Diablo 3, Is That You?

The rumour mills are whirring again with thoughts of Diablo 3’s imminent announcement. (The rumour mills, by the way, are still horrific Victorian dungeons, forcing children to work sixteen-hour days in horrendous conditions). Blizzard have a job advert up on their site that heavily hints that production might well be happening.

'Artist's' impression

“The team behind Diablo I and II is looking for a skilled lead 3D level designer with experience building levels using Maya or other similar 3D level building tools. The ideal candidate has experience creating levels in a senior or lead role on a shipped game. We would also like for this candidate to have excellent analytical understanding of competitive online play with various Blizzard Entertainment games and mods (real-time strategy, World of Warcraft, Defense of the Ancients, etc.)”

So, obviously a new Diablo would be online for co-op play. But what about this? What if it’s not Diablo 3, but World Of Diablo? A sort of “show them how Hellgate should have been done” thing. Just putting it out there.

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  1. Optimaximal says:

    As much as I hate the concept, kicking Roper in the teeth and showing him how to REALLY do an online dungeon crawler without fucking over the fanbase with pure greed would be mint.

  2. Flint says:

    Diablo 3 would be amazing, I love Diablo 2 and the only reason I don’t play it that much anymore is because I’m too familiar with it nowadays.

    As long as it’s got singleplayer too, though.

  3. Butler` says:

    As a hardcore D2 nut, ofc I’d love for this to be D3.

    Unfortunately, the “excellent analytical understanding of competitive online play” infers otherwise IMO – that is unless they are taking it in a completely different direction.

    Additionally, Hellgate:London makes me sick. Not quite as sick as C&C3’s online implementation, but pretty darn sick!

  4. Tellurian says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how they pitch this against Guild Wars…
    I mean, Guild Wars IS in a manner of speaking Diablo with new, shiny clothes.

  5. SuperNashwan says:

    I always thought WoW seemed like a natural progression of Diablo, only with Warcraft lore because Diablo didn’t exactly have much depth of story to it (do I remember there being a canned Warcraft point n click with similarities to how the story progressed in III and WoW?). What would you want from Diablo III that WoW doesn’t have?

  6. eoy says:

    I’m just going to dream and hope that World of Diablo will be a game that, contrary to the current direction World of Warcraft is taking, will be focusing on PVE content (and I don’t mean questing and levelig up).

    Lately players in WoW are feeling that the game is being dumbed down. Players are given free epic quality items, that previously required a great deal of dedication and skill to obtain, and Blizzard are also removing attunements from their highend instances, to cater more casual players. In general, what took 4 months of intense raiding in a guild before, can now be obtained in a few weeks playing an hour per day in random 5man groups. There is nowadays close to no difference if you play 10 hours a day or 1 hour a day; you’ll still be wearing the same quality of items.

    Also, there has been an over 9 months since the currently hardest boss in World of Warcraft has been killed, and the next and, according to blizzard, last content patch before the upcoming expansion (Wrath of the Lich King) has already been close to fully experienced and beaten on the public test realm.

    A lot of players are feeling that World of Warcraft is starting to focus more on casual players, and now trying to promote the arena PvP into an eSport. There is basicly nothing left in the game for those who enjoy raiding dungeons in a guild.

    Hopefully Diablo will take care of that.

  7. Delduwath says:

    Wait, how is this even possible? Didn’t basically everyone who worked on Diablo 1 and 2 leave Blizzard to make ArenaNet and Flagship Studios?

    OK, Wikipedia tells me that in 2003, 8 Blizzard North employees left to make Flagship, and 9 left to make Castaway Entertainment (which I’ve never heard of). Other people went somewhere else, as well; a total of around 30 employees left Blizzard North that year. So, considering that game development teams used to be pretty small, and that 30 or so people who worked on Diablo 1 and 2 left the company, seriously, how many original developers are left?

  8. Mr Pink says:

    “What would you want from Diablo III that WoW doesn’t have?”

    Randomised loot!

  9. Butler` says:

    Indeed Mr Pink, as well as randomised maps, dungeons, creatures, multiple difficulty modes to work through, a hard to obtain level cap, hardcore mode…

    I could go on, but I’d just keep remind myself of how much HG:L and Flagship sicken me because of the missed opportunity.

