Would You Like To Have Some Phun?

Emil Ernerfeldt is studying at Umeå University in Sweden. For his masters’ thesis project, he’s developed a 2D physics engine, Phun, that’s part toy, part educational medium. He describes it thusly:


“Phun is an educational, entertaining and somewhat addictive piece of software for designing and exploring 2D multi-physics simulations in a cartoony fashion. It is part of our long term mission to bring visual physics based simulation to the masses. The application is developed for Umevatoriet, Umeås new science center, where it will run on a large interactive display, but you can also download it and run it on your own pc.”

Which you should do by clicking here.

Naturally the first thing I tried to do with it was the big bouncy ball animation that proves so enduringly popular. I think you’ll agree I put the Bravia ad, and the Crytek 2 engine, to shame.





  1. Not-a-bot says:

    I recently downloaded this, I’ll have to try my own ball bouncing ad remake. It is very phun indeed.

  2. Sucram says:

    Oh yes, downloaded this a few days ago and spent 4 hours building an automatic pachinko machine.

  3. Garreett says:

    Oh, this is amazing ^_^ It’s even got water physics. To turn something into water, you right click, go to Geometry settings, then set “Liqidify”

  4. Alex Grose says:


  5. Sucram says:


    Japanese pinball style game/ slot machine.

    I made a contraption that releases balls, has them bounce around a bit on springs and fixed points then after they fall to the bottom they are fired back up so the cycle continues.

    ‘Twas a night well spent I think.

  6. Michael Kernan says:

    Seems a lot like a program called “Interactive Physics”.

  7. Jim says:

    Umeå! That’s where my beloved Meshuggah are from!

    …looks like a cool program, i’ll probably give it a go later.