Project Origin Stuff Originates

What do we want from Monolith’s ropey-named sequel to F.E.A.R.? Apart from less full-stops, obviously. More outdoorsmanship, more personality, more shocks, a much wider variety of angry men, please.

New screenshots suggest big robots. Happy-time! But what does the latest trailer suggest? Clicky below to find out.

More heavy reliance on the little girl with long, black hair who’s like her of out of The Ring still being scary by rotating her head slowly and flickering in and out of existence. Wuh-oh. You’re gonna have to give Alma a lot more bite to make my stiff upper lip quiver, Monolith – though I’m sure the real frights are being kept under lock and key for now. Still, the scenes of outdoor apocalypse are pleasingly straight outta Sarah Connor’s nightmares, and the gibbering, evaporating madmen are pretty creepy.

There’s much more P.O. up on the brand new ‘community’ site for the game, including a fun couple of devblog videos (the first of which features a sequence of men giggling and naming their favourite FPS weapons of all time) and a haul of fruity-fresh screenshots.


  1. Jim Rossignol says:

    It was the flickering invisi-ninjas that were the big frightener for me in FEAR.

  2. derFeef says:

    Amen my friend! Alma was not that scary becaus it got predictable. I am always scared by fast and rushing enemys. Btw. the communit site shots down my Firefox every time and no videos ar working :/

  3. Sucram says:

    Glad to see some dark grey figures standing in some light grey cuboid offices.

    I was worried that games were starting to get too original, using out-there concepts like colour and form.

  4. Mike says:

    The old visual cliche of a children’s playground shortly after a nuclear explosion is getting a bit old now. I want someone to bite the bullet and show a gutted old people’s home or bingo hall immediately after the bomb has dropped.

  5. Zuffox says:

    Judging by the sound of the last part of the trailer, predators are in the game, too.

    Quite the cameo.

  6. JJ says:

    Nice that half of that trailer is prerendered stuff and I have to look at the actual gamefootage in 5 ms flashes.

  7. Theory says:

    I only ever played the demo(s) of FEAR, but I found Alma more comical than scary. Even if she does hate you (or however the plotline goes), why all the melodrama? Can’t we just be friends instead?

  8. The Sombrero Kid says:

    @Mike the problem is they’d be the same

  9. Lockenator says:

    The Watchers were worse than Alma. I had no clue what they were for a while, but when you see a blurred thing crawling up the wall… Then they drop from the ceiling and start slapping you silly.

  10. Mike says:

    @The Sombrero Kid


  11. James T says:

    I see absolutely no reason to play this game.

  12. Ohle says:

    See, I’m not so excited about big robots. The introduction of the rocket-launching ones in FEAR signaled the beginning of the end of my enjoyment of that title. Maybe I just didn’t think about it properly or should have been more 1337, dude, but they got too hard. I have rather high hopes for Project Origin, though, so hopefully I can get a logical way of taking down high-powered enemies without resorting to OMFG RUN AND EMPTY MY WHOLE ARSENAL INTO HIS ARSENAL!!!!

  13. Tellurian says:

    FEAR is still my favorite game where you can shoot things.
    No seriously. It has it all. Cool gunplay, a sort of tactical resource management beyond just ammo (Bullet-Time, Ammo and Greanades), great looks, clever AI, and some nice weapons. Plus, nothing beats the combination of the shotgun in close combat and slow motion. Stick it up their nostrils and whatch’em go boom.
    Or something.
    I couldn’t care less about the plot though. It’s all about cool set pieces, interesting fights and gorgeous looking gunplay.
    That you’re basically playing through a blend of a nerds common movie library doesn’t make that much of a great story, but it’s still incredibly FUN to play.
    So, yeah, as a HUGE fanboi of everything Monolith makes, I’m of course huegly looking forward to this.

  14. dhex says:

    i have high hopes for this game.

    do they have anything close to a release date yet?

  15. malkav11 says:

    Remember that one of the main reasons Alma ultimately wasn’t that scary in the original was that she couldn’t hurt you. I hear that’s changed.

