Eno and Wright On Generative Systems

This talk is a couple of years old now, being a seminar organised by The Long Now Foundation in June 2006, but I had only had the MP3 previously. Today I discovered that it is also available in full as a video via the excellent Fora.tv. If you’ve not already seen or heard this, then you must.


  1. Mo says:

    Yep, I’ve had this video for years, but only got around to watching it a couple of weeks ago. It’s absolutely fantastic! It’s long, but the whole thing is totally engaging. Definitely worth putting aside some time to watch.

  2. Seth Tipps says:

    Yeah, linked to this for the Love article. Great talk, and now I won’t have to go looking all over the place for it.

  3. Zaph says:

    Incredibly facinating talk. The Spore demo was great too.

  4. essell says:

    Ah nice – I’d listened to the mp3 of this previously too, but the video is a welcome bonus…

  5. Jonathan Burroughs says:

    What a gem!

  6. David says:

    Wow, thank you!