WIN: Crysis And Soundtrack

Electronic Arts have kindly volunteered to give away copies of Crysis and its soundtrack CD to three RPS readers. Well, we say “give away”, but there has to be an element of vying for the prize. We require a small imaginative penance by which we can judge the worthy recipients. Crysis, in case you weren’t paying attention, was one of last year’s most splendid first-person shooters, and spiritual sequel to Far Cry. And it’s a beauty.

And so we ask a competition question: There’s a crisis on planet Earth! But what is the nature of the crisis? And don’t just give us the old “martians are coming for our women”, or “greenhouse gases are causing catastrophic climate change”, because we want original crises: the clever, the funny, and the weird. Have shoes suddenly become a vital food group? Did cats learn to use the internet to post pictures of their owners? The most entertaining, terrifying, and imaginative crises will earn these splendid Crysis bundles. Understand? Email us your crisis, and it’d help if you included a postal address, just in case you’re one of the talented winners. The editor’s judgment is absolute, and final. Competition ends on 20th of March.


  1. SwiftRanger says:

    Is this open to UK residents only?

  2. Jim Rossignol says:

    It’s open to all.

  3. Craig says:

    “Did cats learn to use the internet to post pictures of their owners?”

    You win, Jim.

  4. heartless_ says:

    Any chance of supplying a PC to run that beast of a game?

  5. Jim Rossignol says:

    *Looks at Alec*

  6. Cigol says:

    I like how everyone is keeping their ideas to themselves and not commenting. Either that or Crysis sold more copies then they are letting on.

  7. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Well I’m in the same boat as heartless_, not really much point in entering if I can only run the thing in JerkmoTronic UglyVizion¬©. Well that and I’m as imaginative as [something not imaginative in the slightest].

  8. James G says:

    Well, I’ve entered. I’m just in the process of upgrading, so Crysis would provide a brilliant opportunity to put the upgraded system through its paces.

    Of course, I’m now worrying that the entries will be PCG competition quality, and my meagre effort will feel somewhat under dressed. That and I’m a bit worried that the little gimmick in my entry may just get it thrown in the bin in disgust.

  9. MedO says:

    I’ve just entered for the heck of it. Don’t know if I even have a chance, but what’s to lose? I’m sure interested what people will come up with, though.

  10. neoanderthal says:

    MedO – I think that’ll be the best part – seeing the winning replies. No doubt there will be some hilarious entries.

  11. Aimless says:

    I have an entry that’s certainly weird, and possibly clever. Funny might be stretching it a bit, though.

    I assume we can only enter once? If that’s the case I might want to come up with something a bit more… palatable.

  12. Carey says:

    Brain parasites evolve in people who eat and drink too much pro-biota and render them completely unable to absorb new information. Any new piece of information the inflicted hears, reads or sees results in a’splosion of the head (and genitals). The disease (or would that be infestation?) spreads to all humanity (and some mature dogs) and causes not only an outbreak of ludditism but also the end of Crufts (because it becomes impossible to teach an old dog new tricks, natch.)

    (I already have Crysis but wanted to play.)

  13. Stromko says:

    Crisis! Game designers think awesome graphics and tired, watered-down game play is actually worth our time!

    (And yeah, I already have Crysis too. What a waste)

  14. Theory says:

    Whatever happened to that Eve Online competition?

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  16. Lenny says:

    Crysis is good game