  16. Chemix says:

    I generally don’t find much in games scary, Alma included, I felt bad for her, though genocide doesn’t seem exactly proper for retribution. The ninjas freaked me out till I learned to use slow-mo on them and shoot them, rather than try and normal speed box them. The robots were very tough, though you usually had some time to prepare for their attack and could set up an elaborate trap and kill them off with 4-5 rockets. The ones in Extraction Point, were just insanely hard to kill and without the boosts to help me along, it just got painful.

    Project Origin looks to vastly out-do F.E.A.R.
    but is that enough?

  17. Taxman says:

    Well with Alma there was some ambiguity in FEAR because of the fact your her child and she is seeking you in a fashion. In the expansion pack they touch on this a bit more as she helps you in one segment but part of her wants to kill you and another wants to save you.

    Project Origin however has you playing some other character I heard so Alma could very much be an enemy.

    Also count me an another huge Monolith fanboy I always loved their games but they seem to get so little attention from some quarters or even out-right animosity, could never figure why.

  18. Jonathan says:

    Reply to Taxman “Also count me an another huge Monolith fanboy I always loved their games but they seem to get so little attention from some quarters or even out-right animosity, could never figure why.”

    Take your pick monotonous setting, monotonous enemies, the fact you can practicaly the gear change when it tries to be frightening, the bastardisation of the Ring, sudden difficulty spikes, fighting the same fight over and over again whilst repeating the same horror trick ad infinitum. Alma doesn’t just copy Sadako’s look and flickeryness but also the man made monster/tragic beast backstory. Like with Ringu this worked fine in F.E.A.R but has started to be stretched very thin. She’s pretty much lost all empathy and vulnerability by being a mardy bint.

    Don’t get me wrong I really did enjoy the first F.E.A.R . Nailing what are essentialy S.W.A.T teams to walls with 5” bolts is pretty much illegal not to enjoy. Also, the sheer strangeness of some hallucinations sequences make an impression, shame the whole game had the same ammount of variety and immagination. Seeing as this is the same company that made NOLF and Shogu you can see what the old school Monolith fans are expecting.

    Also the comic relief character is incredibly annoying.

  19. Optimaximal says:

    Also the comic relief character is incredibly annoying.

    Awoogah! My understatement alarm just went off…

    Why Norton Mapes wasn’t aborted at the earliest of design stages is beyond me… Hell, Holiday was more tolerable and he was the token black guy who talked street whilst hitting on the Chinese woman!

  20. Harbour Master says:

    What I always loved about FEAR was the *gameplay* and I was able to forgive the HALO Library-like level design and some tedious plotting because of that. I really enjoyed the combat in FEAR, running backwards and firing again and again against the armoured commandos… and the adrenaline rush when trying to defeat the invisininjas who were bloody dangerous to have hanging around.

    Some of the spooky moments were well done and even though the gameplay switched down a couple of notches for the final level, I did like how it played out.

    Looking forward to a sequel, definitely.

  21. Ed says:

    [Dictionary links make the baby Jesus cry – Admin]

  22. Jonathan says:

    Reply to Harbour Master

    I didn’t say the core gameplay was bad, far from it, it’s just that there’s no variety.

    Reply to Optimaximal

    Nothing impresses the ladies like making broad stereotypes of their parent’s culture. He’s one smooth operator.

    Still I admit it takes guts to kill off characters, even if their deaths don’t really change anything. So I’ll give credit there.

  23. Mike says:

    Yeah, that definitely wasn’t worth it, Ed.

  24. subedii says:

    Are you guys kidding? Norton Mapes was probably the best character in the whole game. He is genuinely the only civilian character in an FPS that made me hate him so bad that I wanted to forget the mission and just toss him out a window. Everything from his constantly patronising tone down to his “RTFM” belt made him hate him with an utter passion. Most game antagonists didn’t tick me off as much as he did.

    As a deliberately designed in-game character, he was a genius touch. It was also really funny when you saw a discarded cheetos packet lying on the floor, and that music cue played, and you just knew who was going to be around the next corner…

  25. Scott says:

    I’m not especially impressed with the trailer, but no matter what they do with it, Project Origin cannot possibly suck as badly as did Perseus Mandate.