Alone In The Dark: Chairs On Fire

A new video for Alone In The D/Park has appeared, and it nicely shows off all those gimmicks that will hopefully make it something special. Setting fire to chairs is pretty much what I look for in gaming, so it’s off to a good start. Flipping crikey, Atari must be hoping this is good.

In our darkest hours, we know you’re there for us, Gametrailers.


  1. Scandalon says:

    Hmm, music recording is over-driven/loud/distorted. Now, obviously I haven’t played it, but in this all the character interaction looks…off. Oh, and a bloody driving game segment! With what looks like completely floaty/stiff car physics/feel.

    I wonder how long items burn? If you hold onto them too long do you burn yourself? Ooh, but the character has a scar, that give him, er, character.

  2. James T says:

    Yes yes, very pretty. Call me back when you can set divans on fire.

  3. Spiffae says:

    Agree with Scandalon – the whole thing looks… off. Not like a compelling and original gameplay experience, more like a very stiff and visually unimaginative game. There’s also a lot of slowdown there. I guess it’s something lacking in the animation – it just doesn’t seem to convey a lot of emotion or viscerality. This video definitely made me NOT excited for Alone in the Dark.

  4. tWB says:

    I’m sorry, but Edward Carnaby is a mustachioed chap poking around the ruined edges of H.P. Lovecraft’s and Robert Chambers’ imaginations. This fellow with his leather jacket and popguns is a mere impostor, I say!

  5. Optimaximal says:

    They certainly have the gritty action quota down pat, but where are the tense moments? It’s all fire and gimmicks.

    Still, it might be enjoyable on the PC, where it will hopefully have proper controls and no slowdown…


  6. Nick says:

    “Frist post?!?”

    I do so hope anyone posting that is banned.

    From life.

    It all looked very Resi 4 but with fire and cars. Have to wait and see I suppose.

  7. Not-a-bot says:

    Does he have a lightsaber about halfway through??

  8. Zuffox says:

    1) What’s with the music?

    2) How can you throw burning chairs without scorching your hands? Might as well set yourself on fire and hug the enemies, then.

  9. Schtee says:

    …but can we use sticky tape on burning chair and make a new object?!

  10. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    @Not-a-bot-although-I-have-my-doubts: It’s a strip light.

    A lot of the footage is culled from the intriguing ‘Real World Rules’ trailers (also on Gametrailers) which give a better idea of how the gameplay works (and feature much chair burning action). The core ideas are admirable but it doesn’t look so hot in practice (apart from the chairs, natch), although the real test will be when we finally get our grubby mits on it.

  11. Optimaximal says:

    …but can we use sticky tape on burning chair and make a new object?!

    +1 Immolated Chair of Attachment?

  12. Jae Armstrong says:

    Agree with the off looking-ness. What struck me most, though, was how dark it was. And when there was enough light to see your hand in front of your face, there was a bloody great pall of smoke hanging in the air. It seems to me that they’re attempting to play on the “I know it’s out there, but I can’t see it” thing to make it scarier. I think I approve.

  13. Jochen Scheisse says:


  14. matt says:

    Yeah it looks neat, does not sound neat, but has the looks of it; indeed i’m wondering how long you’ll be able to walk around holding a firey chair, maybe it eventually breaks down and hurts you or something..
    For the first half of the video, though, i was also wondering where were the enemies… It’s dark and all creepy looking, plays with lights and all that stuf; looks nice. It does look alot like Resident Evil 4, let’s pray it does not have “quick events” or whatever they are called…

  15. PleasingFungus says:

    My first thought was “lightsaber”, my second thought was “fluorescent light”, but I’m not sure. Still probably not a lightsaber, though.

  16. Jonathan says:

    I think the core game could be great, improvised weapons, real fire, an ai ecology. The gimmicky levels (absailing and driving)….ergh not so much.

    Also, that breaking mirror looked appaling. Who the hell put that in a trailer? Doubly shocking when you consider how good the lighting and scene damage is.

  17. Not-a-bot says:

    @Man raised by puffins: if it’s a strip light, why is it glowing? Does he have some up-till-now-unknown electric powers?

  18. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    The power cable is still attached. You can just about see it dangling beneath the light, although you can get a better view in the full trailer which shows Carnby shooting out the supports for the power cable.