Biomodd Video

Angelo Vermeulen drops a line to tell us that there’s a YouTube video of Biomodd, his project in which he attempts to “fuse installation art, ecology and game culture into a symbiotic mod.” We posted about it a while back, but a few people have written about it with more eloquence since then. Athens News explains the project thusly: “BIOMODD IS AN interactive art piece, as people must play a video game to keep the plants inside of the case growing. The game is a modified version of Armagetron, an open-source game for Linux that is based on the 1982 movie “Tron.” Most of the materials in Biomodd are recycled, coming from university surplus or thrift stores.”


  1. Sucram says:

    Armagetron is also available for Windows, and OSX, and BSD.. and is fab.

  2. Yhancik says:

    I was at one of his lectures a bit more than a month ago, in Brussels. Fascinating guy, and in a way very humble compared to many artists. When he mentioned that Biomodd has been blogged around, there was a screenshot of WMMNA & our dear RPS ;)

    If I understood well, the Armagetron Mod was just a kind of first step. For now, the heat generated by the server (used for Armagetron) feeds the ecosystem, period. But he’d love to have a game that interacts with that ecosystem, in a way or another. Which is not that easy because.. well plants are growing slowwwly. Games tends to be a bit faster ;)
    But I’m sure he’ll find something :p

  3. Zeno, Internetographer says:

    Gonna have to give this a humongous “so what?”

    I mean, it looks cool as hell, but there’s really not much beyond that.

  4. internisus says:

    The concept has potential inasmuch as playing videogames often yields rewards that provide incentive to continue playing, and it would be interesting for those rewards to be transformed into the real-life sustenance of a miniature ecological system. The statement would be one of productivity, I think. It would take on another interesting layer if the health of the greenhouse actually affected the performance of the computer somehow.

    However, the actual game used is completely uninteresting and unconnected to the rest of the project, so this is a pretty dumb piece of art as well as a lost opportunity. The guy seems to have created this thing that has characteristics he wanted, but neither he nor his captivated audience, judging from the Athens News write-up, have bothered to put much thought into it.

  5. phuzz says:

    Running the other end of the watercooling loop through a fish tank to keep the fishies warm and the coolent cold was a nice touch I thought.