Thanks Gametrailers! Special: Starcraft 2

In what’s becoming an oddly real-time-strategy heavy day at RPS, GameTrailers have gone a little bit crazy over the only game that can truly be described as something compared to Starcraft 2; It’s Starcraft 2. They’ve posted three (count ’em!) videos about Starcraft 2. We said that before. Starcraft 2! Pay attention.

Thanks, Gametrailers!

The first one’s a comparison between Starcraft (original) and the new game, with further ones beneath the cut talking about how they’ve evolved the Zerg so they can zerg in a truly early-21st century manner, and another about how they plan to live up to the pressure of knowing an entire Asian nation will descend en masse to their homes and eviscerate them if they fail.

First, recapturing the magic.

Thanks, Gametrailers! Again!

Secondly, putting the Zerg in their fancy pants.

A further Thanks, Gametrailers!

Actualy, I started playing Starcraft at the weekend (er) for the first time. It’s okayability is acceptable!

(There’s definitely an article we should do on RPS about our blindspots as Game writers. It’s kind of inevitable when games take as much time to play properly as they do.)


  1. Nuyan says:

    Hah, played Starcraft for my very first time just a half year ago as well. Almost completed the singleplayer I think, was surprised to see it was actually better than the singleplayer RTS’s of today and I’m not just talking about gameplay. It’s one of those games that dated nicely.

  2. Radiant says:

    In the first video that guy’s hair is downright LUXURIOUS!

  3. Radiant says:

    Or he’s 3 days away from changing his sex.
    Either way I’m jealous.

    I love how in the video entitled “Re-capturing the magic” the one shot of a room full of people /playing/ the game all of them to a man are propping their heads up with one hand in the universal sign of boredom.

    Looking at all these starcraft videos I get the impression that playing the game would be overwhelmingly taxing.

    I’m talking Homeworld overwhelming. Supreme Commander taxing.

    I’ve been playing this PSP game called SOCOM: Tactics which is sort of a 3rd person over the shoulder RTS and it’s REALLY relaxing to play.

    Keep in mind we’re talking about a game where on every map so far my four SAS men have killed about 20 people each [mostly through knifing] so that’s no mean feat!

    Good game though.
    You know… for toilet breaks.

  4. Gylfi.Fenriz. says:

    It’s a COPY of the first game! Don’t buy twice for the same game !

    please don’t.
    It’s the same game, they just wanna exploit IDIOTS.

  5. Butler` says:

    Haha, how do you guys manage to miss such a seminal game like SC. What were you doing, playing Total Annihilation? Or do you all have an aversion to RTSs?!

    Seriously though, when that guy speaks, people should listen.

  6. Turin Turambar says:

    I am watching a RTS video more interesting… :P
    link to

  7. sinister agent says:

    “The ‘hero’ mechanic that we saw in warcraft 3 – we’ve removed that completely.”

    Oh, thank christ. More good news! The zerg sound interesting, and those flying pink brain things look pretty neat.

    Please post some really bad news about Starcraft 2 and restore some of my lack of faith in the games industry.

  8. Optimaximal says:

    RAR… Original StarCraft music AGAIN. They certainly know how to make me watch the vids :)

  9. RichPowers says:

    Yay for no hero b.s. like in Warcraft III.

    I wonder what the actual unit count will be in game. While I love high unit counts, there was talk on another SC post that units were being “plopped” into the demo video to inflate the battle size…

  10. wyrmsine says:

    “The ‘hero’ mechanic that we saw in warcraft 3 – we’ve removed that completely.”

    I hope they didn’t totally excise the code (which is a pipe dream, of course). You wouldn’t want it in the game proper, but some of the best things about WC3 were the hero-mods. Got bored with the vanilla-game almost immediately; if it wasn’t for those mods, I’d have returned it in two days. It would be a crying shame if the SC2 map editor only allowed for more iterations of the standard RTS tropes.

  11. Mike says:

    I like how he mentions the Queen unit. “This one’s a little bit different from Starcraft”…

    That kind of underlines the weirdness of this sequel. People really are looking for a graphical update, and Blizzard seem entirely aware of this. Almost nervously so. I’ve not played the original, so I’m intrigued by this ‘Star Craft’ that people talk of. But the fear in that developer’s eyes is really clear!

  12. Down Rodeo says:

    I wonder if they’re still implementing the unit caps in the same way, I mean having pylons, supply depots and overlords as buildings/units that increase the maximum number of units you can have. That slightly annoyed me, especially as Overlords could be taken out by a squad of Valkyries if you weren’t careful, but then I never really did play as the Zerg. And I suppose, how else would you limit massive rushes at the start? (Where the Zerg are limited to merely being ‘big’ :D )

  13. heartless_ says:

    At least we all agree that they need to get it perfect or face Armageddon.

  14. luckystriker says:

    Have you guys ever seen Korean Stacraft progamers play each other on live TV? Their micro/macro is mind-blowing and it’s actually makes for some pretty exciting viewing (as opposed to watching amateurs, where games are sloooow). With the original Starcraft, no one at Blizzard ever thought what these guys are doing would ever have been possible. SC2 is Blizzard’s attempt at updating SC for the e-sports community. Really looking forward to it.

  15. Flint says:

    I really liked the hero units in WC3 (IMO one of the best features of the game), but I don’t think they’d fit in the Starcraft universe. I wasn’t expecting them to pop up in SC2 anyway.

    Is the zerg comparison video promising another zerg demonstration video coming up soon, similar to the terran and protoss ones?

  16. sigma83 says:

    they have ‘super-units’ tho, which are the Thor, Mothership and Queen. They don’t gain EXP like the WarCraft versions but they’re equivalent-ish.

    The Terran Air Cavalry concept excites me like a small child with chocolate. My three great loves of RTS games: Infantry, Air units, and space marines: TOGETHER. It’s like a dream only I woke up and the dream came with me.

    Pretty much everything about the Terrans I’ve heard so far I like. Infantry drop pods? Transforming walker/fliers? Stealth bombers? Turret constructing ships? Area bombardment battlecruisers? More powerful siege tanks? HP upgrades for marines? Landing dropships? (more a thematic argument than a functional one, but COME ON)

    I’m salivating. ROCK AND ROLL! (cocks gauss rifle)

  17. Optimaximal says:

    They’ll still have hero units (remember Raynor, Kerrigan, Tassadul etc. from the original?). They just won’t be the XP-led buffers that they were in WC3.

    This also has bad connotations – the good thing about the hereoes in WC3 was they could survive a pasting due to their special abilities (and they just resurrected anyway) – SC was always infuriating when the heroes died and failed your mission as, despite their raised hitpoints/damage/energy ratings, they’re just normal units.

    It’s also good to see the Queen being some use now. It was such a useless unit in the original until you got the Infest Command Center upgrade and even then she was hard to use.

  18. sigma83 says:

    Ensnare was fantastic, especially on air units or as an ad hoc stealth detector. I’ll agree it doesn’t quite live up to the defiler tho.

    Mind, spawn broodling was just evil to bust out on a siege tank formation.

  19. Radiant says:

    Anybody have a link to a video of Korean sc players?

  20. LongFred says:

    There you go:

    link to

    Click the VOD buttons. It’s some invitational, commented in English.

  21. ryan in exile says:

    from gametrailers, more sincere than usual: yr welcome. Patrick (our guy) did a great job on asking of questions and our new editor Marco busted out some nice after effects, esp. in the art interview.

  22. Radiant says:

    Whoa that was like Time Commander on acid.

    It was actually pretty coherent I was expecting masses and masses of configurations of units but it was pretty straight forward.

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