Get Lost or get lost?

Sigh. Digital Evangeline Lily. Sigh.

Opinion on Lost: TV show is strongly divided at RPS, between, “Hate it” and, “Watched the first couple of series and then forgot about it”. However, the Ubisoft game is imminent, arriving this Friday, and Eurogamer have got hold of a last minute trailer which no-one else appears to have. It’s an veritable electric-internet exclusive, and can be viewed here.

To make things up to GameTrailers, we link to the slightly older trailer beneath the cut.

Thanks, Gametrailers. We’d never desert (island) you.

I still think that Lost should be a Sims-esque game a la Sims Castaway stories, with a horror twist.


  1. Dinger says:

    No, it means “the way of the house”.
    Now, via ad domum would be “the way (to) the house”

    But, of course, if you’re an anglophone stranded on a desert island, without access to silver-age grammatical technology or modern boob-shaders, you’d probably have to make do with via domus.

    …and all the dope in New York couldn’t make me play.

  2. phuzz says:

    Oooo, the player’s character has lost his memory, what a wonderfully original concept!

    (although I am still watching the bloody program, if only as a form of self harm)
    (ps, if you don’t want it Dinger, can I have all the dope in NY?)

  3. simonkaye says:

    Well I’ve always enjoyed Lost. Apart from that dodgy patch in the middle of season 2. The voice-acting in this game seems just a tad half-hearted, though the photo-journalism dynamic could be fun if implemented carefully, a la Bioshock.

  4. Nick R says:

    > Well I’ve always enjoyed Lost. Apart from that dodgy patch in the middle of season 2.

    Why do people hate those episodes so much? The middle of season 2 contains the episode where Locke gets trapped under the door and the map of the island stations is first shown!

    Sadly I’ve only seen a grand total of maybe one-and-a-half episodes since the BBC lost the series.

    So, the game then…

  5. kadayi says:

    Enjoy LOST if nothing more than for the Water cooler talk the next day, however unless the game reviews positively (80+) I doubt I’ll be picking it up. The characters look like ass tbh. Why developers don’t licences the Source engine for the facial tech never ceases to amaze me tbh.

  6. AbyssUK says:

    “Black smoke monster, what art thou ?”

    All i can say is this game better have some bloody answers in it…

  7. Geoff says:

    I think Lost is fantastic actually, though it suffers quite a bit from being watched in regular TV fashion (one episode per week, with many months between seasons). Immensely more enjoyable on DVD, where you can watch multiple episodes in a row, and not wait weeks between minor plot resolutions.

    I think a lot of the reason people maligned the middle of the second season, with many quitting the show entirely, is that the pacing slowed down a bit there. On DVD that’s not so bad, but when you had to wait three weeks for the new episode, and it contained nothing but mild back story about one of your less favored characters, the whole thing started to feel dull.

    All that said, I have zero interest in a game version.

  8. Nimic says:

    I’ve yet to throw myself on the whole hate-Lost bandwagon. I didn’t particularly like season two, but I think the current season has been very good.

    Won’t be buying the game, though.

  9. Wozza says:

    Got mine through the post today, been playing it since around 10ish and just got of it.

    All I can say if you love the TV show LOST you will love the game, the attention to detail is amazing and they have researched every detail ABC gave them, you can also see that there must of been alot of LOST fans in the dev team.

    For a LOST fan its a 9/10 for someone who knows nothing of LOST it’s a 4/10, they simply won’t get what the hell is going on and it’s not a solid enough adventure game for them to enjoy it for what it is, you need to of seen certain episodes for things to click in place, like taking photos of objects “Turning of the Screw” book for example, and you need to know what objects people like for the trade mechanic to work properly, who do I sell these books to etc?”Sawyer obviously” this also made me abit annoyed, like why would Charlie be trying to sell you a shooter, he only used a gun in Season 1 when he shot Ethan, Sawyer should have all the guns, but that’s just me being abit LOST mad.

    UBI also say it’s a puzzle game, but the only puzzle I have encountered is a fusebox minigame about 10 times, “place fuse here to move current across board to turn on power etc”.

