Give Bizarre Your Money

Bizarre Creations, the developers behind Geometry Wars, The Club and the Project Gotham series, have launched their 2008 money raising efforts.


The fine folks are aiming to raise as much as they can for Marie Curie Cancer Care, trying to top last year’s £6000. This will involve the Liverpool Half Marathon, the Liverpool Field of Hope charity walk, abseiling down Leasowe Lighthouse, and finally a parachute jump.

Bizarre have a page all about it on their site, where they state,

“If you’re a supporter of Bizarre Creations we’d love for you to help in these endeavours by sponsoring us. Any money you decide to donate goes to help the lives of those affected by cancer and their families in any way possible, so a big thank you to anyone who decides to support us and Marie Curie Cancer Care.”

To give them money, head here and empty your virtual wallets. £6000 seems far too little a target. Go on – surprise them.


  1. Xerxes says:

    To think they also find time to develop games between charity work.

    Good luck to all of them!

  2. Seniath says:

    Hmm, if I’m back home then, which I should be given I have no where to live from June onwards, I may go watch this abseiling thing (home being a stones throw from Leasowe). Or hell, even take part. Enjoyed what little abseiling I did as a child.

  3. Theory says:

    Call me a raging cynic, but for a brief moment I thought they were raising the money to cover development costs.

    Incidentally, isn’t it funny how we need to sponsor people doing silly and pointless things before we give money to charity? Why don’t we simply give? It’d save the cost of setting these stunts up.

    (Also: the glass is half empty.)

  4. John Walker says:

    Hey Theory – go directly to Marie Curie’s site and give!

  5. Ging says:

    I dislike the sponsorship “thing” – it’s one reason I like the idea behind Childs Play, it’s generally just about giving.

  6. Nick says:

    I already donate to Marie Curie, they looked after my grandmother very well in her last days.

  7. Michael says:

    I’m with Theory. I don’t get the concept of somebody running, jumping, skipping and hopping and then me paying them for it, with money going to charity. If I suddenly decide to route a part of my disposable income that way, I don’t need anyone to huff, puff and sweat. If I decide to buy 20 Gb of porn instead, no amount of huffing and puffing will help.

    So what’s the deal?

  8. Bozzley says:

    Better hope you don’t get cancer, then. Or someone you love. Probably best if you donate now, instead of when someone you love really needs their help and you get all whiny for feeling pressured into donating because you feel guilty about not donating now when you had the chance.

  9. Bozzley says:

    Bollocks, I’ve fed a troll. Sorry. I am ill, you know. I’m allowed to get away with stupidity.

  10. Michael says:

    Were you responding to me? If so, you misunderstood me. I never said that charity shouldn’t exist. Some people enjoy giving things to others and that’s cool. I merely think that this particular form of charity makes little sense.

    Those who are charitable will give anyway.
    Those who are not, will not change because of some third party running 10 miles.

  11. Cigol says:

    They are valid points, but is it really necessary to share them? Nobody has a gun to your head.

  12. John Walker says:

    It’s about raising awareness, isn’t it? Because of their antics, you have now had Marie Curie Cancer Care mentioned to you a bunch of times. If you wish to support them, you can now give them money. You can do this via the people who caught your attention with their efforts.

    So yes of course someone will give money to a charity they’d not thought to before because someone ran 10 miles. You may not, but plenty of others will.