Star Trek Online Back Online?

The last we’d heard of sci-fi MMO Star Trek Online was that developers Perpetual Entertainment had been booted from the project. Now though it seems the project is back online. The Trekkie forums are alive with fans trying to figure out who has been brought in on the project, but all we have so far is that the site is still owned by CBS and some unfounded speculation that Cryptic (of City Of Heroes fame) are to be brought in. Cryptic would make a good candidate, if they hadn’t already just announced a new MMO. I suppose they could make two MMOs at once, but I think that’d be unprecedented.

I think a decent crew-of-roaming-spaceship MMO could really work, but it’s hard to imagine anyone breaking the mould of current MMO trends to make this the kind of game we’d all want to play.


  1. Wozza says:

    So with the demise of the TV show, it seems the perfect time for an MMO./sarcasm

  2. Five says:

    I had really high hopes for Star Trek Online back when it was first announced, all those years ago… the challenge of running a MMO in a universe where the characters have no economy is a unique one.

    But then the new art direction came along, and the news dried up, and i lost interest.

    I don’t have very high hopes for a successful revival, but i hope i am proven wrong.

  3. MPK says:

    Anyone else remember that Geek Heirarchy jpeg that did the rounds a while back? This seems like the perfect hunting ground for the geekiest of the geeks. I’ve never really been a fan of post-Kirk Star Trek: too much emphasis on McGuffin/Holosuite malfunction of the week, too much nonsensical technical jargon and not enough melodrama or scenery chewing, Q aside.

    I’d hope that this would be set round the time of the original series, when men where men and alien women wanted to know more about this human thing called snogging rather than the dull, sanitised post-TNG era.