Eurogamer Extend MMO Coverage

Our journo-chums over about Eurogamer have launched a new MMO channel, with the intention of talking about the business, the online dungeoneering of millions, the space-war making of thousands, and the other stuff a few other people do in these online worlds. No more release-date review and the odd feature for Eurogamer: they’re going to point an unblinking info-eye at the MMO world and extract every drop of data. Channel editor Oli Welsh says:

MMOs are different. They work in a different way, you play them in a different way – and you pay for them in a different way. We at Eurogamer believe that our coverage of them should be different too, hence this new MMO channel.

First and foremost, the reviews can’t be set in stone. We’re not going to do one review of an MMO when it launches and leave it there. We’ll come back to all the major games at regular intervals, offering re-reviews that update you on the current state of play, advising you on whether it’s time to jump in – or time to leave.

He starts off with a friendly pat on the back for the all-too-comfortable World Of Warcraft. I’ll be awkwardly trying to hug Eve Online while it kicks me in the guts in a couple of weeks time.


  1. Cyren says:

    From the WoW re-review:

    WOW might have made Blizzard stupendously rich and powerful, but it hasn’t made it complacent.

    I couldn’t disagree more. Speeding up the leveling to get people hooked faster on whatever endgame grind (PvE or PvP) they prefer? Making arenas the PvP focus so they can placate the PvPers with the least amount of content (tiny arenas) possible? Overhauling Dustwallow Marsh is a good step, but that level 30 vacuum has been around for a long time and they’ve only now addressed it.

    If you look closely at some of the presentation slides from Blizzcon last year, they are aware of many problems in their game, and they could fix them, but instead they always said they were “looking into” the issue, often never resolving the problem. If that’s not complacency, I don’t know what is.

    So far I’m not impressed with the re-reviews :P.

  2. Andrew Farrell says:

    all-too-comfortable World Of Warcraft

    Ah now, it’s not all that dread word comfort, once you hit the raiding levels there’s plenty of opportunity to be reminded that most of the people you’re playing with are assholes. It’s just that unlike EVE there’s also something other than that reminder – nice looking well designed game content.

  3. Jim Rossignol says:

    I far prefer Eve’s territory-war endgame. Whatever the rewards for raiding etc in WoW they can’t really stand up to the reward of winning an ongoing war in Eve, to which thousands of people have committed their efforts. It’s incomparable.

  4. Butler` says:

    In WoW’s defense, you sound like someone that’s never worked hard with a 40 man team to down the end boss of a big instance (MC/BWL/AQ40).

    It’s more personal, I guess.

  5. Andrew Farrell says:

    Yeah I think that might be a big divide – I prefer when my winning doesn’t mean someone else losing. But it is just my preference, the thing about it being incomparable is…

  6. Jim Rossignol says:

    I think the kicker for me in terms of the high-end game of WoW, is that other than your character and the relationships you make, there’s no lasting change to the world. Raid bosses don’t stay dead. In Eve you can *permanently change* the universe, but destroying player structures, building your own infrastructures, and so on. The fact that it’s a single world, without sharding, adds to that enormously too, I guess.

  7. Jim Rossignol says:

    @Andrew Farrell: Yes. Additionally, I’d never recommend that someone play Eve, while I think anyone with a PC should at least dabble in WoW. (That said, the value judgments we all make about “how I should spend my spare time mean” that it’s not *strictly* incomparable, but yeah.)

    You’ve got to want to get bogged down in Eve’s all-encompassing PvP or super-complex industry if you’re going to get anything out of it. Also it’s a deeply cruel and competitive game – going and doing an instance with friends in WoW is a totally different experience. It’s not one I get enough out of, I think, because I have a PvP streak a mile wide.

  8. mrkstphnsn says:

    I havn’t been near a WoW endgame instance for over a year and havn’t been raiding and havn’t been in a Pug for about as long and I am perfectly happy and have been plodding along using my 70 just to farm mats and stuff for my alts who happily plod along doing whatever I want them too.

    It’s all a bit Simpsons vs Futurama, I think for people to sit around bitching like Waldorf and Statler from the sidelines, after all if you don’t want to play it you don’t have too.

    It suits my purposes even with it’s flaws and that’s why I like it.

    In sport I don’t have an interest in Football so I don’t sit around with all my friends interested in football and complain about the rules and scoring mechanic and how it doesn’t interest me compared to rugby and I don’t see why gamers seem to feel obligued to fill that level of “noise to information” ratio.

