Multiwinia Beta Begins

According to this post on the Multiwinia forums, the beta sign up is commencing, with folks being signed up in batches of fifty. Chris says:

We will start the process soon with a small number (around 50) of testers running a non-playable “Hardware Test” build. This build will pit 4 AI players against each other and will report back to us with frame rates, hardware stats, problems etc. During this phase we’re looking at hardware compatibility problems, frame rate issues etc. After this we’ll start rolling out playable versions for the testers to break, gradually adding applicants to the test group in batches of 50 or more.

And just in case you missed it, I interviewed Chris and Mark from Introversion a couple of weeks ago.


  1. terry says:

    Goddamn, I’m dying to get into this but that forum registration captcha makes me feel like Stevie Wonder.

    When did registering on a forum become so complicated >:(

  2. Jim Rossignol says:

    Yeah I had trouble with that too.

  3. Mike says:

    The Captcha managed to refuse me for the maximum number of attempts too. Someone needs to reinvent that, there has to be a better solution.

  4. yxxxx says:

    I think i must be a robot as these Captcha things always mess me around :(

  5. terry says:

    I got through, after a spate of those incomprehensible 3d ones I got one that spouted barely readable characters.

    While I’m waiting for my beta invite I will make some origami unicorns..

  6. Mr.Brand says:

    I just call to say I hate captchas.

  7. xander says:

    If you are having trouble getting past the CAPTCHA, you might try contacting John ( He is one of the forum admins, and can probably help you out.


  8. PleasingFungus says:

    Multiwinia: ooooo (even if it’s only a hardware test)

    Captcha: Wow, that one was odd. Took me a moment to figure out that you’re just supposed to go left-to-right, ignoring vertical differences and wide spaces. Wonder if we’ll be seeing more of the like soon?