Slippery When Whetted

Much info appeared in Ubisoft and Take-Two’s press releases that appeared last night, which were full of words like “fiscal” that confuse and scare me. They also include the slippy-slidey nature of a bunch of their PC releases. So what do we know?

assassin's creed

Ubi’s Assassin’s Creed is going to take an extra couple of weeks before it’s on our machines. Sneaking out of March, it’s now hiding in a hay cart until April 11th.

rainbow 6 vegas 2, rainbow go on to play in the semi finals

However, despite reports you might have read, and indeed despite the information in the press release itself, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (originally slated for March 28th) will not be out on the same day as Creed. Instead, it’s set for April 17th, which the astute will note is not a Friday – those crazy kids.

Take-Two, meanwhile, look further ahead for their delays (as well as confirming BioShock 2 for 2009).


Borderlands was originally set for this Christmas, but is now plonked into “fiscal 2009”, which could mean as far away as October 2009. Take-Two explains to the money men that this is “in order to allow additional development time for this highly anticipated game and provide a better balance in the release of Take-Two’s triple-A titles.”

mafia 2

They also give Mafia II a “fiscal 2009” label, having gobbled up Illusion in January. No date has appeared for GTA IV on PC.


  1. Flint says:

    Boo for Borderlands delay.

  2. Kareem says:

    Have they even confirmed a PC version of GTA IV will be released at some point?

  3. Optimaximal says:

    Have they even confirmed a PC version of GTA IV will be released at some point?

    If previous PC sales have shown anything, the GTA games sell well on the PC – they’d shoot themselves in the foot to not release it, especially since they aren’t bound to any console exclusitvity deals.

    RE: Borderlands – As I posted on Blues News:

    If it ensures the game is released in a decent state, then i’m all for the delay. It’s insanely ambitious and all it takes is shitty quality assurance to turn it from another Far Cry into another Boiling Point…

  4. Tak says:

    I too vote for the delay by refinement. Waiting for a game isn’t hard, annoying, or a waste of money (for me, anyway). Paying for a game and then realizing that it’s sub-par in every way or missed opportunity at every turn, however, is at least two out of the three.

  5. Nick says:

    Vegas 2 slipping?! OMGWTFBBQ =(

    I don’t care, I really enjoyed the first one.

  6. Flint says:

    Yeah, I can totally understand the reasons for the delay and therefore don’t think it’s evil in itself, but its delay to unknowingly far future is still slightly meh cause Borderlands is one of the few games that I’m really really really waiting for at the moment

  7. Rook says:

    I’m kinda wondering if this hold back PC releases for a month (DMC4 got the same treatment) is a response to piracy fears.

    Anyways, R6: Vegas loses a lot of bonus points by dropping 4 player coop from the storymode, instead leading with 2 player story (lame) or terrorist hunt.

  8. Taximan says:

    I’m sure releasing GTAIV to consoles first, and later to PC is a pretty sensible move. They maximise the profits by delaying the availability to the PC torrent kids. And us patient PC gamers get all the initial bugs whipped into shape, some optimization, and potentially some extra content as well. Compared to a simultaneous release, I’m sure they’ll sell a few million copies more.

    Works for me. Still more excited about Mafia II though :)

  9. Ed says:

    Historically, GTA has appeared on the PC almost exactly 6 months to the day after it’s console release. This may be different for GTAIV, being a new engine etc and new contract terms, but it seems unlikely that there won’t be a PC release. R* have never announced it in advance before, so I wouldn’t worry.

  10. malkav11 says:

    They also haven’t released anything at all for PC since San Andreas, despite having released: Liberty City and Vice City Stories, respectively, Bully, Manhunt 2, and I think one or two other things. The Warriors, maybe?

    LCS and VCS don’t entirely surprise me, as they were originally intended for PSP and appear to have only even come to PS2 due to popular demand. Bully, though, I would have liked that for PC. (Maybe the Scholarship Edition, now?) And since Manhunt came to PC, the mysterious absence of Manhunt 2 is a bit perplexing, especially when they could conceivably have managed to sell some unedited copies for the platform.

    So I’m not holding my breath on GTA IV. I get the feeling Rockstar’s ditched us.

  11. Kieron Gillen says:

    malkav11: I have theories on that. I’m going to leave it a few months before I say anything though. Hopefully get a quote from RockStar on it.


  12. Captain America says:

    What [person – Ed] made the game Assassins Creed where you play a muslim going around killing christian knights? F[lip – Ed] those [people – Ed] and their product. F[lip – Ed] all of you that buy it too.

    [Calm down, Captain. I think you’ve missed a trick. – RPS Admin]

  13. malkav11 says:


    If you’re serious, you need to actually read something about Assassin’s Creed.

  14. Optimaximal says:

    I thought Manhunt 2 was binned for the PC early in development because of a) indifference and b) the movement-centric control system didn’t really work with a keyboard & mouse.

    I’m still annoyed at the lack of Bully though… Maybe we will eventually get the Scholarship edition (hopefully sans bugs and other problems) :)