Spector Interview Torrents

Spector is still beautiful, even now, in a re-used picture.

Readers from the distant past known as last week will remember many things that’ll now be bewildering to modern readers. Remember when Jim was away, not Kieron? And talking at length about Audiosurf – what was that all about? And those trousers we wore! What were we thinking! Anyway, those bearded veterans will also remember us linking to a series of interviews Warren Spector performed with various luminaries, which immediately disappeared.

Those following the comments thread will have seen a sharing group emerged to distribute all thirteen files to anyone who wanted them. News reaches us, via spokesperson LocalHost, that they’ve assembled a 3 gigs (aka Many, many Peggles) torrent file of the whole bunch. You can download it from here and I suspect many of you really, really should. Like, really, really, really, really.


  1. Turin Turambar says:


    I already watched the Tim Willits section, and it was great, 2 hours 40 minutes of games, design, history, funny stuff, etc.

  2. DragonSix says:

    Is the Paul Weaver is complete (not 45MB) in this torrent ?

  3. Seniath says:

    Shame my halls connection blocks torrents.

    3 months, 3 more months and I shall be freeee.

  4. restricted3 says:

    But… a torrent?. OMG, isn’t that… PIRACY?!?!? O_o

  5. Andrew Armstrong says:

    I’ll see if I can get these up at the Internet Archive this week, I can get in contact with someone at UT who might be able to help. I was going to download them, I was surprised how fast they went offline!

  6. ZeroByte says:

    For the torrentless, an incomplete mirror from the post of ancient old: link to ninjadodo.net

    I enjoyed watching the old veterans a lot more than watching the younger guys like Tim Willit. Hal Barwood and Gordon Walton gave a lot more insightful talks I think.

  7. MarvintheParanoidAndroid says:

    Awesome! I managed to grab a bunch before they went offline, I shall get the rest from here.

  8. O.G.N says:

    The torrentless could try here:
    link to veoh.com

    All the videos aren’t up yet, but I’m working on it.

  9. Lh'owon says:

    Yay for 20gig bandwidth limit! NZ internet rocks! …oh wait.

    By the way, RPS isn’t viewing correctly for me… maybe it’s because I’m on a mac (though a shiny new one, so it isn’t me being outdated) though that really shouldn’t make a difference.

    Pic (sry for large size): link to i17.photobucket.com

  10. James says:

    I was really disappointed to miss the on-ramp for these ones, even though I knew they would turn up on taverns of ill repute eventually. Thanks for the heads up!

  11. McCool says:

    I was actually suprised at how good Richard Garriot was on this. You’d expect, y’know, something like Richard Garriot and Warren Spector talking about games and their history for 3 hours to have to disapoint. It didn’t, it was awesome, even just to hear Garriot’s story.

  12. nabeel says:


  13. Ninja Dodo says:

    >For the torrentless, an incomplete soon to be complete mirror from the post of ancient old: link to ninjadodo.net

    …with the exception of Paul Weaver which I don’t think anyone has more than 45 megs of.

    Going through them in order. So far my favourites are the intro, Harvey Smith and Marc LeBlanc. All are very much worth watching though.

  14. David says:

    Thank you RPS!

  15. kadayi says:

    Acquired this in double quick speed last night, will try and seed it during the wee hours (UK time) until the end of the month or thereabouts as I have unmetered internets (the joy of having a very old contract :))

  16. Larington says:

    YES! I’d managed to get the majority of them but lacked the connection to find a suitable way of uploading… Now my plans for world domination will be… er… Delayed by watching more of these.

    Maybe thats a good thing, though I’d probably make an awesome benevolent dictator. (Heh)

  17. Mika says:

    Paul Weaver’s video is still incomplete.

  18. Larington says:

    The video was incomplete on the games course website originally, so unless a full version is put back up onto the course website, we’ll never have access to the full version. :-(

  19. Buceph says:

    Anyone know where I can pick up similar lectures or discussions or talks from people in the games industry (boardgames, computer games, rpgs, whatever.)

  20. Zuffox says:

    Buceph: Go purchase some of the excellent GDC lectures available at … GDC’s website. The place to look for such things, really.

  21. MedO says:


  22. lled2020 says:

    Ninja Dodo, YOU ARE MY HERO! : )

  23. Wozza says:

    Thanks everyone who has put the time and bandwidth in place for me to download and watch these, I have to say I found this amazingly insightful, however it just makes me mad on some levels, I should of stopped playing Stryker’s Run and continued my “Input” courses.

    Still what great stuff, The Seamus Blackley interview is great and the most entertaining IMO, now there is a guy whos only interest is to play games, when you can go from splitting atoms to loving games, it shows how powerful the medium is and can be.

    Thanks again for these, really appreciated, maybe nextyear they can get some maybe older game gurus like, Bushnell, Crammond, Braben, Minter, im happy to donate towards the cost, I cannot not offer alot but a few pounds, but im sure alot on here would do the same, no pressure lol.