The Witcher – Irony Edition

A video discussing the new features and improvements in the enhanced version of The Witcher has appeared. Except, well, rather unfortunately the sound and syncing means it has an awful lot in common with the original game. If you can cope with the muddle of trying to read subtitles with the sound in all the wrong places, there’s information to be gleaned. (Working version below the cut).

As soon as a fixed version appears, we’ll edit this post accordingly. Unless Kieron’s theory is correct, and the Witcher guys genuinely communicate like this. It would explain an awful lot about the previously released English version. Very well, I’ll just tend to my business. What do you want?

EDIT: Here’s the working version.


  1. Feet says:


  2. Stromko says:

    What the hell? (!!?!)

    I notice it’s 102% buffered, perhaps the extra 2% has opened a rip in space time where film school graduates terrorize mankind with overwrought effects and transitions.

    Given the visual effects, I’d have to guess the desync’d audio is actually deliberate. It’s making a STATEMENT.

  3. Schadenfreude says:

    link to

    There it is with proper syncing. Linked to by me in the last Witcher topic on Feb 18th by the way. Come on John; pay attention :D

    EDIT: And here it is on YouTube -> link to

  4. squerl says:

    I think my brain is bleeding a little bit from watching that :(

    Really wish I would have watched the version that Schadenfreude posted.

    Anyway, The Witcher was amazing and I’m looking forward to new content and the possibility of decent mods, although I think releasing the editor at launch would have been a much better idea to get people interested in them. Better late than never.

    What I’m really hoping for is a full-blown expansion with 20-30+ hours of gameplay.

  5. Seniath says:

    The editor was having a lot of fun, lots of needless fades, colourings and camera effects. Just added to the surreal nature I guess. But yes, much brain melting to be had.

  6. John Walker says:

    Dammit Stromko, I meant to make that gag in the post, but then forgot!

  7. John P (Katsumoto) says:

    Interesting that the Story Designer is a woman, considering all the hoo-har about the easy ladies. INTERESTING.

  8. Ryan Fox says:

    Gah, all of those effects were so distracting!

  9. Nick says:

    She is clearly a mysoginist.


  10. James T says:

    Aw, what? Schadenfreude posted this in the old Witcher thread! Keep up, RPS!

    …Oo, but there’s that dishy Brand Manager again. I wish I had such chiseled features! *fusses in mirror*

  11. Ohle says:

    I hope to one day be in one of these videos. I feel left out.

  12. dhex says:

    Interesting that the Story Designer is a woman, considering all the hoo-har about the easy ladies.

    women are immune from making poor choices?

    you sound like my wife.

  13. Sarin says:

    Definately looking forward to the release. Maj can’t can soon enough…

    Umm…When is Maj?

  14. John P (Katsumoto) says:

    No, dhex, I meant that all women are rampant feminists! That’s a scientific fact.

  15. James T says:

    Now, I’m not fluent in Polish, but I’m led to believe it means ‘November’.

  16. Fat Zombie says:

    I found it strange that PC Gamer ripped the Witcher to shreds of averageness after spending months talking about how it was going to be a revolutionary RPG. I guess I should stop reading previews.

    Still, sounds neat.

  17. Ravenger says:

    I loved The Witcher, despite its odd translations and dodgy voice acting.

    The user interface was a bit confusing at first, and the inventory management was tricky, but the gameplay, graphics, story and music were excellent.

  18. gh says:

    biuhahahah Made in Poiland :D

  19. menelao says:

    Yeah, like vodka and hot women. Great stuff and the haters can go and f… themselves

  20. James T says:

    Poiland… that’s Hawai’i, right?

    Fat Zombie: I think it’s the reviews you should stop reading, going by that example.

  21. Schadenfreude says:

    This is the bit I keep homing in on, as uttered by Story Designer Lady…

    In addition to this module, there will be two more, one about 5 hours long created at our studio, and one made for us by a group of modders in Canada.

    Who does CD Projekt know quite well in Canada? Bioware, that’s who.

  22. kadayi says:

    This was out there when the original announcement was made. I’m not too sure why they let the film school year out get behind the camera though…

  23. Gylfi.Fenriz. says:

    How Whimsical are you, Mr. Walker ? Syncing, subtitles, sound… how bout having that staff talk about the game in front of you while you’re sipping your cuppa, next time ?