Warriors Orochi

Koei send word that their heroic samurai brawling game Warriors Orochi will turn up on PC on the 28th of March in the UK. In a meeting of franchises, it’s a mix of Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors, with some supernatural battlin’ to be done. It’s not the best of Warriors games, certainly, but it still captures the charming field-of-battle dynamic that makes these games so interesting. Anyone else get a kick out of the Warriors games? If so, are they playable on PC?


  1. fluffy bunny says:

    I guess I’d like to try this. The Warriors-series is one of those things the otaku nerds are always going on about, so it’d be interesting to see what all the noise is about.

    Also, if it sells, maybe Koei will consider English-language releases of some of their other PC-games, like the latest Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Which would be cool.

  2. Lou says:

    Now that’s rather unexpected. I liked the little of DW I played on the PS2 (a couple of demos, if I remember correctly), but the technical limitations were a bit too obvious on that platform.

    Seeing how, as fluffy bunny says, Koei are also a PC developer, do we not need to expect a terrible port?

  3. fluffy bunny says:

    Also, from the press release:

    “Bringing our unique brand of tactical action to PC is also a very significant move for us as we look ahead to achieving much more on this platform. Warriors Orochi is just the first step as we look towards a number of new releases on PC in the coming months.”

    Interesting. :)

  4. drunkymonkey says:

    DW3 was the one I had, and I played it for months.

    I’ve played Bladestorm a few times, and seeing the Japanese depiction of the Hundred Years War is AWESOME.

  5. Lou says:

    With the home console market in Japan dying (except for the Wii), the Japanese developers are here to save PC gaming. \o/

  6. Clicky says:

    I liked the very rare PC version of Dynasty Warriors 4 Hyper very much, played that for ages. Also good for same-keyboard multiplayer, which is very rare these days.

  7. Phil says:

    “It’s Lu Bu!” – possible my favourite cue to run away and hide behind a blockly horse.

    If the standard fighters in the series could take on armies single handed, the monsterous Bu could happily murder mountains and decimate seas.

  8. darkripper says:

    I’m kinda embarassed by my love for the Dynasty Warrior series. It’s pure crap, the bastard child of side-scroller beat em ups.
    BUT, it’s the whole concept of running on the battlefield, feeling like a cog in the great machine of warfare that it’s fascinating. We often are generals or lonewolves that save the day; we almost never are one of many. And that’s the reason Call of Duty or Dynasty Warriors are succesful titles.

    This Orochi Warriors however it’s pure cash-in, not worth of the attention of this fine blog :)

  9. RobotLiberationArmy says:

    I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played of the DW series in terms of sheer kill-legions-of-people-ness. Perhaps not the most intellectually accomplished series, but fun.

  10. The Fanciest Of Pants says:

    I’ve be re-playing the crap out of samurai warriors 2 lately with a mate. Really another title for this series should be “Everyone except the character I’m currently playing sucks”. Still, destroying armies single-handedly has it’s charm and the persistant levelling-up and new weapon grabbing is pretty addictive.

    Definately grabbing this, no more 10-yard pop up :D

  11. malkav11 says:

    The thing is, in Dynasty Warriors, you really are the lone wolf that saves the day. Sure, you’re doing it on behalf of an army, but damned if they can actually accomplish much without you.

    And I don’t know if I’d actually expect less pop-up. I just played DW6 on PS3, and while that system isn’t as powerful as a high end PC, it’s a lot more powerful than the PS2 ever was. Their use of that power? They made everything a lot prettier. Meanwhile, entire armies can pop into existence right next to you.