Portal Lego Movie

Lego Portal, now there’s a franchise collision we could all get behind. Anyway, it’s not a game but rather an animation by designer Nick Larsen. You can view the full thing here. It’s moderately amusing. In other Portal fan news: this.


  1. Seniath says:

    “Odds we ever post about Portal fan-art again: 0.631%”

    And we’ve had what, two pieces in two days? Three, if you count the two links in this post as separate pieces :D

  2. Lacero says:

    I think there’s an ‘n’ missing :)

  3. Zuffox says:

    Seniath: That’s the beauty of probability. ;)

  4. UncleSmoothie says:

    That was… not very good. But any opportunity to hear “Still Alive” again is one I’ll take, I suppose.

  5. Janto says:

    Ye Gods, there’s just something about Toronto that gives it an utterly dispiriting vibe.

  6. Catch.153 says:

    That actually had very little to do with, y’know, portals. And I agree, it wasn’t very good. The pacing was much too slow. I liked the Companion Cube fantasy sequence, though.

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  8. Optimaximal says:

    The fantasy sequence was crap, because the cube moved. The cube is inanimate/lifeless/non-sentient, which is the whole joke.

    GAH, do we have to explain it to everyone?!

  9. Alex says:

    Yeah, but it was a fantasy sequence.