Men of Nearly War

By way of a quick follow-up to our Men of War chat last week, it’s worth noting a new beta of the multiplayer mode has just kicked off. That’s right – free tanks for all. Temporarily.

It’s open to theoretically anyone, but you need to register on the forum and leave a quick message in this thread, containing these details about you, your PC and stuff:

PC configuration (CPU, RAM, video card, internet connection speed)
Your country and timezone
available play time (for example, from 18-00 till 22-00 gmt+1)
your experience in Soldiers: Heroes of World War II or Faces of War
what you want to test (your personal preferences)
which would win, an ostrich or an infant bear

Do that, and you’ll be sent a CD-key in due course. Go to it, men. Of war.


  1. milko says:

    infant bear, please.

  2. phuzz says:

    Ostrich! Eff. Tee. Double-you.

    It’s all about the big kicky legs.

  3. Heliocentric says:

    I… I’ve been burned by betas before, :'(

    any eta on a real demo?

  4. Willem says:

    Ostrich, obviously. One kick and the bear is dead.

  5. Elyscape says:

    I think that the platypus would win.

  6. Noc says:

    The platypus was disqualified. A harassment suit by one of the maids at it’s hotel . . . apparently, it’s a huge prick.

  7. milko says:

    Oh. Oh! I thought I could win an infant bear. This is much less exciting. Someone give me an infant bear.