Year Of Goo

2008 will be known as the Year Of Gaming Goo. The other gooey game is Goo! In which you must surround your enemy with your viscous oozings. It looks like a fun idea and there’s a new build of the demo up on the official site. Unfortunately the game requires an Xbox 360 controller to play, and yet doesn’t recognise my one (which works fine with other games). I make sadface. Can anyone else get it working?

KG EDIT: I did. I suspect the problem is with reading the specific make of XBox controller Jim used rather than the game per se – it recognises mine, and I had problems with games recognising the one he used previously. However, when in game, the enemy Goos don’t appear to be visible, a problem shared by Meat Circus. But other people are having more luck. PC gaming, eh?


  1. Freelancepolice says:

    Looks a little like liquid wars

  2. Meat Circus says:


    360 wireless pad works a charm.

    My goo and enemy’s go are invisible = game unplayable.

    One day they’ll release a beta that works. ONE DAY.

  3. Sucram says:

    Just about works, though screen flickers educing epilepsy.
    (Vista 32bit, wired 360 pad, HD3870)

    Looks like they don’t intend to release the final game on PC, so doesn’t seem like much chance of it being polished up.

    From my brief try, game itself seems like a fun bit of tech, but not much more .

  4. Yhancik says:

    Well curse Xinput ! :(

  5. Andrew Armstrong says:

    I found it to be pretty frantic (not relaxing at all, despite the music in that trailer), since I wasn’t very good at it when I tried it at the IGF. It has a useful ability to swap you and your enemy if you do happen to become almost trapped :)

    Don’t own an Xbox 360 so am unlikely to play it again soon though.

  6. Charcoal says:

    The 360 controller worked fine, but then I do have XNA 2.0 installed.

    The game didn’t work so well. Well, it ran and played fine, but I think my Nvidia 6200 kinda let the shader stuff down…

  7. faelnor says:

    Liquid War ripoff. Great.

  8. Hypocee says:

    That was my first thought too, but it’s really not. The techniques required are quite different, and the AI ecology alone makes this its own beast.

  9. Solrax says:

    I don’t know about Liquid Wars, but the gameplay mechanic of surrounding the enemies by “drawing” to capture them goes all the way back to the old Atari Quantum arcade game from the 80’s

    link to

    That game used a trackball to do it, and was vector based. I don’t know why the mechanic hasn’t been used much since, it was a lot of fun.

  10. jayne says:

    LOL! no gaming addicts here then ;)

  11. Jake L says:

    Baahh, total ripoff. The concept is the same. He expanded the idea.. When i first saw the video I thought it was made by the same people. Liquid wars was a really original game, and this is just making profit of the idea.. Maybe i’m wrong and there was a game like this before.. Not just surrounding the enemys to kill them. Bah, pathetic.