Far Cry 2 WobbleCam Footage

Reportedly from an event in London this week that we totally weren’t invited to. Hmmpf! Anyway, this is little bit too dark to really appreciate what’s going on, but the tree physics are fun, and it does suggest that it might just have done right what Crysis got wrong, and allowed gamers to really explore the terrain. (I love terrain more than breakfast, I do.) Also, tantalisingly, there’s a little bit more chat about the non-linearity of the game within the 50km zone: “We’re giving the player access to the missions in pretty much any order he wants.”

There’s a distinct possibility that this could be the best game of 2008.

GameTrailers, we’d love to be non-linear for you.


  1. Butler` says:

    That’s a bold statement Mr Rossignol.

    I’m strangely compelled to agree though; I’m infinitely more excited about this than I was Crysis.

  2. Joe Martin says:

    Hmpf. No invite here either, unless it was the Play.com event that nobody at all was interested in.

  3. Chaz says:

    Looks like I’d better start saving for a new PC.

  4. Mr Wonderstuff says:

    Looking mighty fine. Wonder how my 360 will handle it.

  5. datter says:

    Any rough idea of sys specs out for this yet?

  6. Mr Pink says:

    It does look rather good doesn’t it. Reminds me of a pretty Stalker. With vehicles!

  7. Kareem says:

    Did that guy just say there will be weapon jamming? That blows.

    It might be as crappy as the quick time events in that Gearbox shooter.

  8. Jim Rossignol says:

    There was weapon jamming in Stalker and that worked ok.

  9. Rook says:

    Having played with Crysis for a bit, it’s actually pretty depressing how limited a game environment it was. The boundaries of impassible cliffs or wide expanses of water would generally flush you into a really narrow set of routes through a level, leaving it feeling more like a multiple choice of: shoreline, road or jungle with very little room for manoeuvre outside of that.

    Stalker, despite seemingly smaller levels seemed to be set up to create a more varied and open approach to how you explored the game world, with a few ultra linear sections thrown in (though these were often welcome, and pants wettingly scary). Here’s hoping that FarCry 2 does manage to pull off the openess that it’s promising. Still, if Crysis makes your PC cry, I’d hate to see what ubi manages with FarCry 2.

  10. Max says:

    “There was weapon jamming in Stalker and that worked ok.”

    It did? >.>

    Looks awesome, anyway. First thing I’m gonna do is start a fight in one of those towns. =D

  11. Jim Rossignol says:

    Yeah, it made fights even more terrifying. Plus I think the weapons degraded, which meant you had to throw away the unreliable (although often powerful) tools as you went on.

  12. Nallen says:

    NPC run cycle still looks woeful :)

  13. dhex says:

    i am pretty durn excited about this.

    jamming in stalker wasn’t annoying at all – it added to the fright factor, as mr. rossignol pointed out. the armor degradation kinda was, though, because that was expensive too.

    so… arriving around mithras ’08?

  14. Nuyan says:

    I’m curious if they got the storyline right. There’s so much things you can do with Africa, that continent got so many untold stories that are ignored in not just games, but also often in movies and book.

    “Yeah, it made fights even more terrifying. Plus I think the weapons degraded, which meant you had to throw away the unreliable (although often powerful) tools as you went”

    It also forces you to use different weapons and not just using the best weapon of the game throughout the whole game is a good thing, especially when it’s unscripted.

  15. Tak says:

    I have to vote against weapon jams in games. They simply don’t happen that often assuming even basic care. While there are some weapons/ammunition brands that are more prone to a bad feed or something, the most basic of maintenance (seriously basic) will keep most firearms (that I’ve handled, at any rate, or have investigated myself) free from trouble. When you’re talking about Soviet influenced weaponry, it’s damned near impossible to get it to jam.
    Misfires are more common, but not by much.

    Sure it might build some added suspense to some, but it kills the immersion for me.

  16. Jim Rossignol says:

    Aye but in real life you also seldom shoot continuously for hours at a time :)

  17. Tak says:

    Right, but no one does. If you mean a continuous stream of fire, of course not, because the weapon will pretty much melt :p Weapons get dirty, but they’re a machine designed for killing. They’re made to last, and it’s very hard to hurt them, even on purpose.

