunging to his death, on fire.

    “What are we supposed to use? Harsh language?”

    Such a cheery film. I love it to bits.

  27. etho says:

    Alien is just about my favorite horror movie, and Aliens is one of my favorite action movies. Together, I think they form the perfect film/sequel pair.

    Alien3, well, my feelings are a little more complicated. I like it, in part because thematically, it’s the darkest, most disturbing of the series. It’s one of the more openly nihilistic SF films I can think of, basically taking the position that everything is fucked and no one cares. But it was edited poorly, which caused the story to suffer. And worst of all, goddammit, it should have been the fourth film in the series. Three should have followed the events of Aliens more directly, and ended with Weyland-Yutani having Ripley sent to the prison planet, along with an egg or two to make sure she doesn’t cause trouble.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to this game. Those scans look a little… not quite right. But i imagine they aren’t actual game images, and even if they are, they’re just crappy scans, so maybe I’m just not seeing it right.

  28. Ging says:

    espy: Frost actually gets a fair amount of dialogue for a character that dies quite so quickly. Take the conversation about the Arcturian Poontang for instance!

  29. Zephyrtron says:

    Wow, Kieron, thanks for throwing up that boardgame link. It’s about the best thing I’ve played online for ages.
    Now if you can find a Space Hulk one too… though I guess that would step on the toes of the chaps you covered the other day.

  30. Phil says:

    Am I alone in thinking that the extreme body horror, furturist military fetishism and focus on group dynamics makes Alien 4 and worthy successor to Aliens?

  31. Nallen says:

    I’ll excuse the mis-quote in the title on the grounds that the prospect of a great Aliens game has me moist in so many places I don’t dare to think about it.

  32. Kieron Gillen says:

    Let’s sidestep such correctness and watch the scene again.



  33. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Am I alone in thinking that the extreme body horror, furturist military fetishism and focus on group dynamics makes Alien 4 and worthy successor to Aliens?

    If you’re refering to the curious failure that was Resurrection, then I’d say yes, you’re very much alone.

    @Muzman: It’s an interesting idea certainly, and I guess a logical extension of what Penumbra and the new Alone in the Dark are trying to achieve, but I still prefer Aliens as the basis for a game (even though I vastly prefer the first film).

  34. Alex says:

    Alex, I think you kind of missed the point of Aliens: it wasn’t meant to be more of the same.

    Alien is one of the greatest horror films ever, but its sequel is one of the best action movies. Each is exceptional, but they excel in different ways.

    But you just know that’s how Cameron pitched it at some meeting – “It’s like Alien, but MORE of them!! And this time, there’s MARINES!! With HUGE GUNS!!” Etc.

    But I see your point concerning the horror/action difference. I guess I just like the ‘realism’ in the first film more, it has a lot of atmosphere, which is easier to establish in a horror film, I’ll concede. ;)

    One thing that suffers in Aliens is how the aliens look – they look a bit rubbery and mangy. And, big geek moment, they also got the eggs wrong – when they open in Alien the flaps stay upright, in Aliens they kind of curl open, as if pulled by invisible strings..

    All that said, the queen looks absolutely beautiful.. her hissing haunts my dreams.

  35. Kieron Gillen says:

    The sort of accepted stance is: Alien is a horror film. Aliens is a war movie.

    I usually go along with that.


  36. Ging says:

    Alex: the reason behind the egg difference is that the eggs in alien have been in stasis, the eggs in aliens are “fresh” and as such are more flexible – at least, that’s the reason in the “extended universe”.

    I wonder if I’ve still got my copy of the Aliens Comic Book game, I seem to recall it being really quite difficult!

  37. Alex says:

    Alex: the reason behind the egg difference is that the eggs in alien have been in stasis, the eggs in aliens are “fresh” and as such are more flexible – at least, that’s the reason in the “extended universe”.

    Is that a form of retconning?

  38. Ging says:

    Essentially yes – the real answer is just how the props were designed and the materials used, neither film is “wrong”.

  39. Nick says:

    Aliens had plenty of atmosphere.. the motion sensors alone helped a lot in that department. “ARGH! HAMSTERS!” And so on.

  40. Cruz says:

    What is the general consensus on AvP2? I came in late to the Alien(s) party, and AvP2 was my first exposure to the series, and I must say, it was excellent at the time. I’ve since bought the obligatory box set, but have yet to play AvP1. AvP the movie was garbage imo. I’m just wondering where the AvP series on PC ranks amongst fans of the Aliens franchise as a whole. Also, do you think there is room for another AvP game sometime in the future? I sure wouldn’t mind playing as the Alien itself again.