  10. Andrew Farrell says:

    How is the loot in WoW less randomised than Diablo’s?

    I don’t want randomised dungeons, considering the level of craft that goes into the actual instances. Well, not more randomised than they already are.

    Haven’t we already has a comments box about how “The level cap arrives too quickly if you grind, and the grinding is really dull” is the most insane complaint ever?

    Multiple difficulty modes went in recently, hardcore is for lunatics… actually I wouldn’t mind a once-randomised map rather than the identical barrow dens/cave structures/dwarven halls but it can’t be random everytime you go in, as that’s what persistent world y’know means.

  11. Mr Pink says:

    “How is the loot in WoW less randomised than Diablo’s?”

    In WoW the uncommon (green) items are in predefined “tiers” of each type of armour/weapon. Each of these is then given stats by it’s type e.g. Tiger/Gorilla/Strength. Etc. Rare and Epic Items (Blue/Purple) are not randomised at all.

    In Diablo II, rare items (I think they were pale yellow) had randomised statistics including potentially +attack rating, + stats, + cold damage, mana/life leech etc. This led to an occasional rare item being very powerful with the right combination of stats, and crucially that item would be (almost certainly) UNIQUE.

    My biggest hate with WoW is the identikit nature of high level characters. I personally think that all loot should have random statistics. While this is probably slightly harder to design right, it makes life a lot more interesting for players imho.

  12. SwiftRanger says:

    Delduwath is right, there is no “team behind Diablo I and II” anymore at Blizzard. Castaway is doing an hack&slash of their own apparently but they lost a deal with EA because it was too goofy.

  13. Apco says:

    Online play experience with various Blizzard Entertainment games and mods (real-time strategy, World of Warcraft, Defense of the Ancients, etc.).

    Seems more like a Warcraft-Lore-Based game…

  14. Butler` says:

    @Andrew Farrell

    I’m assuming you didn’t play D2, then :p

    If you saw a level 99 char twice in one day, hell, even a week, that would be a good thing. Seeing two with the same class/gear/build was… extremely unlikely.

    Compare that to WoW and well, I can’t really explain it any better than that.

  15. Gurrah says:

    I do appreciate Blizzards game in general, but is it just me or hasn’t anyone noticed that Blizzard is making one sequel after another?! It’s probably what the fanboys and girls want, but it would be amazing to see something in a whole new area, genre wise and gameworld wise. Blizzard oozes quality, but I strongly believe they are playing it safe while they have no reason to do so. An experiment wouldn’t hurt the creators of WoW. Just my two cents on the matter.

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  17. alphaxion says:

    pinky: you know full well that the mouthbreathers in wow would simply whine and whine about never getting the luck on a great item dropping (I never had much luck in D2 for item drops either, tho I never bitched incessently about it).

    Then there would be the whine about item art showing their super-mega-penis-enhancing weapon(tm) having the same graphics as that lame one with the +2 mana regen and +3 dexterity.

    Personally, I don’t mind the map staying the same as long as there is enough randomness to encounters in order to make it less of a script – possibly the most annoying thing in wow yonks back was having to track rexxar down.. lets waste ages going round and round half a zone looking for the get!

    It would mean I could resurrect my necro and try to breathe lift back into my old necro only clan, dark mages. :)

  18. Mr Pink says:

    alphaxion: Then they could carry on with WoW if it bothered them that much. And who says that the appearance can’t coincide somehow with the attributes the item has? I like the idea of procedurally generated item art.

  19. alphaxion says:

    It would be nice to have the graphics of an item built out of the stats it has, tho I can predict a “this looks like shit” wave of complaints, tho I guess you could code it so that the crap items do look poor and the great ones have better looks.
    I know it’s a pointless item, how something looks, but after nearly 3 years of playing wow (clean now), one of the most often complaints that I heard was about how something looked.
    There should also be enough room for items that are in lore to remain set in both stats and appearance.

  20. neoanderthal says:

    When is Blizzard going to do something new for a change? How long can they keep recycling their properties before they get stale?