    Soldiers shoot in bouts of several hours, and while jams do happen the average chance of a soldier experiencing a jam is low I’d wager (curious if there is a statistic on this, can’t search much at work :(). I shoot at the range in bouts of several hours at a time and have never had one (had a few misfires though, through multiple thousands of rounds fire). Jams are still rare. I just don’t feel, from my experience, that they’re common enough to warrant inclusion.

  18. Zell says:

    I refuse to get my hopes up about the game itself, but I have to admire these guys for single-handedly taking practical VR research out of the hands of the academics. The engine looks incredible.

  19. K says:

    The difference in approach between STALKER and Crysis is quite interesting. On the one hand, if Crysis didn’t want you to go somewhere they put A BIG MOUNTAIN in the way. In STALKER, they use a little fence one could probably trip over. I always felt more inclined to stay within the bounds of the latter.

    Of course, even if one did get out of bounds in Crysis, a five second countdown pops up and you’re terminated when it reaches 0. I sighed. With STALKER, you’re free to run yourself into oblivion, hurrah!

    But, uhm, I don’t suppose they’ll surround Africa with a little fence.

  20. Larington says:

    Slightly off topic but I’d definately agree on the underused African story telling, for instance, I was shocked at how clever the writing for Charlie Jade was and I have no doubt there are other interesting bits of story telling that should be reaching the UK, EU & USA from Africa which sadly don’t.

    I couldn’t get over how linear Crysis *FELT*, and there were somewhat comical bits like that one fellow agent sneaking into the building to rescue the lady and, they apparently run off without needing any fire support? Did he have a spare cloaking suit packed in his back pack? ‘cos I didn’t see it. And I left plenty of troops there to find them as I couldn’t be assed clearing all those 15 million troops. So yeah, I’m ranting again aren’t I?

  21. Mitch Small says:

    Systemic’s certainly a new buzzword. A fair swing easier to say than “procedurally generated.”

  22. Joe says:

    Hey a far cry game where not everyone’s out to get you. If I remember correctly everyone in the first one wanted you dead, merely for tresspassing. It doesn’t seem connected to crysis, in any way apart from graphics. I liked the jamming guns, kinda like the active reload in gears, where, if youre too slow, youre screwed. I hope we don’t have to find food, like in Stalker that was a pain. I thought the weapons degraded rather quickly aswell. The weight of all your gear made you stash stuff aswell, like resi evil, but you just walked really slowly, or just stopped all together.

    P.S. how do I get a pic and a link, I assume some kind of profile is hiding on this site somewhere.

  23. Mike says:

    ^ I guess you mean an avatar. Click on mine or anyone elses and you will taken to ‘gravatar.com’.

    And FarCry is starting to look so interesting. Certainly the best shooter of ’08 I think.

  24. Lysenko says:

    A few comments on weapon-jamming coming from a former soldier who has actually had the experience of taking their weapon into dusty/muddy/wet/salty environments for extended periods:

    While some weapons (the various AK designs for example) are famously hard to get to malfunction, it’s much easier for some other weapons (I’m looking at you, M-16/M-4 family). That said, correcting the problem of dirt/dust/sand is usually as simple as getting someplace out of the wind and relatively dust- and sand-free, breaking your weapon open and using a cleaning brush (or toothbrush) and a clean rag to remove the worst of the crap.

    A bigger issue is the build-up of carbon from repeated firing. This is why AKs and other rifles with gas piston systems beat the crap (IMO) out of rifles with direct impingement gas systems. More parts when you’re field-stripping, but unlike the M-16 and M-4 they don’t blow the hot, dirty gases from the burnt propellant right back into the bolt carrier group. After 300-500 rounds go through a M16 or M4 ( or more, or less, depending on how clean it was to begin with and how well its been maintained and a bunch of other variables) you’ll start to see malfunctions at a frequency of anywhere from one round in twenty or thirty or fewer, all the way up to every second or third round (though if your weapon’s doing this there’s probably something else wrong and the fouling is just making it more apparent). Again, this can be fixed by stopping and cleaning your weapon, though unlike removing dust and dirt it takes more time and effort to remove built-up carbon since it tends to end up baked on in a hard, thin layer.