  41. Aimless says:

    I’m not an AvP expert, but I believe the general consensus is that the Predators were “a bit wank”. In that respect I don’t think there needs to be another game in the series, although I’m sure being able to play as a Xenomorph in Gearbox’s game would go down well.

  42. Kim says:

    Ooohhh, can’t wait for this :D

    And Ooohhh… The Aliens boardgame I remember playing from my youth…(we also played risk and cluedo..) From what I remember, you picked a character, threw dice around (sometimes losing one under the sofa) and had to travel around the board setting up ‘bombs’… you had to fight alien pieces… and near the end of the game the Queen Alien chases after you – aiiyyeee! Whoever made it to the ship first when the bombs were set and didn’t get munched, wins :)
    I think…. my memory is hazey…

  43. Muzman says:

    On the movies still;
    What’s really curious is that originally the Alien was sort of parthenogenic. One shot they cut out of Alien had dead crew members being eggified, for want of a better word (which suggests something far weirder and cooler than what we ended up with, if you ask me). Had they included it, that sort of detail might have steered them away from the fairly dull Space Termites lifecycle everyone knows and loves from Aliens (although it doesn’t really rule it out, and given the general ‘bigger,louder,more’ mindset of the sequel they would have found some way to get a huge one in there somehow, let’s face it)
    No one should forget that the motion sensor thing was introduced in the first film, btw.

  44. Iain says:

    Alien and Aliens are both great films in their own way. Alien 3 was a bit pants, though.

    Alien is a pure horror film – when interviewed about it, Ridley Scott claimed that there was absolutely no subtext to the film at all – it was just the scare the living daylights out of you. And it does a pretty good job, even now – though those computers look rather ropey these days.

    Aliens, however is essentially a Vietnam movie. The chap who plays Apone was the first black Marine Sergeant who served in Vietnam, and beat R. Lee Ermey (Full Metal Jacket) to doing the “real bastard drill Sergeant” role on film by a year. Another semi-obscure Aliens character fact – the guy who played Private Crowe (who gets killed by the explosion of the ammo bag), Tip Tipping, was a stuntman notable for pulling John Thaw out of a fire in an episode of Inspector Morse and also, tragically, being killed in a parachuting accident.

    As for the game… “I guess she doesn’t like the cornbread either…” I’d like it to be good, but I remain to be convinced.

  45. Alan Au says:

    I went back and played AvP2 the other day. It still managed to hold up okay, mostly for the excellent job it does setting the atmosphere and mood. That and the part during the Alien campaign where you get to eat your way out of your host’s chest.

    However, it also shows just how far we’ve come in terms of shooter game mechanics and storyline. The main thing is that it relies on the old-school shooter mechanics of “you hit whatever is under your crosshairs,” so shotguns are just as accurate as sniper rifles, and the only penalty for firing on full-auto is that you burn through your ammo a bit faster. There’s no sense of using the right weapon for the right job, and of course you’re lugging around 5-6 hefty guns at any given moment.

    The story was par for 2001, which is to say there’s a narrative, but it’s very disjointed and feels like the developers scrambled to tie together a bunch of pre-built (and not always related) levels.

    That is, I’m interested to see what happens if you pair modern game mechanics with a “classic” game setting. And of course, co-op play is always appreciated.

  46. Garth says:

    AvP (the first one) was probably the best FPS I ever played multiplayer.

    If this is even close to as good, I will be a very happy FPS’r.

  47. Cruz says:

    I do recall AvP2 taking over a few of my LAN parties back then. It was mostly Marine vs Alien, with the odd poor sap playing Predator on occasion. Twas good times.

  48. Richard says:

    The only Aliens game I’d play:

    Aliens vs Predator: No Facehuggers

    Those little bastards really… aaargh!

  49. Ging says:

    The issue with the predator in the AvP games is that you’re just too tank like – you get obscenely good weapons, can heal yourself on a whim and against marines you just cloaked and killed the lot in a second.

    We didn’t quite disallow them in MP, but they sure made things a tad frustrating (though, in AvP2, the marine rocket launcher was ridiculous when it got a lock – it made 90 degree instant turns!).

    It’d be nice to see a new AvP game, using something like UE3 or crytek2 – just to see the sort of atmosphere you could get out of it.