    It’s bad enough as a casual WoW player to have to listen to the beefs of the raider WoW player without having the opinions of someone who doesn’t play or hasn’t played for a while being thrust into the conversation.

    Just my tuppence.

  9. Jim Rossignol says:

    That’s a fair enough point, but it’s basically my job to flag up alternatives to WoW. Millions play WoW, a few hundred thousand play Eve. Hell, most gamers don’t even know Eve exists, so I talk about it. One day I’d like a game that encompassed the best aspects of both…

  10. Turin Turambar says:

    Somedays it seems there is a hidden link between RPS and EG. :P

  11. mrkstphnsn says:

    @ Lil’ Jim
    I wasn’t having a pop at you discussing it, as you say it’s your job … it’s just the general melee against WoW from voices on the web that I find lazy at the moment. I tried Eve Online several years ago after you posted about it on the V but didn’t like it. I look forward to the next time inform me of the next big thing. You are my mmo guru (as long as it’s not Eve)

    It just reminds me of the Stephen Fry quote I read somewhere recently about it being lazy to repeat the assertion that Americans don’t understand irony.

    Anyways I’m probably just being overly defensive so I’ll shut up.

  12. Jim Rossignol says:

    It’s not a hidden link: we all write for Eurogamer, also PC Gamer, PC Format, others.

  13. Leeks! says:

    It just reminds me of the Stephen Fry quote I read somewhere recently about it being lazy to repeat the assertion that Americans don’t understand irony.

    I guess Stephen Fry didn’t read yesterday’s Achewood.

  14. MarvintheParanoidAndroid says:

    Ever since first reading about it, I thought Eve looked really awesome. I remember a great story in PC Gamer about the CEO of a corporation being assassinated, and the entire company being taken down, with thousands of actual dollars worth of damage. I might try the month trial on Steam, I’d really love to get into it but I don’t think I really have the time and money to invest in an MMO.

    Planetside I also played for a good while on a free trial and enjoyed, but again, I just can’t imagine paying monthly for anything like it. Ah well… one day when I’m a millionaire/grand ruler of the planet, I’ll have nothing better to do than sit and play MMOs all day.

  15. Butler` says:

    EVE is the game I’d play if I’d have discovered it nearer the time it came out. From what I gather it’s got pretty steep barriers of entry.

    A whole bunch of high end WoW-ers from my server (top10 guild in world) left WoW to play it, citing its crazy group pvp and lasting changes etc. It certainly has appeal, but as I say, it would be too little too late from me.

  16. Roman Levin says:

    From what I gather it’s got pretty steep barriers of entry.

    Hardly. It actually takes much less time to get a useful character.

    Compared to something like WoW, that is.

  17. Larington says:

    Problem I had with EVE is that I felt like I was piloting a desktop, not a starship. Totally broke the game for me, I understand they’ve updated the interface recently. Unfortunately I have neither the time nor inclination to look at it again. Oh well.

  18. Butler` says:

    I suppose that’s part and parcel of the learning curve though, Roman Levin. I know WoW inside out having played it since day one, so I can get any char to pretty much any state I want with minimal effort.

    If I was to dive into EVE, that wouldn’t be the case ;] I’ve heard the “even small ships can play a role in taking down big ships” — but how much truth is in that is debatable.

  19. Matt Dovey says:

    I have you to blame for my new-found Eve addiction, Rossignol. All your talk of it around Trinity time got me intrigued and I thought, well, it’s two weeks of free game, right? I may as well.

    Now I find my every waking hour spent thinking about when I next need to switch skills, or what ship I should fly in this weekend’s op, or whether I’ve sold anything else on the market while I’ve slept. I’m constantly tinkering with Evemon or EFT or trawling forums for setups. Do you know how many other games I’ve been able to play since I started Eve? None! I need that time to earn more ISK, dammit, I can’t afford to waste it on some other game where I won’t achieve anything.

    Curses upon you, your children and your children’s children, for one month and a day. I’m still looking forward to your review of it though, if only to find out which corp you’re in and if I can come wave hello.

  20. Nallen says:

    The main problem with EVE, as I see it, is that it’s too easy to not have fun. Many people I know love the idea of it to death but they’re sat there, 90 minutes into the tutorial being told to mine or something and they just think ‘what am I doing’. Then they quit, and go write on the Internet how it’s not even a game really and you might as well play excel-online etc.

    If the EVE starter missions featured a few NPC Ravens duking it out with CONCORD as the backdrop to killing your first enemy noob ships the game might have twice as many players by now!

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