    There are other possible causes of failure-to-feed, failure-to-cycle, and failure-to-extract malfunctions (like a worn out magazine spring), but those cover the bulk of the jams you’ll see IRL. So I guess I’m getting at two things: A) the depiction of malfunctions in a semi-realistic FPS is not at all unfair or unrealistic, BUT B) weapons should not “degrade over time”. Weapons get dirty and start to jam, but once you take the time to service them properly they’re back to good as new, or nearly.

    EVENTUALLY you can wear out a firearm, of course, but that’s over the course of -years- of use, not the days or weeks of in-game time covered by most FPSes. My suggestion on how to reflect both these facts would be a two part system. A “reliability” stat when you pick up a gun displayed to you in something like STALKER’s bar form, which decreases as you foul up a weapon but can be restored by a quick cleaning, and reflecting the differing inherent reliabilities of different weapon models by having that reliability stat’s maximum vary by weapon. You could also shrink that bar’s maximum in some weapons you scavenge to reflect the fact that they’re both very old and poorly maintained (as a lot of weapons you’d pick up off an African “militia” member would be).

    When it comes to Armor, to be honest STALKER was very generous. While you can maybe “repair” body armor by replacing the inserts (steel or ceramic plates to protect against rifle rounds), once the kevlar’s torn it’s not really mendable because it’s the strength of the intact weave that provides the protection and distributes the kinetic energy of the bullet impact. And those inserts (SAPI plates in our armor) only last for a handful of direct hits by rifle rounds before their protection is seriously compromised.

    *grins* That said, I have no problem with STALKER being generous. I like my realistic shooters, but not every shooter has to be 100% realistic to be fun. Anyway, sorry the comment’s so long, but as it is I’m still skipping a lot of detail. A final caveat would be that I’m the sort of gamer who actually enjoys FPSes and RPGs where you have to eat, repair your equipment, and do similar types of maintenance. I’m fully aware not everyone likes that in their games.

  25. Garth says:

    “the average chance of a soldier experiencing a jam is low I’d wager (curious if there is a statistic on this”

    For American guns (M16A4, M4A1) it’s about 1 jam every 7 rounds, and no I’m not joking. The M4, in the test against the XM8, HK416, and SCAR, jammed 882 times out of 6000 rounds.

    The other guns, however, jammed about 125, 200, and 250. So yeah, most guns arent going to jam THAT often. ANd guns like AK’s rarely jam.

    On to Far Cry 2 though, I’m not excited at all. Whenever I see yet another video of “Check it out, real-time bark!” I roll my eyes and move on. I want gameplay. I don’t care if your game looks like quake 1, as long as it plays well (which i didn’t think Far Cry did, but that’s my opinion.)

    I’ll wait to see how the actual, you know, game works.

  26. Lysenko says:


    Don’t forget to mention that that was AFTER exposure to “sandstorm conditions”. To quote from the Army Times article:

    “The recent Aberdeen dust test used 10 sample models of each weapon. Before going into the dust chamber, testers applied a heavy coat of lubrication to each weapon. Each weapon’s muzzle was capped and ejection port cover closed.

    Testers exposed the weapons to a heavy dust environment for 30 minutes before firing 120 rounds from each.

    The weapons were then put back in the dust chamber for another 30 minutes and fired another 120 rounds. This sequence was repeated until each weapon had fired 600 rounds.

    Testers then wiped down each weapon and applied another heavy application of lubrication.

    The weapons were put back through the same sequence of 30 minutes in the dust chamber followed by firing 120 rounds from each weapon until another 600 rounds were fired.

    Testers then thoroughly cleaned each weapon, re-lubricated each, and began the dusting and fire sequencing again.

    This process was repeated until testers fired 6,000 rounds through each weapon.”

    And it’s also worth noting that of those 882 malfunctions, over 25% (239) were magazine-related (meaning weak mag springs). This is why A) the health of your mags -matters- and B) those nifty Beta C-Mag drums aren’t always as neat as they first appear to be. Buy one of them from a one-off manufacturer and you run the risk of springs too weak to handle the weight of a 100 rounds, resulting in more FTFs and doublefeeds.

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