Showroom Planets

I don’t know how many of you played Project Entropia (now Entropia Universe), but I remember having a poke about in it a few years ago and being intrigued, but ultimately bored. Twas Second Life with a bit more game, well a bit more space-rat bashing, anyway. It’s still going, of course, and seems to still be making big deals. It’s being upgraded to the CryEngine 2 soon, and is still signing up the crazy corporate projects, like this one being proposed by a Creative Kingdom, Inc “the world’s most celebrated thematic architectural design firm”:

The maiden project for the new complex will be CKI’s collaboration with the Swedish company Mindark, makers of Entropia Universe, an enormously successful Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORG) with a real cash economy that is already positioned to challenge the dominance of market leader World of Warcraft. CKI, the first high-profile architectural firm to be enlisted for such an undertaking, will design an entire planet within Entropia Universe.

So an entire virtual planet as a showroom for architectural and design talent…

Full details here, via Worlds In Motion.


  1. Thiefsie says:

    As an architect this has much appeal and interest for me, but not in a real-world business environment.

    Architecture by nature, is rooted in reality unless you get to the blurry lines of fantasy and set design etc. and that probably means real appreciation for architecture can not be experienced without being actually within a piece of architecture, regardless of it being in a game or not.

    This may be a bit of fun, and a nice area of growth for a short amount of time (imo) but digital architecture has almost exclusively so far been the domain of architects only, for architect’s sake. It crosses all sorts of thresholds of being art or something else, etc. But, without widespread advertisement or recognition, the architecture in gaming would be so niche and narrow that efforts to focus on digital architecture for a business would be most fruitless and potentially wasteful.

    I also take the line that architecture is wholly made more interesting by real-world limitations of structure, scale, light, materiality and of course budget, and without these constraints to work around, would potentially weaken a project to 100% pure aesthetic, which is a failure in my eyes of what architecture should and will be.

    There are of course many colleagues in my field who adversely to my views, are wholly interested in the fantastical manipulation of space beyond the physical realm of it being built and experienced by people, so from that point of view this could be potentially very interesting indeed.

  2. orto says:

    Please don’t advertise this game. It’s gambling in disguise.

  3. Jim Rossignol says:

    I think “advertise” might be stretching it. I’m not recommending anyone put money into this, I just like the idea of design planets.

  4. Arnulf says:

    EU is certainly not enormously successful.

    Also, please read this.

  5. HonestEntropian says:

    Do not even visit their website!!
    Entropia will foster a gambling addiction in you! Before you know it, you’ve spent more than you EVER intended to pay for ANY game and this becomes the reason you will continue to pay and pay and pay, hoping that one day, you will get it back.
    But you won’t.
    12 months down the road, personally, I’ve LOST 10,000 USD!
    The last month has forced me to downgrade, so I am affectively back where I was 9 months ago in terms of gear and equipment, I have no money on my account to take part in any of the main professions, the value of my skills is deteriorating as the in-game economy is taking a beating.

    Stay far, FAR away from Entropia Universe, for your own well being and sanity. Trust me – your money is FAR better spent elsewhere… anywhere else.

    I for one am uninstalling as I type… sure, I’m giving up $10k I “invested” (hahaha investment my a$$) but it’s better to lose this 10k now and learn my lesson, than look back in another 12months and see my deficit rising past 30k (your cost to play increases relative to your skill level…. $10/month noob, $10/hour mid-level).

    I wish I never downloaded this VR casino/scam/ponzi, my life is infinitely worse off because of it.