Best Of Indie Games

What an ugly logo have finished their epic trawl through indie output in 2007, highlighting the greatest achievements of the sector with a series of game lists. There’s best freeware shooters, best freeware remakes, best miscellaneous freeware games, best freeware RPGs and Roguelikes, best freeware platformers, best freeware adventures, best freeware arcade games, and – to award the fastest keyboard in the west, the best Cactus games of 2007.



  1. Meat Circus says:

    “Bioshock 2 art?” has become an unpost. There never was a post called “Bioshock 2 Art?”.

    It’s exciting how popular Indiegaming has become on PC. If this is ‘disarray’, then bring it on. People who want ‘array’ can continue to suck at Cliff B’s teat.

  2. Phil says:

    Obligatory pointless controversy: The somewhat broken ‘Trilby: the Art of theft’ ranked above the mighty Deathworm? For shame indie games, FOR SHAME

  3. Babs says:

    I get the feeling they aren’t in order of ‘goodness’, but for what it’s worth I’d rank Trilby above Death Worm. I was hooked on that game…

  4. Kieron Gillen says:

    Babs- I don’t think you understand.



  5. James says:

    @Meat Circus: The so-called ‘Bioshock 2 Art?’ was apparently a trap to lure the unsuspecting towards the indie games smorgasbord! It’s a conspiracy, I tell you.

    In other news, thanks for the smorgasbord, RPS! Om nom nom nom.

  6. michael says:

    Hoo? Wheres the “Bioshock 2 Art”-Post?

    But to the Best Of Indie Games: Nice Lists thank you!

  7. Theory says:

    If those were Bioshock 2 concepts pieces, Irrational have been taking a leaf or two from Valve’s early designs for Half-Life 2. “Which is awesome!”. :)

  8. cliffski says:

    wow. has anyone told these people that indie games != freeware?

  9. matt says:

    I concur with Kieron : DEATHWORM for God’s sake !!!

  10. tim says:

    thanks jim!

    cliffski: link to

  11. Jim Rossignol says:

    The Bioshock 2 art pieces weren’t.

  12. Zeno, Internetographer says:


  13. Stromko says:

    That’s an interesting point(indy !=free), but I kinda disagree. A lot of “indy games” are asking for our money and are therefore not freeware, but who says what is indy? If we’re going by the gaming media, there’s many definitions.

    One definition seems to be that it’s any game that doesn’t have a publisher or funding. Another definition is that it’s just ‘different’, either a retro throwback or .. well, they can be so different I can’t even describe how different they may be. All of those things can demand our money.

    Another definition is that they’re made by people who’re just crazed about gaming and want to make a game they want to play. Some would say that once they start asking for cash, they’re giving in to the ‘mainstream’ and are making the game for somebody else, the customer.

    It’s complicated though. Could success with a freeware game help them bust into the industry? Could it be repackaged later as a commercial product? Would it be possible to cynically put out a game they don’t respect in order to please the masses, and so they might’ve well been doing it for cash?

    The whole idea of “indy games” is wrapped up in technicalities and “style”, and I think the term is rapidly losing all meaning if it hasn’t already. But that site is helping to spotlight a lot of games that I know are great and I’m happy I didn’t miss out on, and if they have to use the indy moniker to help share them with the world, so be it.

    Freeware is probably more valuable to some people than whatever “indy” means, too. But if they called it the freeware awards you’d probably assume it’s going to be a lot of crap that’s free for a reason maybe a few gems. IMO that list is about 50/50 (brilliance/pointlesscrap), but whatever.

  14. cliffski says:

    Hmmm. I’m 100% indie, but not free, and I’d day introversion are in the same position. I wouldn’t say that being in stores or working with publishers loses you indieness either. Any team of devs undr 10 has to be considered indie I reckon, no matter who publishes them.
    I just worry that in peoples minds, people will assume indie games are freeware :( If so, I need to get a job in dixons…

  15. beeber says:

    Only in gaming would people think Indie meant free.

    Hell, in PC Gaming tonnes of people see AAA title and think free.

  16. James G says:

    On the Audiosurf message board I noticed one eijit who was insisting that it should be released for free, and that it was completely unfair and greedy that they were charging for it. The sense of entitlement was staggering.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good piece of freeware, and appreciate it when a developer churns something out in there own free time asking for nothing in return. Indeed, when I was younger, and had little access to money or a credit/debit card I’d probably eschew any title from an indie developer that asked for money, and would turn my nose up should the sequal to a favourite piece of freeware go shareware. However this was only an act of disappointment, and a reluctance to tread into the unknown.

    Yet now I’m pleased to see that more and more indie games developers are not only feeling confident about charging, but seem to be garnering significant audiences. Audiosurf for example hit the steam most sold list, found lots of space in the gaming press and even managed to make the rare escape into the mainstream media. This has been matched by increases in quality in indie games, and although they may not quite match the scope of some commercial titles, they are still polished, and often innovative. The ‘bedroom coder’ is making a resurgence, and I’ll quite happily support hir.

  17. Jim Rossignol says:

    And I noticed plenty of people are torrenting Audiosurf too. Le Sigh.

  18. Kieron Gillen says:

    James: I was following that thread on the A-surf forum too. Just incredible.