    Hellgate != Diablo, btw. Mythos is more like Diablo than Hellgate, though Hellgate definitely has some Diablo-esque features. I quite like Hellgate, actually. I don’t see what the hate is about, but then again, I’m not so sure what the buzz about Crysis is about, either. Stuck in the same rut that FPS’ have been in since Doom was released. Oh, sure, prettier graphics, more realistic physics, but the same ol’ shooter nonetheless…

  21. Butler` says:

    neoanderthal, HGL is basically the nearest and most strictly correct relation to D2 due to the developers being the same and it being so similar conceptually etc etc.

    The fact is it was half baked attempt, it was too shallow for a whole host of reasons that I daredn’t attempt to discuss here.

    Mythos is great and is shaping up nicely though, the free2play model could work out real nice for it – and I wish that small group of developers working on it at Flagship well.

    I’ve got a beta video up of it herefor anyone that’s interested.

  22. Andrew Farrell says:

    @Mr Pink: Ah fair enough, I thought you meant where loot dropped rather than the actual loot. While I do miss that to an extent, I like the fact that the loot that drops in WoW is more likely to be useful towards *someone*, even if it’s not actually me. Because then they can give me money for it, and my time’s not wasted.

    @Butler: It’s possible that we’re of fundamentally different viewpoints, then. I don’t like “If I’ve played 200 days, I should be twice as 1337 as someone who’s only played 100!”. Let it be easy and exciting to get to the level cap, and interesting from then on. I don’t expect that someone who has just arrived at 60 will be as tough as someone who’s been there a month, but I approve of the foreshortening of difference with every new patch and was made very gleeful by the 2.0 greens outshining the 1.0 purples. People who demand that their pain be respected were one of the worst things about WoW when I started playing, and seeing them get increasingly pissed off by the changes since 2.0 has been a balm to the soul (and hey, it looks like WoW hasn’t really missed their business).

  23. K says:

    So, Diablo 3. Perhaps a sort of “Paradise Lost” with Tyrael playing the role of Lucifer? He may have orchestrated everything so far to allow a Heavenly Rebellion.

    I just wanted to say Heavenly Rebellion.

  24. UncleLou says:

    What would you want from Diablo III that WoW doesn’t have?

    Where to start? Endless loot, focus on single-player, more loot, a darker, lonesome atmosphere, lots of loot, and anendless, epic, zen-state inducing, neverending hack and slash run without all the additional stuff WoW distracts you with.

    And phat loot.

    I more or less want a reskinned Titan Quest. ;-)

  25. Mitch Small says:

    @ UncleLou:

    Titan Quest is friggin’ excellent. It’s the closest thing I’ve played to D2 since… well, D2.

    Hopefully D3 will exceed expectations.

  26. NegativeZero says:

    World of Diablo doesn’t really make that much sense. Admittedly the setting isn’t the same, but there’s enough similarity between Diablo and Warcraft as fantasy settings that you’d end up getting pretty similar experiences and more critically you’d end up attracting a very similar player base, to the point that I suspect they’d end up competing against each other, which is not a good situation. It seems far more likely to me that they would just produce a new game in the classic Diablo vein. Hell, lots of people still play Diablo 2 online.

    On the other hand, there was that job posting a few months ago for developers to work on a new non-WoW MMO so perhaps Blizzard think they can differentiate a Diablo MMO from WoW properly.

  27. Zuffox says:

    Oh, a job advert. Like those aren’t posted all the friggin’ time. :P

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  30. kicksc says:

    diablo 3… i wish it wasn’t a dream

  31. D3ideasman says:

    ppl from the Seven prime evils in the Games 2 are left, Beliel and azmodan, I think there is potential for D3 to be created without recreating the storyline. The D3 should have new Acts, spells, loot (plenty of it), new character classes, eg. Knight, (a cross between Paladin and barbarian), Archer (Amazon and Assasin), Warlock( Nacromencer and Warrior) etc. New monsters, new levels, New towns, Amazing graphics, eg. 4x better and rendered then Titan quest, (love that game ;)) anlmost endless wilderness to explore, detail, a stronger Diablo, NEW EVERYTHING!!!! However still keeping the Diablo style view of game, more titan quest though, eg. zoom in and out.

  32. don says:

    link to planetdiablo.com
    Can anyone confirm this that this is true?

  33. Biff says:

    Yes, I can confirm that it’s 100% true.

  34. gerg says:

    don – take a look at the date of that article

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