    Having said that, these little things don’t matter when everything else works so well, like arriving at the hatch for the first time, and being asked to enter the numbers, that just made me giggle with glee, I didn’t even need to ask what the numbers where, I was happy to walk up to the old 8bit, and hit “EXECUTE” hahaha I loved that bit, that’s the moment I thought you know what UBI have done a superb job here, some of the voice acting is shit as only half the actors are voiced from those of the show, the charachter models are amazing and add to the feel, but the hair looks strange on Hurley and Desmond.

    But it’s the little touchs that elevate this game above most TV/Film tie-ins, like taking a photo of the blood in the hatch, or finding a wheelchair in the middle of the jungle, and Locke is as preachy as ever, LOST fans will get every reference thrown at you, and you will love it.

    So to the story, well as stories go for LOST, atleast you get more answers than questions, although I think I have figured out the twist before it happens, which will piss me off if so. But it runs just like any episode, you will get flashbacks which are a minigame, which has you focusing and framing the shot correctly to see the full flashback and learn more about your past, this can be tricky to begin with but easy after a while.

    The game is setup like episodes also, so like after a 30 min to an hours play, the episode will end, normally on a dramatic cliffhanger, then you will get the “Previously on Lost” then some flashbacks of gameplay you just ran through and snippets of cutscenes then the LOST logo coming towards you, this feature is great and it’s just like the show, it’s great if you put it down a week then comeback to it, and you are treated to this nice little intro, I only put it down about an hour ago, anyway I think more games should make use of this feature.

    Wow what a ramble, sorry about that and for my poor english, I bet you can’t guess what’s my fav TV show is can you.LOOOOOL.

  10. Jens Arnesen says:

    I fail to see how a wheelchair in the jungle is an elevating point. I’m sure die-hard LOST fans will love it, they will love anything with LOST in it*, but I seriously doubt it’s even remotely interesting to anyone else.

    *based on previous encounters with diehard fans.

  11. Wozza says:

    This game is for LOST fans, and LOST fans only, not getting the wheelchair reference is one of them. “Don’t tell me what I can’t do” but theres millions of LOST fans so the game will sell well.

    As a pure adventure game on it’s own merits, nah you won’t like it, not enough todo or variety, strictly fans only.

  12. Geoff says:

    @Wozza – that’s … 23 42, not 24 42. = P

    I dunno, I’m definitely a fan, I just have a hard time seeing myself enjoy the game. It’s either re-treading all the same plot I already know, or making up new stuff that differs from the show. The former would seem boring, and the latter weird. Maybe I’m wrong, I just have trouble seeing the appeal.

  13. Wozza says:

    Yes that was a typo Geoff, they don’t tread to much on the same plot, infact within 30 minutes your already in the hatch so that’s season 1 gone already. I played about 6 hours so far, fair enough I wondered around alot and have only seen Ben and Juliet once, which is early on.

    Im over defending this game, I better stop.

  14. Kieron Gillen says:

    Wozza: To be fair, you *are* the only one in the thread who’s played it.

    Well, bar me. And I’m reviewing it, so can’t really talk about it properly yet. I’ll agree that how much passing detail it gets from the series is impressive.


  15. Kieron Gillen says:

    Update: It’s also very short.


  16. Brent says:

    Gametrailers <3s RPS too!

  17. Richard says:

    I heart Lost. Must phone Ubi about review code…

    The game is setup like episodes also, so like after a 30 min to an hours play, the episode will end, normally on a dramatic cliffhanger, then you will get the “Previously on Lost” then some flashbacks of gameplay you just ran through and snippets of cutscenes then the LOST logo coming towards you, this feature is great and it’s just like the show

    Heh. The Alone in the Dark team must be seething.

  18. Wozza says:

    Haah, I just finished it, far to short I only got it this morning, still was fun while it lasted, but it has no replay value, I would like to change my score from 9/10 to 7/10 for LOST fans, it’s far to short and I was also right about the twist, I figured that out within the hour.

    PS. It’s short.

  19. Chris R says:

    That’s what she said! Bwahahaha.

    Sorry… *hangs head in shame*