Frontlines Reconnaissance

I suddenly realise that Frontlines: Fuel of War is a PC game which has been a tad overlooked by the good ship RPS. It’s out already, but a variety of extrapolatory videos have worked their way onto ours and, I dare say, unless you’re some kind of monstrous human being your favourite games video site, GameTrailers. Let’s have a little link-frenzy, if only to give a chance for people to share their experiences with it. First up is the battle choices trailer…

More videos beneath the cut.

This is the drone warfare trailer.

This is the intro for the game:

This is the developers tips for the Oil Field map. Where I’ve been shop somewhat a lot.

And this is for Street, where I’ve done somewhat better. But not much better, as I’m rubbish.

Has anyone been playing it? What do you make of it? What do you think of the drones? Is Race for the Prize an awesome record? TELL US.


  1. Marcin says:

    I tried it on the 360 and felt that the drones were overpowered there since you couldn’t aim well enough with an actual gun to swat them out of the sky. Waiting on the PC demo, which I think comes out on the 11th. I think drone users will have to be far more crafty in their usage, which seems more appropriate. We’ll see; I definitely thought the separation of class and support stuff was a nifty concept. Possibly spiffy.

  2. spoodie says:

    I have the 360 final game and played the PC beta. Much the same as the Battlefield series but with no permanent ranks and unlocks. The aim assist on the 360 doesn’t appear to be as good as Halo’s so I’m having a lot of trouble hitting anything when not using explosive rounds.

    The drones are very powerful, I got a killing spree with a mortar drone I could barely steer within the first 30 mins of play.

  3. Margin Walker says:

    I participated in both the closed and open beta of this game for PC, and the infantry and vehicular combat is really fun. That being said, I have not purchased the released game as I am waiting for them to address a couple of issues that are deal breakers for me in this post-Battlefield 2 world – namely the squad system, and VOIP.

    I really liked the separation of kit and role so that you could mix and match to suit the situation better. Everyone takes the drone tech role a lot at first because it is cool to maneuver those things around and blow people up with them. However, once they’ve played a bit, players tend to drift to other roles, and produce a more balanced team. At this time, that teamwork is hampered by the not very useful squad system and the lack of VOIP.

  4. Bidermaier says:

    I have bought the game, it is £19 or less in some online retailers. The single player campaign is surprisingly very good. With a lot of variety, decent history, good AI, etc.

    The multiplayer needs some work, sometimes it becomes a grenade launcher fest and that is anoying. The drones are a lot of fun.

    I really hope this game takes off.

  5. Scandalon says:

    I’m either amused or impressed with the first trailer, seeing as it shows player repeatedly getting their vehicle stuck on a wall…truth in advertising?

    So, right then…not sure this is sufficiently different from BF series, the aiming seemed a bit “off” and I saw a stream of mugs walk into his fire and die after 3 or so hits like a standard single-player fps…was he a super character or something?

    And…no demo? Then they won’t get a second look from me…

  6. I bought it says:

    I bought this game and it has many game breaking bugs. KAOS says they are addressing them but from the forums these are all old beta bugs that were never addressed.

    Has lots of potential but was a horrid PC beta release at best with lots and lots of patching that needs to be done. Just check the KAOS forums.

    Hope it all gets worked out but in my experience these types of releases that ignored the beta feedback never get ironed out properly.

    I believe there is no demo because it would cause negative sales at this point.

    link to

  7. Wozza says:

    I have the 360 version of this game, I tried the demo and was not that impressed, but because I loved the Desert Strike mod on BF1942 I thought I would give them my cash.

    I have not touched the single player game, although the back history and buildup of why everything has turned into a resource war is very nice, the intro is also catching which reminded me alot of the Fallout intro’s.

    Multiplayer is where this game is at and I’ve played it solid for about a week, mainly on the map “Oilfield” as this is the only map that seems to be on the offical servers, im not sure if there is even a map rotation system I have only play 3 maybe 4 maps in a week, im not sure how many it shipped with.
    I can see what KAOS are trying to do here but im not sure the 360 HALO crowd are ready for a proper squad shooter, I think the first hour with the game is horrendous and will put alot of, like the vehicle controls are just awful, like you use right stick for turret and left stick to accelerate and turn, then when you switch sides it becomes different, like right stick is turn and left stick is move, then when you reverse you have to use left stick in reverse and right stick to use turret which effects your view and driving ability, sound complicated yes? you should fucking play it, the vehicle controls are shocking, also the jeep type vehicles are to fast so you always end up with some plep driving around running you over, anyway enough of that.

    Now to the good bits, the map design, well the maps I played are excellent, really really good solid teamplay maps, they have chokepoints, hideouts, and are really well designed for defenders, which I love to do, all I do is defend areas I never attack, however it suffers from a lack of spawn points so you can often spawn in the heat of a fire fight, and by the time your internet connection has caught up your already dead, and yes this game suffers from that nasty cancer, the “spawnkiller” this is a big problem within the game, if you have someone who has unlocked lvl 3 sentry guns, then can put down an autominigun, that just rips through you and everyone else who spawns after you in the same spot, this game also suffers from alot Snipers, the maps are so big one sniper can get about 20 kills without being seen, but when you have about 4 Snipers it makes running around pointless.

