PCG: Lineage 2: The Chaotic Throne

I still find female dwarves being 14 and male ones being about eighty to be somewhat sinister.

Since Lineage 2: The Chaotic Throne had a recent update with its 1st Throne: The Kamael semi-expansion, PCG sent me in there to see what it was like. And I told them. And they put my tellings on a page. And now they put the same tellings on an internets page. Which I now tell you about. In it, I say things like this:

Other additions include occasional instanced dungeons and an auction system for the really rare items, instead of just relying on player-run shops. It’s all trying to move Lineage into the post-World of Warcraft world. Which is all well and good, but it does nothing to alter the fact that at its heart, this is a pure, grind-based Korean-model MMO of stupefying tedium.

And generally only get more pissed off from there on in.


  1. weegosan says:

    its a horrible, horrible game. i played beta and thought it was great, but of course the starting levels are stacked with content that then vannishes as soon as you get anywhere.

    they also paid no attention to the economy or the impacts that their complete failure to address gold selling/buying have.

    overall if i could review it my review would be:


  2. Piratepete says:

    take the most tedious bits of wow and make a game of them, thats really gonna work.

  3. Meat Circus says:

    OH MAN.

    I loves me some colons. And this game has got them by the bucketful.

  4. TreeFrog says:

    I’d love to read an interview with some of the mediumcore subscribers. What keeps them going as they churn their way through goblins No. 1478 to 1594? Are they perhaps enriching their lives with Great Literature while a trained rabbit jumps up and down on the F1 and F2 keys of their keyboard? Or is it just the lure of the high-end game?

  5. Acosta says:

    Yeah, Lineage 2 has some nice things (art it´s nice, some nice localizations, an interesting variety of classes, castles sieges…), but between the beginning and the end there is a looooooong way that never ends and it´s completely boring. Definitely not a good idea, WoW it’s already on the edge of what is tolerable for grind feasts and Lineage goes way beyond that.

  6. Flubb says:

    I lost just over a year of my life to L2. The crunch came one day when I finally realised that I was paying a company to crunch the visual equivalent of an excel spreadsheet. *Paying* to do this. Literally overnight it lost its appeal.

    @ TreeFrog:
    What kept it going was the socialising while you were grinding. It’s a bit like IRC with grinding. I used to two-box and watch movies on the 3rd screen while it was going on. It took me a good year of neglecting pretty much the rest of my life to achieve a range of 40-60 level chars. The dwarfs bounty hunters were the only fun part of the process because you never knew what you might sweep. Apart from that it was a painful grind.

  7. J. Prevost says:

    I played Lineage 2 for a bit during the open beta period and beyond after fleeing the soul-killer that was Star Wars Galaxies. At the time, it was kind of nice to play a game that was so very old-school in its sensibilities. But against that massive grind, it was difficult to motivate continuing to play for very long.

    Happy that WoW’s out there to feed my mumorpuger habit without being quite a useless waste of bits. (Although I still play way too much.)

  8. James T says:

    OH MAN.

    I loves me some colons.

    Well, that explains your screen-name.

  9. Nuyan says:

    I must say that players being able to control castles and fortress and fighting for them – does – interest me. I wonder how good that part of the game actually is. I think there are also a lot of emulators that work with a 1000% exp-gain (or something like that) to help you get to the ‘fun’ parts quicker, but that probably isn’t 100% legal.

    But I’m not going to touch this game though.

  10. Stromko says:

    Lineage 2 is particularly sad when I think of all the MMOs from Korea that broke the mold, and then faded into obscurity.

    Blitz 1941 was a fun tank game with one of the flattest power-curves I’ve ever seen in a level-based MMO. Navy Field is another genre-buster, but its development has gone nowhere and over time I completely lost interest.

    It’s not like Korean developers never try new things, I’d have to say that taken as a whole they’re just as experimental if not moreso, but market forces say otherwise. Grindathons, probably made for 1/10th the cost, rule the day.

    Weirdly enough I think the gameplay is the reason. The basic MMO formula is so … nothing, that it doesn’t get old in the same way an actual game does. An actual game where your skill matters, you’ll hit a plateau and things slow down, diminished returns because you can’t improve as fast as when you were first acclimating. A grind-game though, you always have a carrot on a stick to chase.

    Personally I’m sick of it, but MMOs that rock the boat die while refined versions of the same ol shit thrive. I can’t think of a solution, I don’t know how you can expect to make someone pay for a game by the month without sticking them on a treadmill. User-created content, maybe, and I suppose part of the industry is moving in that direction.

  11. Mugi says:

    Seriously Lineage 2 is one of the better MMO’s out there, it may be a gridn feast but it’s actually one of the VERY few sandbox MMO’s there is out there.

    Take WOW example, there is absolutly no real player control over that game at all, an player have no impact on a server what so ever, In L2’s case you can make a big impact in fact you can take it so long that you controll servers, and yes this have happened many times over.

    L2 is all about PVP and politics, grind is part of the game yes but not what it’s about, if you never get into the PVP and politics in L2, You have NOT experienced the game.

    As for the review above, it was a joke, he have not experienced L2, not a word about the PVP not a word about politics.

    It’s true L2 is not the most frendly MMO to play, but it offers more then mayority of the games on the market, including WOW. Now if L2 was run by a better company then L2 then it for sure would have had even more potentials.

  12. cheeba says:

    Honestly, who cares if there’s an incredible game buried in the later stages, if those later stages take an age of grinding to get to. Very few people have the time to invest in such a fundamentally flawed design, nor would most even want to.

    I thought the review was more than fair to this cynically-designed garbage.

  13. Sashi says:

    I don’t really care about the high level play. Constantly refreshing RPS takes up a lot of my day and I only have a few hours a week to devote to gaming. How many months, how many YEARS will I have to spend on mindless grinding to get to the “real game” that you’re speaking so highly of?

    How about I buy LII, spend a year sorting recycling for the town dump and then I get inserted into the game at level 60? At least then I wouldn’t have wasted all that time.

  14. malkav11 says:

    Coincidentally, there is another game that’s all about PvP and politics, yet has essentially no grind. It’s called EVE Online. You may have heard of it, as at least one member of the RPS team is hard-pressed to shut up about it. ;)

  15. Mugi says:

    malkav11 no offence, I do play EVE as well but EVE is ALL ABOUT GRIND.

    Seriosuly do you know what grind is?, If not I recomend you to start and read up link to en.wikipedia.org and you maybe will learn a few things.

    Eve is not grind for XP but money. In eve your a nobody without money. Grinding you can do by doing quest or just plane simple doing market, THIS is a grind to. Grind is NOT just hunt for XP to level a character for those who seriously belive that.

    Even for WOW, grind does not stop at lv 70, here you grind for gear, you grind for rep and so fort, in fact WOW there is absolutly NOTHING else to do then grind. In eve/l2 there is other things to do then grind :P

  16. Pauwlas says:

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