Latest Foot-To-Ball News

It’s seems that the popular provincial sport of foot-to-ball is to made into a videogame in 2008. The game, which is mysteriously entitled “UEFA EURO 2008”, is set to be released to coincide with a highly significant foot-to-ball championship later this year:

GameTrailers, you are never “off side”.


  1. Sharkwald says:

    Question though, will England be included as a playable side?

  2. Kelduum says:

    More important question – why have I not heard more of this ‘foot-to-ball’ sport before? It must be very niche, or maybe its new?

  3. Del Boy says:

    Sharkwald: I was going to ask that. They’ll include the qualifying I presume so we can all rectify McClaren’s ‘effort’.

  4. Cigol says:

    Do we not have a sports aficionado amongst our RPS elect?

    On the subject of the game itself; could it be any more on the rails? Here’s hoping Konami step up a gear for the next PES.