    The weapons are good, and they all have a decent range of fire considering the size of the maps, but you have to pick carefully to what style you play, I always pack the MAG 021 which is the light machine gun and designed for prone fire, this beast just rips out rounds, KAOS have also done away with spamming reloads, fire 10 rounds reload fire 5 rounds reload etc, if you do this you will lose the entire clip so Kudos to KAOS for this, because ammunition managment is a first for me, this adds that slight moment of dreed when you come to a one on one situation hoping you have enough rounds left in the clip.

    I love this game, the bombing tech is just sweet, cluster bombs are the fucking shit, once this game fixs it’s many problems, like servers just restarting for no reason, I think good Clans will start to appear, it’s really setup for good working teamplay, but like others have said the squad system is awkward, and after you have played COD4 with all the unlocking theres not much Frontlines can offer on the reward side, it will also suffer from those hardcore bastards that play it 24/7, who dominate and give abuse to noobs who lay an EMP field infront of an allies tank. LOL I do it just for a laugh.

    Still this game needs some tweaking,fixing whatever, but it has potential for sure, those are my experiences so far, ohh and the ragdolls LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, blowing a guy 100 feet up in the air, priceless.

  8. KaiserPanda says:

    I think this game would be much better without those rediculous drones. How does a little 100lb toy robot tote a weapon that would throw over the Govenator with force in reality? How does a toy RC car pack enough explosives to destroy a tank? I can take some unbelivable stuff in a mainstream shooter, but not when they’re a bad gameplay element.
    Now, back to playing tonight’s game of “drink more vodka”.

  9. Ghiest says:

    I beta tested it on the pc, to be frank and honest it does not stand up to either the latest crop of FPS (being UT3/Crysis/Cod4/Tf2) by a long shot, very buggy, very boring and very bland in my opinion.

  10. Chaz says:

    Well I got it for my 360 to try and bring it some 32 player BF2 style action (16 players being the usual limit on XBL), but I’ve been unable to join any of the ranked servers since it’s release. Haven’t tried it for a few days though so will give it another bash this weekend. From what I’ve read though it sounds like the MP could do with a fair bit of tweaking.

    Fortunately the single player game, against all my expectations is actually quite good fun, so it’s not been a total loss.

    If it wasn’t on the 360 I wouldn’t bother with this on the PC though, as I think the Battle Field games and Quake Wars are better.

  11. restricted3 says:

    Because of the stupidity of using SecuROM, needs a 70 MB patch just so you can play it.

    I’m not touching it with a 10 ft pole.

    (¿Secu?ROM. It was cracked on the first day. Again)

  12. Stromko says:

    I rented it for the console as well. The offline campaign was good, I appreciate that they didn’t skimp on delivering a playable game when I’m not feeling social. Lasted only seven hours, but I will most probably play it again, today. I’m a bit of a contrarion as right now I wouldn’t purchase a game like this purely for the online, so my recommendation comes purely from SP.

    It’s not really Battlefield(as in BF1942)-style in offline mode, though you can ‘redeploy’ when you die at the nearest spawnpoint and choose different equipment. Vehicles will also respawn just about whenever you turn your back. Enemies, too, will replenish in areas they control but I never noticed them ‘pop’ and spoil the immersion. If you like taking your time and slowly liquidating enemies, you won’t like this, but I felt it was a good tradeoff to keep the action hot. Re-spawned enemies didn’t seem as well dug-in and positioned so it still mattered. Your NPC allies are beyond useless, they will never kill anything and may occasionally block your shots.

    Vehicles are somewhat spottily implemented. Jeeps are horrible and I ditched them at the earliest convenience, the crosshairs for some bizarre reason will move up or down whenever the jeep is moving, and the jeep will always turn to go in the same direction that you are aiming. APCs and tanks are a little tricky to get used to, but once acclimated the controls will let you do anything you want to do with them. There’s never a shortage of enemies with anti-tank weapons, but there’s always a nearby repair site.

    Seemed like nearer to the end I had less and less relative health, though the ‘regeneration’ system was better implemented than Crysis. I was never one-shot killed by anything in Frontlines(in Normal difficulty at least), which seems a lot more fair in an open battlefield where you can get shot from any direction.

    I still feel it had much greater consistency between beginning and end, challenge-wise, than many action games lately, and I appreciate that. I feel there were WAY too many cheap deaths in Crysis, but Frontlines also has constantly replenishing enemies so you also can’t slowly pick foes off to proceed. I felt it struck a good balance between being fair, and rewarding daring.

    I personally don’t feel a need to get the PC version now. I remember the beta was good yet very prone to crashing and it sounds like they haven’t fixed it. If they’re going to release crap like that on the PC, I don’t see why I should encourage them to keep making PC games. ;P Besides, for me this is a much smarter rental than it is a purchase, and with no legal way to rent it for the PC it makes no sense to buy it.

  13. tom says:

    The net code is dodgy, the matchmaking is (like the sniping) hit and miss(mostly). The indefinable solidity and tactile quality of COD4 is missing. The weapons sound and feel like they are made by air-fix enthusiasts.

    But hooning around solar farm with a squadron of helicopters with a decent squad on voice comms can be amazing fun. I haven’t hidden in a bush for 10 minutes just to avoid enemy helicopters since BF2.

    As close to BF2 as a console game has come and thats a win in my books ;)

  14. Shawk says:

    That was like watching my 1 year old nephew play halo..

    Why cant a company like gametrailers get someone unretarded to play their games? That game looks ok, more like a bf2 cloan though.